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Drunk Guy On A Lawnmower: A Comedy In Three Acts February 11, 2009

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Act I (Louisiana): Dramatis Personae: Steve, a drunken redneck

A Lawnmower

The Police

An introduction of our protagonist and his supporting cast. Just remember: the line quiz tomorrow will feature “I know my rights.” Act II (Somewhere else in Louisiana, Old Munson Road, to be precise): Dramatis Personae: Steve again

The Lawnmower again

More Police.

In this act, our protagonist is on his way to “The Oyster Shack”. Will he make it? The key phrase “I know my rights” makes a return, along with “I think I crapped my pants.”

Act III (A Trailer Park) Dramatis Personae: Steve again

Steve’s Wife

 Is This The Same Cop?

 In this act, a domestic disturbance call goes goofy. “I Called You” and “I Know My Rights” are the key phrases again.

Exeunt omnes

Thanks to a co-worker of mine.



1. Lipstick - February 11, 2009

I think I crapped my pants. . . laughing at those.

2. lauraw - February 11, 2009

Are those staged? I can’t tell. The last one seems more obvious.

Frikin’ hilarious.

“Yer fixin’ ta get lit up, Steve.”

3. eddiebear - February 11, 2009

Staged or not, it is teh awesome!!!!1!!!!

4. Dave in Texas - February 11, 2009

Don’t make me crap my pants, bro!

5. Cathy - February 11, 2009

Steve’s best line: “mah wife’s gonna kick yore ass”

Seen this same thing in Level 1 Trauma rooms.

Probably not staged. Crap in the pants is a regular thing.

Trauma team warned each other to “double-glove” IYKWIMAITYD.

6. Mare - February 11, 2009

Steve seems like a real catch.

Be honest, which Bystander is really “Steve” and his lovely wife.

“Steve” uses the term “home” loosely.

I think his lovely wife says “I’m going to kill you in the face, Steve.” She’s a pearl above price.

7. Russ from Winterset - February 11, 2009

isn’t Compos from this part of the country? If it were Texas instead of Louisiana, I’d say this was Mr. Minority, or at least one of his close personal friends.

8. Mare - February 11, 2009

Is anyone going to invite Steve to IBMM? He seems like he’d add a lot to the mix.

9. wiserbud - February 11, 2009

That cop vilated me and ah’s fixin to sue that sumbitch.


10. skinbad - February 11, 2009

Nothing runs like a Deere. Ceptin’ Steve with a sinus full of mace.

Compos could be the dramaturge for this production.

11. Daniel - November 16, 2009

I have to show these videos to the guys at work, but we cannot get streaming media through the firewall… How can I download them?

12. Michael - November 16, 2009

Go to downloadhelper.net and install the Firefox add-on that makes it super easy to download Youtube videos to your hard drive. (If you are not using Firefox, you should be.) It will also automatically convert YouTube’s .flv format to more easily accessible formats like .wmv.

13. Dave in Texas - November 16, 2009

Or you could just email them the links. Can’t stand that flv shit, won’t play on an iphone.

Of course, most of the videos here posted in that format are from Michael, I usually skip those anyway.

14. Michael - November 16, 2009

Sorry, Dave, I did not realize that the iPhone does not play .flv videos. I want loyal iPhone customers like you to be happy, especially repeat customers who swim with them in the Atlantic Ocean.

Henceforth, I will post all videos in the .fuDiT format.

15. Dave in Texas - November 16, 2009

ok, but I’m still prolly gonna skip em.

it’s been working for me so far.

16. not a redneck - May 7, 2010

real or fake? “my wife said she would stab me in the face if I didn’t get her beer” I don’t think you could make that up.

If it is fake, it’s a good one, complete with time/date stamps from the dashboard camera

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