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It’s All About The Music! August 18, 2009

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Seriously, this has to have some sort of scientific explanation, but I could care less about that. Just enjoy the show.


1. Ron al-Bushi - August 18, 2009

I played a hit single on some chicks once. Mostly just the drum solo.

2. skinbad - August 18, 2009

“For this next instrument, the paint needs to be applied to a different area. I have no control over this. It’s science.”

3. reason - August 18, 2009

I’m sorry. I still find videos of music being played on Tesla coils more impressive. Just so long as these people keeping moving and making electrical contact, then the synths keep playing the pre-programmed tune. Yippie freakin’ skip.

The old-hardware version of Bohemian Rhapsody was cooler.

The guy free-handing the Imperial March using the R/W head on an exposed hard drive disk was cooler.

4. Joey Buzz - August 18, 2009

This is just an exercise in trying to make something very gay somewhat less gay. Didnt really work IMHeteroO.

5. Mac - August 18, 2009

As the resident video grouch, I feel the need to comment on this. Let me preface this by saying that, while anytime we get painted ladies who are being used only for their bodies, I’m all for it. But if that objectification of women leads to some British chav trying to impress us with midi triggers…then let me say that nobody should be impressed.

To summarize, chicks covered in paint good, chav “musicians” bad.

Also, this takes actual talent.

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