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Did Somebody Say They Wanted A Picture Of Kerry Marie? March 14, 2009

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Just askin’.

(County) Kerry

(County) Kerry

Marie (Antoinette)

Marie (Antoinette)


1. Michael - March 14, 2009

This is the kind of shit that happens when Democrats take over. Nobody respects authority any more.

2. Cathy - March 14, 2009

Since Kerry is near Limerick…

A cute babe named Kerry Marie
Scarfs down cheeseburgers just on a spree.
She puts on the weight,
Which is sealing her fate.
But on this no one seems to agree.

3. PattyAnn - March 14, 2009

Well done, Cathy, well done.

You got big ones, Eddie.

4. daveintexas - March 14, 2009

uh, there once was a man from Nantucket

5. Pupster - March 14, 2009
6. Wickedpinto - March 14, 2009

HAHAHAHAHA He knew where it was going before it went there.

7. Vmaximus - March 14, 2009

Here is a pic of my mutt, he looks like he is going to say something,
or Xbrad said he looks like Jake from Bush beans commercial
Max good

8. xbradtc - March 14, 2009

Dude, get a blog so you can pimp it here.

9. Jones in CO - March 15, 2009

Did I ever tell you about the time I put my sloop in the Mouth of the Shannon?

10. wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

I love that pooche’s coat, You said it’s a particular bread but I’ve never seen one like that in real life, beautiful.

Kinda like my old friends Liver Spotted Dalmation.

Beautiful pooch, when he passed, she was on the phone with me for like 3 hours crying, poor fella, and poor girl, that was a hell of a dog.

Sorry, I still love max’s coat, and how he looks like he’s hamming to the cam.

11. wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

and like another budy, he had a lab, which are generaly large dogs, but his was the runt, not much bigger than a beagle.

He bread it once, and then had him fixed (charles, was the name of the dog, the dog had a more normal name than his owner) All of charles’s pup’s were bigger than him.

It was just an unusual teratogenic malformation having nothing to do with genetics, but he was a lab.

sorry, yellow lab.

Man that guy loved his dog charles. He used to take charles (never charlie, never chuck, never Chas, never any of that, always charles) out to hospitals for sick patients to help with the pet therapy thing, and he would never say, “I take him to hospitals for that pet therapy thing,” he would say “He volunteers to help people.”

He was big into white water rafting, and camping and outdoorsy stuff, he was an officer in the MC for 12 years and it’s kinda hard to get out of your blood, anyways, he had a girlfriend, and his girlfriend asked if they could send charles outside the tent.

He broke up with her, on “bring your son to work day.” he brought charles.

That was one interesting guy. In case you didn’t catch on, he was rather eccentric, so I TOTALY got him.

12. wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

as for kerry, I’ve seen far and away, and read angela’s ashes, and I hate the irish.

I like the geezers, but I really really really hate the irish.

Irish is the new Swiss.

13. kevlarchick - March 15, 2009

Dude, why would you hate the Irish?
We are a good drinkin, cussin, smokin, and prayin bunch. And we are known for our hot tempers.

14. Wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

It’s the leg dancing.

15. Wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

This is a 100% no shit true story.

When I was in okie, one of my friends was very irish, I mean you could see his hair even through the high and tight.

We were outside smoking during our unscheduled breakes, but we were the cream, so noone said shit to us, and the door was accidentlaly locked, and the irish guy, my friend who’s wife was AWESOME!!!!! (I’ll share that story elsewhare and later) shouted at the door, (cuz we were the cool kids) “we don’t want your kind here!!!” and he kicked the door.

Turns out, that the person at the door was the ONE jew in our platoon, who also happened to be my replacement when I was moved out of my room.

so my old roommates, and I knew he was a jew, few others knew that.

Time the “You aren’t welcome here” guy, just fucking felt so bad.

“I didn’t mean it like that dude!”
“I know,” he waived at us all and said “I’m a jew.”
really noone cared, but time, the irish guy felt so bad, about it.

“should I call my sergeant a nigger to make up for it?”

Tim was a strange cat.

16. Wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

Tim was catholic, his wife was mormon, she divorced him later, and his wife LOVED ME!!!

She is like the tachyon, and PA, only a redhead.

She always read my moods and knew what was coming, “I love wicked, don’t let him do anything bad.”

She said that so many times.

When I was in the brigg, Yes I was in the brigg, I fucked up, blah blah blah, SHE forced everyone else to visit me.

“It’s wicked, he know’s whats up, he don’t need us, he’ll be back”

was my friends attitude, and they were right, but, she came in and said “HE’S YOUR FRIEND! YOU NEED TO LET HIM KNOW YOU LOVE HIM!” She’s a tough broad.

My friends came in and they visited me and it was nice, I really didn’t care, but She. . . .

she was so NOT Marine Corps., that I couldn’t helpl but attach.

“are you okay,” she asked, “are you gonna make it” she asked, “is there anything I can do” she asked again, then she turned away from me and asked the guard, “Can I pray with him?”

“You know I’m an atheist,”
“I don’t care, you can just sit down and shut up, thats what praying looks like.”

Not once did I think I was suffering in the brigg, I kinda see myself as a tool that should be used to helpl build or escape society. Even though I was happy in the Marines, that was just a side effect, the goal was to supply a tool for use.

She dragged me into the chappel, and she knelt and she prayed and she cried, and the she stood up, and she knew I was an atheist, and she hit me, several times.

She didn’t hit me because she was angry or because I was evil, she hit me because she wanted me to feel something.

And then she tackled me, and had to be pealed off by the CO’s and she was crying.

Not because I wasn’t close to god, but because she hated that I didn’t live up to who I could have been.

She was a good friend, a VERY good friend.

17. Wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

She was a good friend and she loved me.

18. Wickedpinto - March 15, 2009

sorry for making that portion of it about me.

19. skinbad - October 9, 2009

Eddie owns the top post.

WP owns the thread.

20. trisulo_DIAMOND4 - October 12, 2009

DIE IN PAIN !!!!!!

21. Eddie The Bear - October 15, 2009

^umm..how did my mother in law find out about this place?

22. mesablue - October 19, 2009

Someone needs a fat chick.

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