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Management 101: Get The Winners In There To Show People How It’s Done May 24, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Commenting Tips, Economics, Entertainment, Handblogging, History, Law, Man Laws, News, Personal Experiences, Sex, Sports.

Nolan Ryan is one of the best pitchers ever. Now, it seems as though he may be one of the best front office executives ever. This guy just screams “winner” when he walks into a room, and you sure as Hell better listen to him when he talks.

How good is Ryan as a leader and executive? Just look at what is happening to the Texas Rangers ever since he became President of the Team. They are winning.

The Rangers also have started to accentuate “Texas.” After years of wearing “Rangers” across the front of their jerseys, all but their road grey uniforms read “Texas.”

“He’s a difficult man to say no to when you meet Nolan,” Matwick said. “He’s run banks, run cattle businesses, two (minor league) teams. He knows business. People remember him as a Hall of Fame pitcher, but he’s a very astute businessman.”

Being the astute businessman that he is, Ryan understands that winning is the biggest key to putting seats in the stands. And the biggest key to winning in baseball is pitching, which is what made the Ryan Express famous.

He didn’t win 324 games and throw a record seven no-hitters without knowing a thing or two about pitching.

“I enjoy the business side of it because of the challenges and trying to see what works and what doesn’t work and how we can enhance the fan experience, how we can get more people in the ballpark and all that,” Ryan said. “Also, we knew this: Nothing replaces a winner. If you’re going to draw and have the support you want, you’ve got to have a winner.”

The Rangers arrived at Minute Maid Park for the Houston portion of the Lone Star Series on Friday night leading the American League in innings per start at 61⁄3. That has helped translate into the fourth-best record in the AL for Texas.

“When Nolan speaks, you listen,” Texas manager Ron Washington said. “He’s got this Texas drawl about him that he means business. You know he knows what he’s talking about.”

In a rare move by a major league club, the Rangers held two separate camps for the pitchers last winter. In November, the pitchers were given conditioning expectations heading into spring training. It also helped Maddux familiarize himself with his new staff and vice versa.

“In the pitching camp in January we told them what the expectations were the first day in spring training,” Ryan said. “And they were going to be throwing batting practice from the first day on. We expected them to be physically capable of doing that. We didn’t have one person opt out or even try to opt out of any work that we did. I couldn’t be any happier with the way spring training went and the way Mike handled it.”

Trust me, when an ass kicking Hall of Famer comes in and tells you how things need to be done, only a imbecile would ignore him. And just for the hell of it, here is the greatest moment in sports evah!

*Warning! Keith Olbermann Douchebaggery To Follow*


1. Mrs. Peel - May 24, 2009

Ahhh, yes. A truly classic moment in baseball history.

Seeing all those guys dragging Nolan Ryan off Ventura kind of reminds me of the time when a fan leaped out of the bleachers and attacked Bill Spiers. The entire Astros roster converged on the fan and beat the shit out of him, and Mike Hampton had to be dragged off him.

Now that I think back, I think that was at Miller Park…anyone you know, Brew?

2. BrewFan - May 24, 2009

It was a Cubs fan impersonating a Brewers fan. Yeah, thats the ticket. Slight correction to your recollection though, the game was played at Milwaukee County Stadium, pre-Miller Park.

3. Mrs. Peel - May 24, 2009

Aha, you’re right, that was County Stadium. I had a feeling that Miller Park was wrong, but I couldn’t put my finger on why.

That was a bizarre incident. As I recall, the dude had been drinking (shut up, really?!?) and his buddies dared him to jump onto the field. I forget how “jump on the field” metamorphosed into “try to get the nearest 6’2″ 200-pound person into a headlock despite the distinct possibility of receiving a savage beatdown from his 24 heavily muscled buddies.”

Anyway, that could have happened at any stadium. Drunks are unpredictable. *eyes all the non-Mormons around here suspiciously*

4. Will - May 24, 2009

Depends on the drunk. There are several species of drunk. The ones you have to watch out for are the angry-drunks. Silly, mellow, and coma-drunks are far less likely to get involved in a fight.

5. Lipstick - May 24, 2009

*eyes all the non-Mormons around here suspiciously*

But we’re nice drunks!

6. Bluto - May 24, 2009

Happy Memorial Weekend, IBers!

Even you, Niedermeyer.

7. Dave in Texas - May 24, 2009


The look on Ventura’s face about 5 feet away from Nolan, “I think I may have made a mistake here”.

8. Cathy - May 24, 2009

That’s Therapeutic!

Ahhhhh. Feel bettah!

*reconsiders WWF as her spectator sport of choice*

9. Mare - May 24, 2009

I can’t believe that Olbermann could actually look worse than he does now. Did you see those glasses? That hair? He still sounds like he did back then, like an idiot.

If you’re going to rush the pitcher, you better know you can take him.

10. Lipstick - May 24, 2009


So now we know that he currently plucks them.

11. Michael - May 24, 2009

Helloooooo Montenegro!

12. Edward Von Bear - May 24, 2009


I call myself a tippler, thank you very much.

13. Edward Von Bear - May 24, 2009

When I used to listen to Jim Rome, he always referred to Ventura as “Speedbag”.

Good times.

Also, is that Cameroon on the flag listings?

14. Dave in Texas - May 24, 2009

Mare, when Nolan recounted that story, he mentioned getting rushed earlier that year and not bracing for it. Said “that was dumb of me, a pro athelete headed toward me at full steam. I made up my mind I wasn’t going to be ‘not ready’ again”.

Pretty funny write up of it here.. http://tinfoilhats.wordpress.com/2008/01/10/38/

By all subsequent accounts, it seems a little unfair that Ventura, who has a reputation as one of the good guys, had to carry this around with him as his most memorable moment in baseball. I think there’s something to that, Ventura is one of the good guys.

Too bad. No crying in baseball.

15. Michael - May 24, 2009

Yup, Cameroon is there. You can click on the flag counter and it will take you to pages of more detailed information.

16. Dave in Texas - May 24, 2009

Incidentally, the kid that saved Ventura’s face from more beatdown is now playing for the Astros.

17. Mrs. Peel - May 24, 2009

Pepper’s back 🙂

And already making a pest of herself. She doesn’t like it when I go into the study, because she can’t see me (as opposed to when I am in the great room area). So she came in and barked to tell me to come back to the great room.

18. Dave in Texas - May 24, 2009

A puppy, missing her momma, being a pest?

I never heard of such a thing.

19. Douglas - May 24, 2009

My brother was at that game.

And Nolan was throwing in the 100’s when he was 40 effin 4.

20. Douglas - May 24, 2009

Saw an interview with Ventura years later, and he basically said what dave said something like “at first I’m charging an old man, and oh man that old man is nolan ryan, this might not be a good idea.”

21. skinbad - May 24, 2009

Julio Franco is probably still playing somewhere.

22. Michael - May 24, 2009

Another dog schmuck.

Glad I’m not like that.

23. Lipstick - May 27, 2009

When I used to listen to Jim Rome, he always referred to Ventura as “Speedbag”.

Now that’s funny.

24. spongeworthy - May 28, 2009

Jim Rome sometimes lets his nicknaming get him in some trouble. I’m sure Ventura laughs it off. Everett: Not laughing.

Well, maybe he does now.

25. Barb the Evil Genius - June 2, 2009

winning is the biggest key to putting seats in the stands

They can’t afford seats in their stadium yet? Do you have to bring your own seat when you watch the Rangers?

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