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Money Can’t Buy It January 28, 2009

Posted by Michael in Music, Religion.

As a general principle, I’m willing to accept the notion that money can’t buy it.

The problem is, figuring out what “it” represents.

Money can buy a heck of a lot, so “it” has to be something special, like a good dog you got for free from a shelter (except you had to pay for some inoculations), and you trained it yourself, and it always loves you.

Or your mother, for that matter.  You didn’t buy your mother.  She just showed up somehow when you were little, you didn’t even have to pay for any shots, and she always loves you.  I figure mothers and good dogs are probably examples of “it.”

Something like that.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


1. xbradtc - January 28, 2009

Annie Lennox?

I’d hit it.

I’d hit it so hard her grandkids come out crosseyed.

Ooooh yeah.

2. lauraw - January 29, 2009

That woman has not changed in 20 years. She looks amazing.

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