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Halloween Carousing Costumes Candy Carving October 31, 2009

Posted by Cathy in Family, Personal Experiences.

What makes Halloween so special for you?

Halloween Carved Pumpkin 2009 [50%]

Carving a Pumpkin?

I like to carve pumpkins.  Not fancy, but I enjoy the creativity.

Halloween Casey 2009  [50%]

Choosing a Costume?

Casey is fetching in her little witch-bitch number here.


Halloween Candy [50%]

Candy? (FULL SIZE BARS!!!)

Went all out this year and bought the big-uns.



1. Cathy - October 31, 2009

I really enjoy Halloween. It’s one of the few times each year when we get to chat with neighbors and enjoy their kids’ costumes. The candy leftovers are great, but my favorite part of Halloween now is carving the pumpkin.

2. The Lovely Janis - October 31, 2009

I enjoy the pumpkin carving — it is one my favorite memories from childhood and we started the tradition with Moses this year — he did not know what to think of the pumpkin guts. And we are traditional carvers — triangle eyes, square nose and three tooth smiles. We give out snack size — but the kids will get a handful — but I do insist that they tell a joke or at least tell me happy halloween — had two boys sing this year. If Mom and/or Dad are with — I always offer them a piece or two of candy. The only thing I don’t like are pushy kids that don’t wait their turn.

Moses wishes Casey would have went trick or treating with him we’d score double cause a cute dog and a cute Monkey Boy how could you resist!– And we would stop by Uncle Michael and Aunt Cathy’s more than once!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone.

3. MCPO Airdale - October 31, 2009

Cathy – Great post.

4. Mrs. Peel - October 31, 2009

I like the pumpkin! Casey is cute, too. (Pepper spent the evening in the garage barking at all the kids who came to the door. Heh.)

*eyes candy* Any Nestle Crunch left?

5. Eddie The Bear - October 31, 2009

Daughter only hit 4 houses before she said she wasn’t feeling good. At least her temperature didn’t go up.

She is just resting now

6. Lipstick - November 1, 2009

Full sized candy bars rock! Mom always gives those out and the word spreads in the neighborhood that the walk up the long driveway is worthwhile.

Who’s my good girl Casey? Who loves you, my happy girl?

7. Retired Geezer - November 1, 2009

The Geezer Clan went to the Big City (Boise) to see this:

Halloween Blvd

The whole street was packed but we had a good time.

8. kevlarchick - November 1, 2009

That pumpkin looks like a smirking Michael.

I cleaned out three of them, daughter and Mr Kevlar do the carving.

And I boiled, peeled and pureed 15 pounds of sweet potatoes from my garden. I’m going to try baking sweet potato bread today.

9. Lynn - November 1, 2009

awe…cute pooch!

10. Rosetta the Daddy - November 1, 2009

Advice Dog, everyone wants Cathy to be happy. Any thoughts?


11. Rosetta the Daddy - November 1, 2009

Well, that’s inappropriate Advice Dog.

12. Pupster - November 1, 2009

My favorite part of Halloween is the ‘jumping out of the bushes with a hockey mask and running chainsaw’ part.


13. Dave in Texas - November 1, 2009

My favorite part of Halloween is all the shooting.

14. Tushar - November 1, 2009

Yesterday, I was keeping score. Among the trick-or-treating boys, the breakdown was: 12 Superheroes, 7 Robots(transformers etc), 8 professionals (Firefighters, policemen etc), 9 movie characters (Mr Spock, Darth Vader etc) and about 10 animals (Donald duck, tiger etc). We even had the grim reaper.

Among the girls, there were 39 Princesses and NOTHING else. And they were all wearing costumes of the same pinkish-purpely-silver color.

15. BrewFan - November 1, 2009

there were 39 Princesses and NOTHING else

Sounds like The Hostages.

16. Michael - November 1, 2009

Sounds like The Hostages.


Brew, you just slay me sometimes.

17. wiserbud - November 1, 2009

Sounds like The Hostages.

You sunuva…..

Oh, you are soooooooo banned when I get around to banning you.

18. Eddie The Bear - November 1, 2009

tushar. My daughter was a princess as well.

19. d3ft punk - November 1, 2009

15. BrewFan = Win

20. wiserbud - November 1, 2009

tushar. My daughter was a princess as well.

heh heh heh.

Wait ’til she hits 15. Then she’s gonna be a princess every single day.

21. Michael - November 1, 2009


He’s not kidding.

22. wiserbud - November 1, 2009

Michael, I helped my son take the pictures off the camera he got for his birthday.

There was a picture of my daughter coming up out of the water at the Spring Meet-up.

Make me an offer.

23. wiserbud - November 1, 2009

Okay, that was just so wrong.

Seriously, I really wish I had the ability to delet comments here.

24. Michael - November 1, 2009

Brewfan, I nominate #22 for the IB Comments Hall of Fame.

25. Photographic Update « Innocent Bystanders - November 1, 2009

[…] 2009 Posted by skinbad in Entertainment, Family, Nature Shit, Travel. trackback Just to prove to Tushar that there still IS good old-fashioned American ingenuity (and cheap skate parents who don’t […]

26. Michael - November 1, 2009

Seriously, as a Dad I can vouch for the accuracy of your observation about 15 year old girls.

Jeebers, they can be insufferably self-absorbed.

27. wiserbud - November 1, 2009

Brewfan, I nominate #22 for the IB Comments Hall of Fame.

I pure hate you.

28. Lipstick - November 2, 2009

Eddie, is your daughter feeling any better?

29. Eddie The Bear - November 2, 2009

yeah, pretty much. She still fell asleep earlier than usual for her, but she is resting, and the fever is all but gone. So that’s a plus.

Thanks, though.

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