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Farewell, Sobek May 22, 2009

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.

Sobek has announced that he is embarking on a new adventure in life, one which will severely restrict his time online, so he has said goodbye.

I’m not sure what is going on, but Sobek says he thinks he might be back in four or five years, depending on whether he gets time off for good behavior.

I thought I should acknowledge his departure.

Well, actually, this was not my idea, Sobek pretty much begged for this in a comment thread below.  But, hey, it’s a good idea, even if it came from Sobek.

I first encountered Sobek when he had his own blog, with a really cool tag line about the Hawley-Smoot tariffs which I loved, and he was posing as an Egyptian crocodile god.

It became a regular read for me.


Now, that’s not the coolest blog persona ever, really it was just a ripoff of the Allahpundit idea, but it worked.  Also, I was thinking that anyone still pissed off about the Hawley-Smoot Tarriff Act is awesome.

Maybe some of you out there don’t know about the Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act.  That means you are a retard.  I’m not going to give you a link.   Use google, you retard.

Eventually, Sobek burned out and quit blogging and joined the misbegotten crew of Main Page Commenters here at Innocent Bystanders.

We learned that he has impossibly cute kids.

27 (Kiddos)

Some of us met him in person, and learned that he is a thoughtful, somewhat shy, and very scholarly person. Nobody really cared about that, because we also learned that his wife is super-hot. So we continued to allow him to post at Innocent Bystanders.

We learned that he reads calculus textbooks and learns to speak Farsi for fun (how sick is that?) and he has an obsession for intricately detailed, anal-retentive art projects.

He Whines About How It Hurt His Back To Do This

He Whines About How It Hurt His Back To Do This

When I die and go the heaven, and appear before the Throne of Grace, my first question to the Lord God Almighty is going to be, “How did you get Mrs. Sobek to stay with him?”

Still, it’s been worthwhile to get to know Sobek.

Here’s how I normally look at people. There are only two kinds. Energy sinks and energy sources. Nobody seems to be neutral. Some people suck energy out of you, and others give it back.

Sobek is a major source of energy.  He is just one of those people who gives it back.

So, for Sobek I’m going to offer a benediction, used by Aaron, which God commanded for Israel, and which we Lutherans continue to speak to this day:

The LORD bless you and keep you; the LORD make his face to shine upon you and be gracious to you; the LORD lift up his countenance upon you and give you peace.


1. Horus - May 22, 2009

Fricken’ teacher’s pet.

2. Edward Von Bear - May 22, 2009

Good luck pal.

Oh, and I was always confused whether it was Smoot-Hawley or Hawley-Smoot. Thanks for clearing that up.

3. Edward Von Bear - May 22, 2009

Oh, Burma/Myanmar is the latest flag to grace the site.

4. Michael - May 22, 2009

I know.

Screw Sobek.


5. White Lily - May 22, 2009

Awww…I love this post.

…my first question to the Lord God Almighty is going to be, “How did you get Mrs. Sobek to stay with him?”

Sobek is why I stay with him. Not only is he a tall, dark and handsome hottie (and he can do several push ups with the kids on this back), but he is an endless source of good lovin’, so sweet and tender, but keeps me laughing…and sure, wondering sometimes….but I couldn’t live without him.

6. White Lily - May 22, 2009

Screw Sobek.

Good suggestion, Michael.

*Runs upstairs looking for Sobek*

7. doc - May 22, 2009

Is Sobek off trying to broker another mid-east peace deal? Just let it go man, let it go.

8. BrewFan - May 22, 2009

Staying with our trend of low-comment-count threads perhaps you should have done a “What We Like About Sobek” theme here.

9. harrison - May 22, 2009

Who’s Sobek?

10. kevlarchick - May 22, 2009

Farewell Sobek and family. Come back to us soon. Godspeed.

11. Mrs. Peel - May 22, 2009

We’ll miss you, Sobek.

If the new job requires algebra, feel free to email me for help.

12. composmentis - May 22, 2009

See you next time, Sobek.

May the most you ask for be the least you get.

13. Dave in Texas - May 22, 2009

Go with Ra, crocdude. All the best.

14. Mrs. Peel - May 22, 2009

You know, when White Lily revealed that she has no upper-body strength, I thought about making one last-ditch attempt against her so as to clear my way to Sobek. But then I realized that, even as her scrawny T-rex arms beat against me ineffectually, she could strangle me to death with her powerful thighs and calves. So I decided that discretion was the better part of valor.

On the other hand, what a way to go…

15. Mrs. Peel - May 22, 2009

(I went back and forth on whether to post that comment or something similar to it…I thought it was funny, but was afraid it might be over the line. In the end, I decided to go for it. I hope that you all, especially Sobek and the missus, know that I am only kidding and intend no offense.)

16. Cathy - May 22, 2009

Adios, Croc Fella.

Place will be different without you.

Drop in now and again.

17. lauraw - May 22, 2009

No, no, don’t try to walk it back; that was just waaaayyy too far over the line to fix up with an ‘only kidding.’. I can’t believe you said that, Peel. That was shocking and disappointing.

(do any of you know what she’s apologizing for? I’m stumped here)

18. Retired Geezer - May 22, 2009

If the new job requires algebra, feel free to email me for help.

For my part, if the new job requires shining bright lights on Nekkid Wimmins, feel free to email me for help.

Yeah, Peel #14 was hilarious.

19. Retired Geezer - May 22, 2009
20. MCPO Airdale - May 22, 2009

Sobek will change his mind and be back in a year. Unless, of course, he is now working on one of those intricate Tibetan sand paintings!


Good luck in whatever pursuit that you follow. May your wife always find you attractive, may your children always find you brilliant, and may you never find yourself short of booze.

21. composmentis - May 22, 2009

…and intend no offense.)

Peel, if I had made that comment, it would have been offensive on many different levels. Coming from you, it was delightful.

22. xbradtc - May 22, 2009

Hmmmm. A Peel/White Lilly cage match…

I’ll be in my bunk, watching on PPV.

23. composmentis - May 22, 2009

Hey Chief. How did you shoot yesterday?

24. Dave in Texas - May 22, 2009

I think it’s sweet that nice people suffer from remorse.

Or rather, I would think that if it weren’t for my character flaws.

25. Michael - May 22, 2009

Hey, I’m on board too for getting strangled by White Lily’s thighs. She doesn’t even need a reason. Where’s the line?

26. BrewFan - May 22, 2009

Where’s the line?

Look behind you.

27. Pupster - May 22, 2009

So long Sobek.

You, White Lily, and spawn are welcome to stay with us if you are passing through Central Ohio on your way to greener pastures.

Ask Skinbad, the accommodations are plush on fairly non-persimmon.

28. Pupster - May 22, 2009

and, not on.

29. Sobek - May 22, 2009

Thank you everyone. It’s been a fun ride.

Horus is a retarded Norwegian Blue.

#14 was funny.

The SobekPundit idea was, without a doubt, a total ripoff of the AllahPundit idea. I also ripped him off by not being funny anymore.

30. skinbad - May 22, 2009

You don’t even need to bring your own clothing or toiletries. It’s a pretty good deal.

31. Dave in Texas - May 22, 2009

>> Where’s the line?

Now that’s a world class character flaw.

Well done sir!

32. lauraw - May 22, 2009

That is a good one.

33. HayZeus - May 22, 2009

The old-school blogger interviews were always my favorite part of the blog. Seriously funny LOL stuff there! Anyway, I’m just glad that when you decided you were going to rip off you stopped short of the whole wangsty, mopey hair-shirt-wearing beta male shtick that he’s got going on now. So thanks twice, Sobek. 😉

34. HayZeus - May 22, 2009

That’s supposed to be, “when you decided you were going to rip off AP you stopped short of the whole… blah blah blah.”


35. Sobek - May 22, 2009

Wow, HayZeus is still alive? Who knew?

36. HayZeus - May 22, 2009

Oh please. I commented here at least 3 times a month or two ago! Hell, I probably made a typo and commented 4 times! 😛

37. mesablue - May 22, 2009

So, Sobek is taking a job in the Obama administration.

Saw that one coming.

38. BrewFan - May 22, 2009

Ok, I left my ‘funny’ comment but now it is time to get serious. Sobek, even though I have never had the pleasure of meeting you in person you have let your intertubes mask slip often enough for me to get a glimpse of a good man of incredible character who is devoted to his family. What you’re doing now is making my respectometer peg out. Same for White Lily for standing by your side. May your blessings be bountiful everyday and in every way. If you guys ever get to Wisconsin you have a place to stay.

*wipes away tear*

39. Michael - May 22, 2009


What Brewfan said.

40. Rich - May 22, 2009

So long Sobek. Eventhough we didn’t comingle much, good luck to ya.

*whispers to Brewfan: Why did I think Sobek was a chick?

41. Cathy - May 22, 2009

So, Sobek is taking a job in the Obama administration.

Naw! Sobek is going to cosmetology school so that he can become a hairdresser.

AND SOBEK and White Lily — iffin you folks ever end up in our great Republic, please know we would love you to be our guests. Mi casa… and all…

42. Sobek - May 22, 2009

Aw, shucks guys.

*kicks dirt*

43. Muslihoon - May 22, 2009

You and your family have a place to stay/crash in IL if you’re ever around, Sobek! I’m really going to miss your online presence. I hope to see you around soon.

I can vouch for Sobek as a wonderful, upstanding, outstanding person.

44. sandy burger - May 22, 2009

Take care, Sobek. I’ve gotten a lot of free humor and education from your blog and your posts here. Good times.

Good luck with whatever you’re up to next. Ride on, brother!

45. Tushar - May 22, 2009

Where the eff are you going, Sobek? The internet is everywhere. Even on the International Space Station.

Sorry I couldn’t send you the Hindi text I promised.

**Do they allow ink pens and paper in prison wherever he is going?**

46. Michael - May 22, 2009

I’ve always loved the Aaronic Benediction.

Reminds me of my father in his robes, winding up the Sunday service when I was a little kid.

That’s probably the first Bible passage I knew from memory.

47. nicedeb - May 22, 2009

I know…they’re sailing around the world…how romantic!

Bon Voyage, Sobek, and White Lily. Do check in from time to time.

48. Sobek - May 22, 2009

I’d like to make the following observations.

1. I have the coolest shirt in the world.

2. Retired Geezer seems to appreciate this fact.

3. Lipstick, Mrs. Geezer and White Lily have very poor taste in shirts.

49. White Lily - May 22, 2009

The fact that said “coolest shirt in the world” is still in your closet after all these years and hasn’t been tossed out when you weren’t looking “lost” along the way is only evidence of my love for you.

50. Enas Yorl - May 22, 2009

Oh you did show up! Sorry I missed you guys but I had to bail real early. My kitty isn’t having a good day I’m afraid.

Best of luck to you and your family Sobek and I hope you get to visit back soon.

51. Muslihoon - May 22, 2009

Y’varekh’kha Ad-o-nay v’yishm’rekha
Yaeir Ad-o-nay panav eilekha vichunneka
Yissa Ad-o-nay panav eilekha, v’yaseim l’kha shalom

(Non-Ashekanazi pronunciation.)

52. Edward Von Bear - May 23, 2009

^yeah, what he said

53. Lipstick - May 23, 2009

Hey, if Sobek’s going to the Space Station, he already has the shirt for it!

54. Sobek - May 23, 2009

“Even on the International Space Station.”

Oh. Well, never mind then.

55. Lipstick - May 23, 2009

It was great meeting everyone tonight. Geezer says to say hi to you all — he’s not sure about his internet access for the next few days.

56. mesablue - May 23, 2009

Sobek, you are a class act.

Very glad to have met you and your wife. I’d wish you luck if I thought that you needed it, the both of you are beyond needing just good wishes — truly nice and special people.

Run for something someday — I’ll vote for you.*

*I promise not to tell anyone that you sort of know me.

57. Lipstick - May 23, 2009

I had been picturing Enas as sort of old and wrinkled due to the self-portrait he posted. Figured it was a joke, but maybe close enough.

Then when I arrived last night, there’s this young and handsome guy sitting with the Geezers and I was thinking “WTF? Where’s the wrinkly guy I was expecting?”

58. Enas Yorl - May 23, 2009

LOL Lipstick! I’m only old and wrinkled on the inside just yet 😉 It was nice meeting you too. I wish we had more time to get better acquainted.

“Handsome”? Heh.

*Intercepts and hides letter from eye doctor to Lipstick urgently recommending eye exam*

59. Lipstick - May 23, 2009

Hey, I had a fresh pair of contacts in.

Yes, next time we won’t have to have our entire conversation by writing on napkins 🙂

Geezer hadn’t realized how much of a par-tay place the Carnival Court had become.

60. Michael - May 23, 2009

Hey Musli, thanks for the Hebrew version of the Aaronic Benediction.

I don’t really know how to pronounce any of that, but even if I just fake it, it sounds really good.

I think God did a pretty good job when he made that up.

61. Retired Geezer - May 24, 2009

Geezer realized his bad choice of venues about 3 minutes into the earsplitting music-that-would-not-stop.

Nothing to do but wait for everybody to show up and move it into the coffee shop.

I gotta say that Cook E. Jarr was the biggest disappointment. That guy used to be cool but he showed up 20 minutes late and just phoned it in.
Plus… he looked like he swallowed Al Gore.

I got a cool picture of Sobek’s torso wearing a Terminator Liquid Mercury shirt. I also got a picture of one of Lipstick’s feet enclosed in a $500 sandal. (eat your heart out Michael).

I would post them but I can’t figure out the process of getting them out of my camera, into Mrs. Geezer’s laptop and out to the Intertubes.

Have to wait until I get home in a couple of days.

62. Lipstick - May 24, 2009

$500 sandal?! No way!

It was so wonderful to finally meet Mr. and Mrs. Geezer. I put them in a headlock, erm, hug and wouldn’t let them go till they stamped on my foot and ran.

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