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One More Reason To Hate Squirrels August 14, 2009

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Not only do those bastards chew up wires, steal bird food, and dig up flowers, they are getting into the whole photo-bombing act.

Courtesy Melissa Brandts

Courtesy Melissa Brandts

A cheeky squirrel in Alberta’s Banff National Park has gone viral after stealing the spotlight in a tourist’s photo.

Melissa Brandts, who was visiting from Minnesota, had set up her camera on a tripod to capture her and her husband, Jackson, in front of picturesque Lake Minnewanka in May.

“We had our camera set up on some rocks and were getting ready to take the picture when this curious little ground squirrel appeared, became intrigued with the sound of the focusing camera and popped right into our shot!” she wrote.

The ground squirrel became the focus of the picture as the couple faded into the background.

Jackson Brandts took a few more shots using a remote-control shutter.

“A once in a lifetime moment! We were laughing about this little guy for days!” wrote his wife.


1. MostlyRight - August 14, 2009


2. kevlarchick - August 14, 2009

I love this pic.

3. Veruca Salt - August 14, 2009

I’ll have you!

4. lauraw - August 14, 2009

The ultrasound and moon landing ones are hysterical.

The internet is so wonderful.

5. nicedeb - August 14, 2009

That pic cracks me up. You can almost hear the dramatic chickmunk music…

6. nicedeb - August 14, 2009


7. dan-O - August 14, 2009

Heh, here’s another good one with american gothic:

8. lauraw - August 14, 2009


Blurring the painting in the background is brilliant.

9. Moses the Beagle - August 14, 2009


10. skinbad - August 14, 2009

Lightning in a bottle. Awesome picture. I thought he was spoiling a gay couple’s photo at first glance.

11. Scene Stealing Squirrel Crashes Obama’s Town Hall « Nice Deb - August 15, 2009

[…] to Innocent Bystanders for the idea. Posted in ACORN, Obamessiah. Leave a Comment […]

12. nicedeb - August 15, 2009

Oh my gosh, guys. Over 600 pp from all around Europe, but mostly Poland are googling Nice Deb or Nice Deb scene stealing squirrel to find my photoshop. Bizarre!

13. Cathy - August 15, 2009

Ya done good, Deb.

14. JavelinaBomb - September 16, 2009

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