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Toilet Humor January 16, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ducks, Entertainment, Family, Gardening, Handblogging, Heroes, Humor, Literature, Man Laws, News, Personal Experiences, Philosophy.
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So, is this what will be on the menu for the IBMMP?


1. melouise - January 16, 2009

“Shooting the Shit”… I always thought it meant gossiping!

Live and learn, live and learn…

2. this buddy of mine - January 16, 2009

its what my toilet looks like after a Taco Bell run

3. Cathy - January 16, 2009

*giggled when his friend said, “you’re high.” *

4. Mr Minority - January 16, 2009

There is nothing better that shooting the hell out of household appliances, old cars and bathroom fixtures.

It warms the cockles of my heart to blast big ass holes in those things.

5. melouise - January 16, 2009

Like the Jimmy Buffett song with a line about putting six shots in his freezer because he has cabin fever… I also ‘wanna go where it’s warm!’

6. eddiebear - January 16, 2009

I just wish my inlaws and their friends would let me bring some old stuff onto their land to shoot. Just seeing the horrified looks on their faces would be enough.

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