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Funhouse June 23, 2009

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Cute boots.

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“She Was A Beam Of Light.” June 22, 2009

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Here is a full-length obituary of Neda Agha-Soltan, the young lady whose murder in Iran has become the unbearable, yet poignant, image of the uprising.

On Sunday at the Agha-Soltan residence, friends and relatives came in droves, weeping and bent over, clutching one another. A steady murmur of sobs and wails emanated from the apartment.

Mascara streamed down cheeks of the women, some in sweeping black chadors and others in shapely designer mini-coats and sunglasses.

The men’s eyes were sore and bloodshot. Two helped a distraught young man walk along the hallway, one of her two brothers, someone said.

“She died full of love,” Golshad said.

The relatives and friends piled into minivans for the hour-long trek to Tehran’s Beshesht Zahra cemetery, where she was buried. Her loved ones were outraged by the authorities’ order not to eulogize her, to loudly sing her praises and mourn her loss. But they were too afraid and distraught to speak out, except for Panahi, who said he had nothing more to lose.

“They know me,” he said. “They know where I am. They can come and get me whenever they want. My time has gone. We have to think about the young people.”

Neda, he said, was smart and loving. She had a mischievous streak, gentling teasing her friends and causing them to laugh. She was passionate about life and meant no one any harm, they said. In the election unrest, friends found in her an unexpected daring, a willingness to take risks for her beliefs.

“For pursuing her goals, she didn’t use rocks or clubs,” said Panahi. “She wanted to show with her presence that, ‘I’m here. I also voted. And my vote wasn’t counted.’ It was a very peaceful act of protest, without any violence.”

As to the person or persons responsible for her death, they will not be forgiven, he said. “When they kill an innocent child, this is not justice. This is not religion. In no way is this acceptable,” he said. “And I’m certain that the one who shot her will not get a pass from God.”

Thanks to Allahpundit. He is doing yeoman work on this story.

And on a related note, Carin posted this video today.

51st Way to Leave Your Lover Found June 22, 2009

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Man stabbed in hip while attacking pregnant girlfriend.

Who ever said we don’t live in an age of discovery any more?

8th Grader Makes Most Amazing Basketball Shot Ever June 22, 2009

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I am not kidding.

Why Are Women Weird About Shoes? June 21, 2009

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Just askin’.

I don't think you can walk too fast with these on

I don't think you can walk too fast with these on

Thanks to Dustbury.com, via Tattered Bits of Brain.

Health Care Costs Have Skyrocketed June 21, 2009

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…since 2000, so the administration has stated we absolutely must increase the government’s role in providing coverage to our citizens. Simply study this comparison of the effective cost controls of Medicare vs. private health insurance, and I’m sure that you’ll be forced to agree (from Table 13):


“Her Name Was Neda” June 21, 2009

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Just remember this young lady when it comes to the Iranian protests.

A copy of the video was also emailed to The Times. It seems to show a woman lying in the street with blood spurting from her chest. A man leans over, trying to stop the bleeding with his hands.

The footage, which can be viewed on YouTube, is extremely graphic. The identity of the woman could not be independently confirmed. But she is referred to on Twitter as Neda.

“#Neda: You are the VOICE of the people. You are a call to FREEDOM…..rip,” readd one of the many tweets about her apparent slaying.

CNN reports that pictures of the woman are appearing on posters in Tehran and she is being hailed as a martyr. The network broadcast an excerpt of the video with the face of the woman blurred out.

The next time somebody claims Jon Stewart is speaking “Truth To Power” from the safety of a television studio in New York, or that Keith Olbermann is “brave” for calling the former President a “liar” on television, knowing he will not suffer for his comments, just hit them upside the head with this Louisville Slugger from the cluebat rack.

The next time somebody tells you the United States is the bad guy for opposing the Mad Mullahs, just remind them that we don’t do this to our protesters.

The next time somebody questions why we should support the Iranian people against their tyrannical government, remind them of this.

And finally, the next time somebody criticizes you for supporting the Iranian people, tell them to fuck off.

That is all.

Go Green June 20, 2009

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green peace

Our friend Muslihoon has some good suggestions on how we can support the Iranian people in their fight for freedom.

Late night thoughts while driving through the Mojave desert June 20, 2009

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  • If driving with properly inflated tires was such a great way to save gas before Obama was elected, how come you don’t hear anything about it now?
  • The Obama administration likes to brag about saving teachers’ and police officers’ jobs. That’s great, but it misses a fundamental point of economics: these are public sector jobs that are normally supported by taxes on the private sector. If you cure the economic woes of the private sector, the public sector jobs will be saved anyway. But spending money to save public sector jobs just burdens the private sector and doesn’t stimulate the economy. ==> It’s a band-aid.
  • All the job creation predictions were based on increasing the GDP. None of the money spent so far is doing anything to increase the GDP. In fact, nobody seems to be tracking the GDP.
  • Is it just me, or have truck drivers gone from being a tight community of exemplary drivers 20 years ago to a gaggle of piss-poor drivers today?
  • Obama runs the economy like a social worker: he spends money where he sees the most pain, not where it will do the most good.
  • The country really needs a vision, but Obama’s vision for curing all social injustices is not the kind of vision I’m talking about. His vision is like asking somebody, “What do you want to accomplish in your life?” and having them reply, “I want to be healthy.” Bush knew this and tried to fire up his Mars mission program, but I think a much better vision would be to increase our space commercialization efforts by 10- to a 100-fold. Don’t worry about launch vehicles – if the commercial opportunities are there, the private sector will take care of those.
  • How come the answer to highway safety is always to reduce speeds? Why isn’t anybody making highways and cars that are safe to drive at 120 mph? We’ve been stuck forever at 75 mph – in fact we had to claw our way back up to 75 mph after the Carter years. If I can’t have an air car, I want to at least be able to drive faster.

How to Protest Obama’s Stimulus Plan — Part V June 19, 2009

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A catchy theme song might help.

I have found one which precisely captures my attitude towards Obama’s socialist agenda.

You have no doubt heard this song, but you have probably not seen this video, which is kinda clever.

(You can double-click through to YouTube and watch it in full-screen mode.)

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Advice For Smokers June 19, 2009

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Always be careful where you flick that still lit butt.

This is why I am always careful where my cigar butts go when I am finished.

The Triangle June 18, 2009

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A performance by Michael Moschen.

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Michael Moschen working behind David Bowie in Labyrinth is below the break.