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Swing Dancing (Fast Lindy) June 26, 2009

Posted by Michael in Family.

This is Michael dancing with Mrs. Peel at the Connecticut Moron Meetup two weekends ago:

Throw that girl!

Throw that girl!

That’s actually just the beginning of her move.  Mrs. Peel can arch her back and bend way back.

In this still shot, you cannot tell exactly what dance we were doing, of course, so I found a YouTube video that will show you the exact kind of dancing we were doing.

At least, that’s how I remember it.

Alcohol may have been involved.

Picture courtesy of Rosetta, who had to take it four times to adjust for the shutter delay in low light, because he is a retard. I finally just had to yell “NOW” at the beginning of the move to trigger the shutter release so he could get the picture.  Frickin’ drunk retard.


1. Lipstick - June 26, 2009

What a kick-ass picture!

I’ll bet Peel didn’t step on Michael’s feet once.

2. Mrs. Peel - June 26, 2009

Great choice of video – I have actually danced with two of those guys (Nick Williams and Max Pitruzzella). Nothing like that, though.

3. Michael - June 26, 2009

Mrs. Peel, I edited the post to observe that this pic only captures the beginning of your awesome, head-thrown-back-arch.

4. Mrs. Peel - June 26, 2009

ha, thanks, Michael. I was totally making that move up. I love dancing.

5. Michael - June 26, 2009

I also added a reference to “Fast Lindy” in the header. I’m hoping that this might bring in some hits from Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan.

We are scraping the bottom of the barrel for new flags now.

6. Michael - June 26, 2009

I mean, pretty much all we got left are the Krapistans in central Asia, those three little Guyana countries on the northeast corner of South America, and some sub-Saharan AIDs-infested hellholes.

7. Lipstick - June 26, 2009

But we can believe!!!!1111!

8. Michael - June 26, 2009

Yes we can, Lipstick!

With “Biggest Vagina on Earth” as a header lodged in our archives, and the “Hello Kitty” pic, those will come through for us in the long run.

9. Dave in Texas - June 26, 2009

That was pretty awesome.

10. Michael - June 26, 2009

That was pretty awesome.

Are you referring to my “Biggest Vagina on Earth” post, or my posting of the “Hello Kitty” pic?

11. Lipstick - June 26, 2009

*wiping tears*

Yes! Yes we can!

Michael will lure the ‘stans to the Bystanders of Freedom (and pie).

12. Dave in Texas - June 26, 2009

No you dork, the photo, and the dance moves.

13. Michael - June 27, 2009

No you dork, the photo, and the dance moves.

You know, Dave, according to WordPress, I have put up 1,365 posts on this site. I’ve got lanches from Ace, Hot Air, and Instapundit on my resume.

I think back, and it is very hard to remember any of them, with a couple of exceptions.

I remember Three Bells.

Not sure why. That was early for this site. I just really liked that post about seeing a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient aboard the Constitution.

And I remember Boy Scouts Celebrate PC 100th World Jamboree, which was basically a fart joke with some political overlay. That post is getting hits today, and I’m proud of it.

14. daveintexas - June 27, 2009

sneaking one in on ya.

15. Mrs. Peel - June 27, 2009

Here’s the one we were talking about in CT, Michael. Sadly, the comment thread wasn’t all that entertaining. We didn’t get nearly enough trolls.

16. geoff - June 27, 2009

The next unemployment numbers release is on July 2. I was thinking of adding a couple of things:

o slamming Moody Economics’ predictions (Zandi has been a real cheerleader for the stimulus, and is the 2nd cited source for economists’ support it (the first source being the Obama team))

Probably take 2 or 3 posts to cover it all.

What do y’all think? Yes? No? Anything special you want to do?

17. Mrs. Peel - June 27, 2009

Just be yourself, geoff. Nothing could be more special than that.

*violin music swells gently in background*

18. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

Ice cream would be good.

just sayin

19. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

Also I was paying you a compliment you big goofball. The dancing thing. Hello?

I remember that post Mrs. Peel, mostly because it resonated with me as the father of adult daughters, like your dad. I’ll walk em down the aisle. I will have allergy problems but I won’t let em show too much.

Bouncing back on topic, Wiserbud is a syphillitic ho.

20. Michael - June 27, 2009

Don’t worry about posting too many charts, Geoff. If necessary, I’ll just space them out by inserting videos of the greatest songs by Grand Funk Railroad.

21. Michael - June 27, 2009

At my house,

Current air temp: 81°

Current water temp in pool: 89°

This afternoon the air will be over 100°, and the pool will be about 93°.

22. lauraw - June 27, 2009

My neighborhood is all chainsaws, and people driving real slow and pointing.

The way Mrs. Peel’s face is foreshortened in that pic is freaking me out.

23. wiserbud - June 27, 2009

I believe that is me and the lovely Cathy dancing together in back left of the photo.

That was a really fun night, what with all the inappropriate touching and all. I hope I didn’t hurt your hand too much when I slapped it, Michael.

24. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

innapropriate.. .what does that mean again?

25. lauraw - June 27, 2009

means it feels good

26. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

oh, yeah, that’s what I remembered. just checkin

27. Lipstick - June 27, 2009

I believe that is me and the lovely Cathy dancing together in back left of the photo.

I was wondering who was waltzing while the swing dancing was going on.

28. daveintexas - June 27, 2009

Car purchased. Life, go back to normal now, thanks.

I am still the most fortunate man I know.

29. Michael - June 27, 2009

New car for DaughterinTexas?

30. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

yeah. she found a good deal. done.

31. geoff - June 27, 2009

Car purchased. Life, go back to normal now, thanks.

That’s a coincidence – we’re getting one tonight. Hopefully your purchase will let you loosen the knot I imagine you’ve had in your stomach. And hopefully ours won’t add a knot to mine – looks like the axe is finally a-fallin’ at work.

32. Michael - June 27, 2009

Aw Geoff, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re wrong.

You got linked by Hot Air again. Apparently Allah thinks that you and the Heritage Foundation are peers when it comes to establishing the message for conservatives.

33. geoff - June 27, 2009

Aw Geoff, sorry to hear that. Hope you’re wrong.

It’s not that bad. More details at BI.

34. geoff - June 27, 2009

Ah hell, I’ll just say it here: I may escape unscathed, and even if I don’t, I’ll likely be all right. I’ve been lining up some other gigs, and squirreling away a bit of money for lean times. But another couple of months to let those opportunities mature wouldn’t have been resented.

35. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

Thanks Geoff. She’s settled into the next new routine now, have to give her credit for hunting down a very good deal. All this stuff is just peripheral really, I just thank God she wasn’t hurt and we all move on.

I do hate that you’re dealing with the bubble thing, I know how that wears on a man who takes care of his family. I wish you the best.

Also, which ice cream joint told THE TRUTH?

36. Tushar - June 27, 2009


I surmise from your comment that Daughter In Texas was in some automobile accident and didn’t get hurt. God is surely watching over her.

37. Mrs. Peel - June 27, 2009

My parents suck. Today, Mom told me that she and Dad think I need a “new” dog, and Dad called Mom’s cousin who breeds Aussies to find out if he has any puppies. (He might in a couple months.) So, what, we’re just going to supplant Pepper before she even dies? What the hell? She’s such a good dog. She deserves better than that.

I would have said the above, but I was on the brink of tears as it was, so I just made noncommittal noises.

38. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

Yes Tushar, almost two weeks ago. Thank you, she’s ok.. she was a little beat up, could have been a lot worse. Nothing else matters except that. Thanks.

Mrs Peel. We parents sometimes are insensitive goofs. We mean well.. we just, what’s the word, oh yeah, we suck. Wishing you and Pepper the best.

39. lauraw - June 27, 2009

Got electricity back! YAY! But am on the wireless laptop because the cable connection is still spotty.

Dogs just don’t live long enough, it’s true. Mrs. Peel, when your dog is getting older, ya got two options as you see the sun sinking toward the horizon. Get a puppy to bridge the pain gap, or take the whole brunt of the empty-home-painful emotions of loss and go dogless for a while.

A lot of older dogs pep up when there’s a youngun in the house. Depends on how much pep they have in them. Our old Boy viewed our puppy as a major pain in the ass and just barely tolerated her. Though he did play with her once in a while, if you very loosely define ‘play’ as ‘I’m going to wrestle this stinky puppy to the carpet and sit on her until she stops moving, if that’s what it takes to make her leave my floppy old ears the fuck alone for ten goddamn minutes.’

If you think that a puppy doesn’t bridge over and ease the pain of losing a faithful longtime pal you are wrong.

You still lose your pal, it hurts, but the continuation of the dog-care routine, and the love of another pal, is soothing to us as creatures of habit.

ON THE OTHER HAND, being dogless is a life of freedom, after you go through the real badhurties and get used to not having your pal around. Freedom is pretty nice, too.

On the third hand, it’s your own damn life and you will make this decision. Your parents don’t suck. You’re just so freakin’ cute that it’s easy to forget that you’re a rocket sturgeon. I can’t blame them too much.

40. Vmaximus - June 27, 2009

Mrs Peel,
From my recent experience, I kind of wished Zeke would have known Max.

And while Zeke is not, nor will ever be Max, He is a good buddy too.

I laugh at his puppieness! I know a lot of people say “too much work!”
Yes I had to get up 2x a night to let him out to pee, yes it sucked. But I am glad I did.

Lauraw is right my foster dog Emma is old, and barely tolerated Zeke. After a week she is playing with him like she is a puppy!

Like this, (yes Michael I am linking pics)
zeke emma bear fight
Smack Down!

41. Vmaximus - June 27, 2009

Zeke’s double back flip attack
zeke emma fight4

Bear and Zeke Wrestling. I need a better caption

All In!
Zeke Bear and Emma fight!zeke, emma, & bear fight
zeke emma bear fight

42. Vmaximus - June 27, 2009

Titled Golden Retriever
No more from me Michael
Thank you for tolerating my puppy pics.


43. geoff - June 27, 2009

Also, which ice cream joint told THE TRUTH?

Here’s what I wrote in the comments at The Hostages.

Showdown in Mystic:

On one side of the street: Mystic Drawbridge Ice Cream, advertising “The Best Ice Cream in Mystic!”

On the other side of the street: the Mystic Ice Cream and Sweets Shop, claiming “The Freshest and Creamiest Ice Cream in Mystic!”

It fell to one man to find the truth.

Our intrepid correspondent first sampled the Mystic Drawbridge’s vanilla, using the standard sample size of “largest dish available.” He selected the Drawbridge because if their advertising was true, he might want seconds. They handed him the specimen, and he stared at it, aghast. This was a “Large?” Were they already preparing for Obamacare’s inevitable mandatory diet plans?

Saddened but never discouraged, he wolfed the pittance down in a few bites. Not bad – good texture, hearty flavor, not as crisp a vanilla finish as he liked.

Then he ventured to the other side of the street, ducking into the forbidding Sweets Shop. There he chafed as the amateurs in front of him dithered over their meaningless decisions. Finally he requested, and was granted, a large dish of their vanilla.

At last, a respectably large dish!! Not overwhelmingly large, mind you, but certainly in line with the standard fare offered in a tourist town. He made short work of the dish, but as he through the shrunken carcass into the trash, he espied DinTX trying to take surreptitious surveillance photos from across the street.


The verdict: almost tasteless, but certainly creamy, meaning that both vendors were telling the truth. But of course neither mentioned their fatal flaws.

44. Vmaximus - June 27, 2009

Vanilla is a wonderfully complex flavor. I make my own. I buy 30 beans 15 Madagascar and 15 Mexican. Put them in a good vodka for a month.

The best Vanilla in the world for less than you would pay for 8 oz

Add to Ice cream?


45. Michael - June 27, 2009

Casey pepped up when we got Peaches, and she certainly lets Peaches know who’s the newcomer to the pack, and when she (Peaches) is out of line. It’s been a great combination for everyone.

46. xbradtc - June 27, 2009

Give Pepper a good scritch behind the ears for me.

47. Michael - June 27, 2009

Yeah, and give Pepper a belly rub for me.

48. Dave in Texas - June 27, 2009

Laura, glad yer ok.

49. Mrs. Peel - June 27, 2009

Will do, fellas. Would anyone like to sponsor the treat Pepper gets prior to being crated for the night?

50. lauraw - June 27, 2009

Yeah, and give her a goofy, smiling, Retriever-breed puppy to beat on for me.

See, that’s the thing; temperament. What kind of critter are you going to introduce to your mature dog.

Vmax, you just can’t go wrong introducing retrievers to retrievers (even if one is only part retriever). Regardless of their individual personalities, they’re hardwired a certain way and they understand each other.

We had an elderly Black Lab. His goofy days were largely behind him and he was a somewhat grim but easygoing old soul as most Black Labs tend to become in their last years. And then we got a red Cattle Dog puppy.

Do you know anything about Cattle Dogs? Need I say more?

Bad mix.

51. lauraw - June 27, 2009

thanks Dave! All good

52. lauraw - June 27, 2009

…the treat is she doesn’t get crated?

I dunno, just grasping for straws here. My dogs haven’t been crated since puppyhood.

53. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2009

we didn’t crate Moses. if I had, I mighta shipped him to CT.

54. Mrs. Peel - June 28, 2009

I’d get another Aussie, of course. Every Aussie I’ve known has been a sweet, good-natured, easygoing dog.

Been thinking about it, and Pepper actually might like having a puppy to play with. People (who don’t see how stiff she is in the morning) often think she’s still a puppy herself. (“Awww, how old is your puppy?” (grimly)Twelve.”)

55. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2009

Geoff, the ice cream comment is masterful. You should make it a post.

56. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2009

mostly cause it mentions me.

yeah, it’s all about me now bitches.

57. geoff - June 28, 2009

Geoff, the ice cream comment is masterful. You should make it a post.

You’d think I could have fixed the typo before I pasted it here (“through” instead of “threw”). Oh well.

But it’s not really worth posting without product pictures, and it would only appeal to people who were there. So I think this thread is the final resting place for that plucky little review.

In barely related news, we leave in a couple of hours (I hope) for our tubin’ vacation.

58. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2009

Have fun pal. Please give my kind regards to the missus.

also, I only dog Michael about typos. He cares about that sorta thing so he’s an easy mark.

59. kevlarchick - June 28, 2009

We always crated our dogs as puppies, but a few of them liked their crate so much, we just left it up for them. It was their safe haven from little kids poking and prodding them. The standing rule in the house was “don’t bother the dog when she’s in her crate.”

They would sleep in there nightly without being told.

I go for the pound puppies as a rule. Hard to leave the dog pound with just one.

60. Dave in Texas - June 28, 2009

Pound puppies that find homes are lucky pups, and love you always.

61. Mrs. Peel - June 28, 2009

Have fun, geoff!

62. Lipstick - June 28, 2009

Ditto — tubing sounds like a lot of fun.

So, uh, for several reasons, I’m afraid of big dogs. Last night we went to some friends’ house for dinner. I knew they had a rescue boxer that was only half-trained, but I’d never seen a boxer before. The image in my head was of a much smaller dog.

This dog was big and muscular! I particularly enjoyed it when he jumped up and snapped at my face.

63. daveintexas - June 28, 2009

Oh well hell Lipstick, I did that too.


64. Edward Von Bear - June 28, 2009

^As you know, my daughter loves dogs. Well, at the park a few nights ago, a young couple brought their 7 month old boxer puppy around.

The dog was friendly, and Daughter loved it, but he just kept trying to lick her face and climb up on her.

Amazingly, she didn’t mind.

She also loves frog hunting with me, though she needs a little practice with the whole “silence” thing.

65. mary - June 28, 2009

what’s with using the word retard? think you are better than everyone else? so wrong man.

66. daveintexas - June 28, 2009

Shut up retard.

67. lauraw - June 28, 2009

Oh, shut up mary. The only retards reading this blog are us, and we’re not offended.

68. Lipstick - June 28, 2009

Dave, ha! No, you were well controlled. Choke collar?

Eddie, your daughter is braver than I am!

69. Lipstick - June 28, 2009

I was expecting something the size of Peaches, max.

I was very wrong.

70. TGSRetard - June 28, 2009

I for one welcome our retard overlords!

71. daveintexas - June 28, 2009

>> choke collar?

Manners. Or witnesses. One of those.

72. lauraw - June 28, 2009

Are Boxers stupid dogs? They have always looked like a stupid breed to me. Aggressive lunkheads.

73. TGSG - June 28, 2009

Laura, my cousins had a boxer all the time I was growing up and he was sharp as a tack.. mean yes, but very good at commands.

74. Vmaximus - June 28, 2009

I have known several good Boxers that were good and obedient. They all died young. They are consistently one more hostile to other dogs than many breeds.

75. Lipstick - June 28, 2009

Vmax, that is one of the problems that my friends’ boxer has — he hates other dogs.

76. Dave in Texas - June 29, 2009

In the clearing stands a boxer, and a fighter by his trade.

77. Pupster - June 29, 2009

Always. Carry. Bacon.

78. Rosetta - July 1, 2009

Picture courtesy of Rosetta, who had to take it four times to adjust for the shutter delay in low light, because he is a retard. I finally just had to yell “NOW” at the beginning of the move to trigger the shutter release so he could get the picture. Frickin’ drunk retard.

Hahahahahahaha. I did that on purpose to annoy you, nanodick.

Yeah. That’s the ticket.

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