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Should Concealed Carry Be Allowed On A College Campus? May 4, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Crime, Economics, Entertainment, Food, Law, Literature, Man Laws.

Of course, I believe it should, for all of the reasons usually given (safety from muggers, safety if a nutter storms into your classroom or living quarters, and the nagging zombie-robot alliance).  And, as it turns out, the state of Missouri is also considering this possibility, though it appears to be limited to public colleges at this time.

Not surprisingly, this possibility has attracted the attention of the anti-gun forces, complete with parading a wounded survivor of the Virginia Tech shooting to denounce this piece of legislation. What bugs me about this ordeal, besides the belief that the anti-gunners need to trot out a victim, is how misinformed this young man sounds.

Colin Goddard was shot four times at Virginia Tech in 2007. He said Wednesday it “was the craziest situation imaginable” but could have been worse if more people were carrying guns. Goddard argued that letting people legally carry a gun could make it more difficult for police to figure out who is causing the problem.

No, I think it is fairly easy, but I am a simple man. I tend to believe that if five or six people are shooting in one direction at a guy, I would figure that the target of the group is the one to zero in on.

While I feel sympathy for Mr. Goddard for what he has had to endure, I do not believe that his victim status exempts him from criticism when I believe he is mistaken. But what do I know?


1. Michael - May 4, 2009

more difficult for police to figure out who is causing the problem

That’s just silly. In spree slayings like at Virginia Tech, the perp has usually killed himself by the time the police arrive. In the meantime, the people being attacked know exactly who was causing the problem, and they should have the option of shooting back.

2. GrumpyUnk - May 4, 2009

I carried in spite of the rules almost everyday while going to college.
Then again, I went to the IU campus in Gary, Indiana.
At VA Tech the cops didn’t even enter the building till 45 minutes after Cho had offed himself. That’s pretty much SOP so if you’re in the area of a shooter you are on your own.
VA tech should be the example of WHY legal carry should be the rule. Not the other way around.

Check out the CIFTA treaty being pushed again recently by the, “I won’t take your guns” President. Better be calling your Senators now, Kids. These SOB’s never stop.

3. Mrs. Peel - May 4, 2009

Texas is considering the same thing, so of course the idiot college students are freaking out. Morons.

4. Dave in Texas - May 4, 2009

If the state of Texas (or Misourri) has determined that I meet all the lawful requirements to carry a weapon in a restaurant, or apartment complex, grocery store, park, or any other place where citizens gather, what is so unique about a college campus? The exemptions only exist because wrong headed legislators managed to make them seem reasonable. They aren’t.

It makes no sense, even as compromise.

5. Edward Von Bear - May 4, 2009

Dave: I may be wrong, but I think this is purely emotional.

As an aside, the preschool where my daughter attends is a Catholic school, and it is part of the property of Archdiocese of STL. These geniuses declared all of their property (schools, churches, etc) off limits. And what’s better is that her school amped the stupid up a notch, going so far as to tell police officers, in uniform or plainclothes, who are dropping off or picking up their children that they cannot even go on the parking lot with their firearms.


6. MCPO Airdale - May 4, 2009

GrumpyUnk – Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.

7. White Lily - May 4, 2009

^That’s what my Dad always says, GrumpyUnk. And he’s a wise man.

8. David W. - June 1, 2009

Absolutely it should be allowed.

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