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Black Friday Specials: 2009 November 27, 2009

Posted by geoff in News.

You can purchase the UroClub for only $24.95 for a limited time only:

Any other deals we should know about?


1. harrison - November 27, 2009

Operators are standing by!!

2. scottw - November 27, 2009

“It appears that you are just checking out your club”

No it doesn’t.

3. Dave in Texas - November 27, 2009

So THAT’S what Lee Trevino was doing on 17 at Pebble Beach last year.

4. lauraw - November 27, 2009

Doesn’t look like it holds much. What if you had a couple iced teas and a Mountain Dew trying to get out?

Instead of a reservoir it should have a hole in the bottom so you can direct it neatly away. Then you don’t have to carry a cannister of pee around with you.

And what if you have a couple cocktails after your round, go home, forget to empty the club and just put your golf bag away for a couple weeks or so? See where I’m going with this?

Furthermore, useless for women golfers.

That said, perfect gift for H2 Secretion Santa thing.

5. Dave in Texas - November 27, 2009

Urine can be stored safely for up to 6 weeks in a temperate garage, provided the humidity is not too high.

I read that somewhere.

6. scottw - November 27, 2009

Is there a uro umbrella yet? That would be nice for the subway.

7. Dave in Texas - November 27, 2009

An exchange this morning:

gabrielmalor: Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work I go. The wheels of Justice are always turning.

DaveinTexas: @gabrielmalor Drinking coffee out by the pool this morning. Clear, cool and sunny. Have a great day, thanks for keeping the machine going!

gabrielmalor: @DaveinTexas Drinking a white mocha (no whip) in front of my gov’t-issue POS computer. Hating you deep down in the hate-thing in my chest.

DaveinTexas: @gabrielmalor If I were a CA taxpayer I think I would appreciate you even more. You’re awesome.

gabrielmalor: @DaveinTexas Oh it’s better than that. I’m a federal employee. Thanks for the transit perks, Mr. Taxpayer-Man.

DaveinTexas: @gabrielmalor Ah, that’s right, my bad. My faith in the system is restored. I hope no one expectorates on you on the way home this evening.

8. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

Gabe could just use his annual leave. It’s very generous. I get 20 days a year…I think he currently gets 13 since his length of service isn’t at the 3-year mark (mine is).

9. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

(actually, my length of service is at the 6-year mark. Four more years of service, and I’ll get 27 days off a year. Woo!)

10. geoff - November 27, 2009

13 days? I hope they give senior people coming in a leg up.

I’ll find out if I care or not on Tuesday.

11. Pupster - November 27, 2009

Hello friends.

I am sincerely humbled by and thankful for the high quality and quantity of people inside my computer I’ve been blessed with.


12. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

That’s on top of all the federal holidays, including my birthday. On the one hand, woo-hoo, you get the 10 federal holidays; on the other, you don’t get the day after Thanksgiving, and you don’t get anything but 25 Dec and 31 Jan. But you can use your annual leave for that and still have enough left to take off a week in the summer and a couple of Fridays here and there.

(The president usually issues an executive order giving us 24 Dec as well. But it’s not guaranteed.)

13. Pupster - November 27, 2009

Now how about dropping a little of the white meat out of that turkey sandwich into the dog bowl? With gravy please.

14. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

oops, I obviously meant 1 Jan

15. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

*checks UroClub*

*makes gravy for Pupster*

16. lauraw - November 27, 2009

How’s your family doing, Pupster?

17. Pupster - November 27, 2009

The Utah chapter is doing well Lauraw, we are actually doing our Thanksgiving dinner today. It’s a little awkward out here, we have most of the regular family get together drama, but no alcohol is involved to grease the skids or take the blame. Nothing but real honest to goodness raw nerves, no chaser. But, all the women are good looking, the men are strong, and the children are above average. Which is nice.

I don’t have any news from the Ohio/Indiana branch, but expect some updates later today.

18. Pupster - November 27, 2009

I should say it’s a little awkward for ME.

Nicotine gum and diet caffeine free Pepsi.

19. lauraw - November 27, 2009

*biiiig hug*

20. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

I gather I missed something. Here’s a hug from me too, Pupster. And some real gravy.

21. Mrs. Peel - November 27, 2009

ok, caught up with news now. Man. At least the year is almost over, am I right?

22. scottw - November 27, 2009

Is this what Mrs Peels cannonball looks like?

23. Dave in Texas - November 27, 2009

Hey pups.

OT. All my fuckin life they have been making bicycle tire tubes with the same kind of valve stems.

All. My. Fuckin. Life. Since before my life actually. Since the first caveman rolled down a mountain on rock wheels, same valve stems.

Not anymore.

Now they’re improved.

1.5 hours, two trips, 27 goddammits, 13 motherfuckers and I didn’t count the rest.

24. Michael - November 27, 2009

Wow. Mr. Grumpy McCrotchedypants is having a bad day, it seems.

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