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What More Can I Add To This Photograph? October 28, 2009

Posted by Edward von Bear in Blogroll, Commenting Tips, Family, Music, Nature Shit, News, Science, Sidebar Flag Bullshit, Sitemeter, Technology.

When Dorothy, a well respected chimp at a nature preserve in Cameroon, died recently, the handlers decided to bury her. In the process, this stunning photograph was taken.


Courtesy Monica Szczupider

“I cannot emphasise enough how silent and still they were. Chimpanzees are typically not like that. They are loud, with short attention spans. It was unbelievably emotional. We were all struck.”


1. Uniball - October 28, 2009

We must not trust chimps!


2. skinbad - October 28, 2009

Gathered for the reading of the will.

3. Eleven - October 28, 2009

Let us now bow our heads for a moment of no poo flinging….

4. Pupster - October 28, 2009

Caption: “so….you gonna eat all that by yourselves?”

5. Eleven - October 28, 2009

“….a well respected chimp…..”


6. Lipstick - October 28, 2009

Let us now bow our heads for a moment of no poo flinging….

That made me laugh.

7. wiserbud - October 28, 2009

♪There she goes
Riding down the street
She got the funniest looks from
Everyone she’d meet….. ♪

8. Dave in Texas - October 28, 2009


9. Eddie The Bear - October 28, 2009

“Her name was Dorothy.” “Her name was Dorothy”. “Her name was Dorothy”.

10. wiserbud - October 28, 2009

“Of my friend, I can only say this: of all the souls I have encountered in my travels, hers was the most… simian.”

11. Joey Buzz - October 28, 2009

what kind of fence is that…and why is the woman holding the chimps head if it is dead?

12. kevlarchick - October 28, 2009

Monkeys are people too!

13. harrison - October 28, 2009

“Get your hands off me you damned, dirty undertaker!”

14. sandy burger - October 28, 2009

Maybe the other chimps assume that the humans killed her, and are parading her corpse in front of them as a warning that they could be next.

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