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Ever Notice That Some Trick-or-Treaters Are Too Old? October 28, 2009

Posted by Michael in Humor.

I certainly have.  When I lived in the inner city of St. Louis, we had some trick-or-treaters show up who looked like they were recently paroled.  They didn’t even wear a costume.


Attitude for Candy

As usual, Donald Mills has some choice words on the subject.

Few things chaff my thighs more than damned teenagers who don’t know when to hang up the pillowcase and stop trolling for free candy on Halloween.

I have no objection to doling out some boxed raisins or wintergreen lozenges to a damned 3-year old in a Garfield costume but I get pretty incensed when some pock-marked 17-year old smelling of old bong water and sloth shows up at my door with a insolent scowl and a demand for free food.

That guy is hilarious:  The Problem with Young People Today Is….

Some people just don’t get this.

But I’m now in my mid-20s, verging on late 20s. I haven’t ever thought there was a problem with me trick or treating as an adult as long as you a) let the kids go first, always and b) have a really neat costume but my Mom tells me every year that I’m too old to be trick or treating. No one has ever said this to us while we were out and about, and no one has ever seemed to be uncomfortable with us trick or treating (which I’ve always assumed had to do with us having cool costumes).

Are we too old to trick or treat? | Ask Metafilter.

Sheesh.  Grow the fuck up.  Wear your cool costume to an adult party.


1. scottw - October 28, 2009

Be sure to read his “how to right an effective will” post. I think that is one of his best.

2. sandy burger - October 28, 2009

A comment at that metafilter link had this clever Halloween idea:

Here’s a spin on reverse-trick-or-treating that I got a kick out of. I grew up in a college town, and one Halloween our doorbell rang and we opened the door expecting to see trickortreaters– but what was in front of our open door–was another door! Like, a full-on wooden door, that had a sign that said “Please knock.” So we did, and the door swung open to reveal a bunch of college dudes dressed as really old grandmothers, curlers in their hair, etc, who proceeded to coo over our “costumes” and tell us we were “such cute trick or treaters!” One even pinched my cheek. Then THEY gave US candy, closed their door, picked it up and walked to the next house.

3. Mrs. Peel - October 28, 2009

Ok, I have a new hero.

heh, that’s funny, Sandy. I would have laughed my ass off

4. Eddie The Bear - October 28, 2009

My mom and dad just turn off their lights and hang out in the basement. So far, nobody has tried to break into their cars or house.

5. Pupster - October 29, 2009

My 13 year old is 5’6″ with a peach-fuzz mustache. He has a learning disability, emotionally I’d say he’s closer to a 9 year old. This is the first year he’s ‘asked’ if I thought he was too old. I said maybe.

6. Eleven - October 29, 2009

The lamest I ever saw was the football players from the high-school that just left practice and came knocking as, guess what? “Football players”

Complete with grass stains and sweat.

Lame but kinda funny…. in a lame way.

7. compos mentis - October 30, 2009

Problem is, older ToTers are like the mafia. If you don’t pay them, bad stuff might happen.

Pups, bless his heart. Can you pair him with some younger kids, so it looks like he’s assisting the little ones? And no, he’s not too old IMO.

8. Davey - November 7, 2009

“pock-marked 17-year old smelling of old bong water”

That made me laugh.

I read another blog where someone said a teenager came to the door with a cigarette in his moth. Jeesh.

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