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Behold The Power Of Advertising October 22, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Commenting Tips, Crime, Economics, Handblogging, History, Humor, Literature, Lurkers, Man Laws, Nature Shit, Personal Experiences, Pop Culture, Religion, Science, Sex, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Sports, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Travel, Women Ranting.

I dunno. I get the feeling this commercial is trying to tell me something. Something I should buy.

Give me a minute. I’ll be back with the answer soon.


1. geoff - October 22, 2009

O/T: Initial unemployment claims are up a bit this week. The job picture still sucks mightily, suggesting another 0.2 – 0.3% increase in unemployment rate (if people stop dropping out), since we continue to get more than 2 million initial claims per month.

2. composmentis - October 22, 2009

Glad to see I’m not the only one who posts stuff that’s older than dirt. However, no matter how many times I see this, I enjoy it. Something about a decent looking woman who knows how to grip and handle a long, hard weapon, making it shoot repeatedly.

3. Joey Buzz - October 22, 2009

As if there is any ammo to purchase…I roll my own when I have time. Alas, even reloading components are hard to come by these days.

4. Uniball - October 22, 2009

Great advertisement.

What is the law, should he have been inside or does she have the right to blast him while he is trying to break in?

5. PattyAnn - October 22, 2009

I hate this music that plays automatically when one visits this commenting site.

6. Pupster - October 22, 2009

That’s a Live Link video from a post down yonder, which has dutifully been reported to the site aministrator by yours truly.

For some reason Live Link videos auto-play in WP.


7. Uniball - October 22, 2009

Live Link is like me, always on, always ready to go, always kicking out the hits.

It is part of what makes me, and Live Link, so bad ass.

8. Pupster - October 22, 2009


*tazes Uniball in the junque*


9. Joey Buzz - October 22, 2009

Pup, Uni-targets are always smaller maybe you should have aimed at the “bad” part….no offense Uniball just trying to help P-ster with the marksmanship issue.

10. Uniball - October 22, 2009

A taze in the junk? Hmmm.
Let me help you out Pupster..


*pulls out junk

*still pulling out junk

*still pulling

*THWAP-junk lands on table, hangs over the edge and dangles to the floor.

Ok pupster, show me what you got.

11. TattooedIntellectual - October 22, 2009

I now have a mental image of this anorexic earthworm hanging off a table.

Thanks a fucking ton.

12. PattyAnn - October 22, 2009

Thanks, Pups!

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