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Download Helper January 12, 2009

Posted by Michael in Technology, Websites.

Maybe a year ago, Geezer told me about this Firefox extension.  I finally decided to try to figure out how to use it.

The extension allows you to download YouTube videos, and videos from hundreds of other sites, to your computer (without the annoying logos embedded in the corner).  It converts the format from the proprietary .flv format to something normal, like .wmv or .avi.    You can choose your preferred format. Picture quality is maintained.  It’s free, but you have to pay Download Helper a one-time license fee of $28.50 to prevent them from putting their own annoying logo in the upper left corner of the video.  That seems fair to me.  You get an icon on your toolbar that will tell you when you are viewing a video that you can download just by hitting Cntrl+Shift.

Then your video is good to go for uploading into WordPress, which does not accept .flv files.  It works great.  You have a permanant copy that is not subject to the vagaries of being linked to YouTube accounts that got deleted (as happened with our theme song once), or which get involved in a copyright issue (as happened with my Lady Gaga video a couple of days ago which no longer works).  Plus, the video works faster when it’s running off the WordPress servers; there is no irritating delay. The WordPress video also lets you go to full screen mode — hit the button at bottom left.

You can get Download Helper here.

Mostly, it still makes sense to link YouTube, because a lot of videos uploaded to WordPress will burn through our storage.  But I think it’s worthwhile to have our own copy of stuff that is really precious.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Official Innocent Bystanders Theme Song, as selected by a poll of the readers and enshrined in the About tab, and without the YouTube logo marring this artistic masterpiece:

Also, note that WordPress makes it really easy for other WordPress blogs to embed this video. You just hit that button at the top left of the frame. Just think of all the grateful blog owners who are going to be thanking us for making this available.


1. xbradtc - January 12, 2009

While I have download helper for my own purposes *cough*lesbian pr0n*cough*, I generally either embed youtube vids, or use Vodpod. Since wordpress doesn’t like to embed anything besides youtube, vodpod makes it easy to blog from just about any other .flv site.


I strongly recommend any wordpress bloggers to have this handy tool on their firefox browser.

2. MCPO Airdale - January 12, 2009

possibly teh gheyest video ever posted on this, or any other, WordPress blog.

3. pajama momma - January 12, 2009

I can’t help it. I love this video.

4. Wickedpinto - January 12, 2009

Also, note that WordPress makes it really easy for other WordPress blogs to embed this video

Me no speaky!!!

5. composmentis - January 13, 2009

Isn’t that wiserbud on drums?

6. Retired Geezer - January 13, 2009

That video is so Cheesy it’s great!

Don’t forget the other Best Video Ever.

Content warning: Video shows wimmens eating chocolate in sensual manner.


7. Mrs. Peel - January 13, 2009

I wish I had snagged that My Immortal dramatic reading a while back. It’s gone from youtube now, and I can’t find it anywhere. And that guy’s delivery was so perfect. I listened to it like 20 times and laughed hysterically every time.

8. Size Doesn’t Matter « Innocent Bystanders - January 21, 2009

[…] I’m just trying out the VodPod service recommended by xbradtc on this The Onion video.  WordPress is really only friendly to YouTube and Google videos.  This […]

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