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Just Remember This The Next Time You Think You Have Had A Rough Day October 27, 2009

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In late 2003, my wife and I attended a sneak preview for a movie called “Touching The Void”. It was a documentary about the travails of Joe Simpson and Simon Yates, two British mountain climbers, as they scaled the West Face of the Siula Grande Mountain in Peru, a feat that had never before been accomplished.

All went well for the two blokes, especially as they reached the peak of the mountain. The real problem occurred on the way back down, when Joe fell and broke his leg. The two continued down the mountain, with Joe tied to Simon’s waist. Eventually, Joe was caught dangling over a ledge, and Simon cut him loose. Yeah, that would suck. Especially since Joe fell into a crevice, and Simon continued down the mountain.

But, after nearly a week, Joe managed to crawl out of the crevice and crawl his way back down the mountain, where he was rescued. I recall from sitting in the theater how cold I felt throughout the movie, what with two hours of nothing but ice on the screen. I also thought that if some guy could scale down a mountain with a broken leg, I sure as hell could get through the crap in my day. And I hope all of you think of that as well. No matter how awful things may appear, you can either give up and die, or keep crawling along.


1. geoff - October 26, 2009

No matter how awful things may appear, you can either give up and die, or keep crawling along.

It’s not that we want to quit crawling per se – it’s that what we’re crawling toward isn’t worth it anymore.

2. Michael the Second - October 26, 2009

Do the 2 guys still get along?

3. Eddie The Bear - October 27, 2009

^They reunited for the movie. And I think Joe has tried to defend what Simon did.

4. Michael the Second - October 27, 2009

I and a friend led some groups to do climbing and rappelling in KY’s Red River Gorge. Safety was always first. He and I carried rescue and recovery gear along with our own gear. Every option to bring the risk towards zero was taken.

These two guys had to go in to this adventure knowing that they very well might never come back alive. Cutting that line had to be the hardest choice both of them ever made.

5. Uniball - October 27, 2009

This level of climbing is a whole other world. I have friends who are big time climbers and have bagged the tallest peaks on the planet. Safety is first but these guys are in situations where safety includes making a choice that may mean leaving someone behind if it means you save yourself and the group. It is pretty black and white.

When you are dealing with high altitude situations, low oxygen and incredible temperatures, life and death is measured in minutes and seconds.

This is part of the attraction for a lot of them.

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