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BREAKING NEWS!! July 28, 2009

Posted by harrison in News.

Here is proof that President Obama was not born in the United States.


1. geoff - July 28, 2009

It needs the blinking LGF-style gif to be totally convincing. No blinky, no credibility.

2. Joey Buzz - July 28, 2009

agree no blinky no stinky….

3. John Stansbury - July 28, 2009

Drudge–style animation is so 90s.

What you need is an animated Keith Olberman GIF with him being set on fire.

Not really any different than the other ones, I just want to know that Keith Olberman has been set on fire.

4. geoff - July 28, 2009

I should have linked to the LGF gif in question.

5. wiserbud - July 28, 2009

ya know, if they really want a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, why don;t they just send Sandy Berger into the Dept. of Records in Hawaii with extra large socks on his feet?

6. reason - July 28, 2009

Boy, is Texas Darlin’ Blog gonna be pissed…

7. Sobek - July 28, 2009

Robb has some really stupid readers.

8. John Stansbury - July 29, 2009

I was very tempted to do a LGF–style animated GIF this morning THAT PROVED that this was a hoax.

Then 7 am happened and I realized I’d already been awake for two hours and I didn’t have the energy. So I’ll just act like I did and think about what a good job I did taking down somebody on the internet.

9. John Stansbury - July 30, 2009

Alright, one sleep–deprived night (and an incredible need for attention) led me to this: Obama Birth Documents: Forged

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