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Cutting Costs In These Times June 17, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Commenting Tips, Ducks, Economics, Entertainment, Family, Food, Gardening, Handblogging, History, Law.

In these tough economic times, we all are tring to do more with less and cut costs.

Me? I have found the best group of guys around to do my landscaping for me.

And to save money, I have hired the next batch of entertainment for the next H2/AoS/IB/DPUD/Whatever Meet Up



1. Retired Geezer - June 17, 2009

*Geezer stares blankly at the screen and wonders how much pain bleach will cause in his eyes.

That was almost as bad as the crippled girl who danced (shuffled) in the pink tutu.

2. Edward Von Bear - June 17, 2009

^you’re welcome.

Just a little gift for all the Newsweek Readers coming over.

3. skinbad - June 17, 2009

In Russia, cavernous belly button scratch YOU.

4. kevlarchick - June 17, 2009

So they are Russian. All Russians require for survival is vodka and bear meat.

5. Cathy - June 17, 2009

wodka vas inwolved

6. Dave in Texas - June 17, 2009

>> All Russians require for survival is vodka and bear meat.

I had no idea I was Russian.

7. Michael - June 17, 2009

NRO’s Campaign Spot posted the chart.

8. Edward Von Bear - June 17, 2009

^did they post this video?

Priorities, people. Priorities.

9. lauraw - June 17, 2009

Sorry, I can’t wait for Sobek to come back.


10. BrewFan - June 17, 2009

lauraw, that story was hare raising!

11. Cathy - June 17, 2009

Hare today, gone tomorrow.

12. Mrs. Peel - June 17, 2009

I was promised trolls. Where the hell are they?

13. Mrs. Peel - June 17, 2009

Was there even much of a traffic bump from the Newsweek and Campaign Spot links?

14. Michael - June 17, 2009

Yeah, actually, Newsweek bumped our traffic more than AOSHQ.

It pains me to say that.

15. Mrs. Peel - June 17, 2009

Huh. But no trolls. I’m disappointed.

16. Michael - June 17, 2009

No new flags, either. We are running out of available new flags.

Kyrgystan, why do you hate me?!?!?!?

17. geoff - June 17, 2009

Hey Michael. I was trying to put together a post, but it’s not coming together very well. Can you look at the draft I saved and see if it can be salvaged? Or savaged?

18. Michael - June 18, 2009

see if it can be salvaged?

Done. All you needed was David Bowie.

19. Michael - June 18, 2009

A standard technique for me, btw, is that if I write something serious, I try some key words as Google Video or YouTube search terms and look for a pic or video to amp up the post.

In this case, I did not really have to search. “Changes” came immediately to mind as the theme when I read your draft.

Then, you just use the header to tie together the serious stuff and the pic or video.

This also loads more random graphics into the IB archives, which results in all those flags you see in the sidebar. A few take off on the Google search list, like “Hello Kitty” or “Amsterdam Hookers” or “Shark,” and generate a lot of junk hits.

20. composmentis - June 18, 2009

*raises hand* I’d like to make a motion to have eddiebear’s posting privileges revoked. At the very least, they should be suspended until he has kicked his huffing habit. *kicks eddiebear in the junk*

21. lauraw - June 18, 2009

re#9: Does anybody think she looks a little like a rabbit?

22. composmentis - June 18, 2009

Does anybody think she looks a little like a rabbit?

Hahahahaha! Now that you mention it, as a matter of fact she does! Eheheheheheheh!

23. lauraw - June 18, 2009


Here’s yer sign…

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