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Just A Reminder, The Super Bowl Is Sunday January 29, 2009

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And the Steelers Fans are ready.


1. composmentis - January 29, 2009

Typical Steelers fan, only he’s less gay than most.

2. lauraw - January 29, 2009

Owch. He must have lost a bet.

3. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

he’s thinner thna most as well.

4. skinbad - January 29, 2009

“must have lost a bet”

Ram it

What was their excuse?

5. MCPO Airdale - January 29, 2009

So, you all expect the Cardinals to win??

6. composmentis - January 29, 2009

I think they have a good chance, but I don’t expect anything. I would enjoy seeing the Cards win and the Steelers lose though.

7. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

No. I just wanted to mock somebody not named Rosie, and this was there.

8. Russ from Winterset - January 29, 2009

I’d LIKE to see the Cardinals win, but since I don’t hate the Steelers, I’ll just try to enjoy the whole spectacle of the game and not worry about who eventually wins.

Now if the Cowboys or the Vikings were in it? I’d have someone to hate.

9. Cathy - January 29, 2009

Belly-button peek-a-boo was precious.

10. Michael - January 29, 2009

Born in Pittsburgh, so I gotta go with the Steelers. Besides, who wants to cheer for the home team of a giant retirement village in the middle of a frickin’ desert? If the Cardinals win, every ambulance in town is going to be rolling 30 seconds later.

11. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

Just to be fair

12. geoff - January 29, 2009

Don’t think I’ll bother this year. I’d watch the Steelers against somebody I cared even a little about, but I have no interest in watching the Cardinals. I think I’ll catch up on work instead.

13. Retired Geezer - January 29, 2009

This game won’t have the Ambiance nor the Camaraderie of last years game.

Thanks Michael and Cathy for opening up your lives to a bunch of morons.

14. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

Speaking of which, is the March Madness thing a go?

*starts checking Cheapflights.whatever

15. Michael - January 29, 2009


Yeah, we’re planning to attend. I have not heard who else is going to show up.

16. Lipstick - January 29, 2009

I like this Steeler song better. Old School.

17. Lipstick - January 29, 2009

What are the dates?

18. Russ from Winterset - January 29, 2009

I’m planning on attending, but Janis isn’t sure if she can get away from work for the trip. I would be driving down to the Big D from Central Iowa, so any Illinois/Indiana/Missouri IBers would be able to carpool with me if they’re interested in pinching pennies.

I mentioned to Janis that if she can’t go, “Uncle Wickedpinto” and I will take Moses to Dallas to meet the whole gang. If an evil stare and muttering is her way to say “yeah, sure honey”, then Moses will be attending. If not, then Bandit the Wonderdog might be up for another roadtrip.

19. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

If I attend, I may be bringing my daughter, who will have just turned 4.

20. Lipstick - January 29, 2009

Cool. I’ll be Fun Aunt Lipstick who slips the kid some beer.

21. Sobek - January 29, 2009

One of my best friends did the music for a Super Bowl commercial this year. It’s an ad for Hulu.

22. eddiebear - January 29, 2009

good deal.

23. Sobek - January 29, 2009

I don’t think March Madness will happen for the SobekFamily this year. Super bummer.

You guys can slowly strangle a hobo with a piano wire in my honor.

24. geoff - January 29, 2009

I think my wife and I will probably make it.

25. kevlarchick - January 29, 2009

I might make the trip. It’s much farther than Columbus.

I hate not being able to comment from work. I miss you guys!

26. Michael - January 29, 2009

April 4-6.

The semi-final game is Saturday 4/4; the finals is Monday 4/6.

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