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Crime Fighters In Japan Are Creative And Crazy July 30, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ducks, Economics, Family, Gardening, Handblogging, Heroes, Humor, Man Laws, Music, Politics, Sex, Sports, Travel.

Maybe I should reconsider letting my hair fall out naturally and just go for the rug.


1. Pupster - July 31, 2009

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about real vs. perceived identity; the man I see in the mirror vs. what others see when they look at me.

I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a permanent identity, because whatever you identify as ‘me’ is based on things that will change (looks, job, personality), and what other people see when they look at you is filtered through their own experiences and biases.

That being said, I think a detective who fights crime with a magical toupee is pretty cool.

2. BrewFan - July 31, 2009

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about pie.

3. Michael - July 31, 2009

Yes, I can see where that video would cause one to reflect on the true nature of self.

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