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Tilt-Shift Photography December 30, 2009

Posted by Michael in Art.

Tilt controls what is in focus and shift allows you to change the line of sight while keeping it parallel to the subject being shot. In both cases, the results are simply amazing. Just have a look at these photos!

Thanks to Scottw for the emailed tip.

I never heard of tilt-shift photography before.

This is  a Plaza Duomo in Italy somewhere.  If it’s Florence, I have been there.  If it’s Milan, I missed it.

I’ve driven across this dam for sure.  Our Nevada regulars will recognize it.

The pic below is in Spain, the same type of Roman arches you see at the Aquaduct of Segovia.

via 25 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography.

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1. eleven - December 30, 2009

That’s trippy…

It makes a real scene look like toys and miniatures. First saw it in a Radiohead video a couple years ago.

I thought maybe it was done with a warped lens.

2. Tushar - December 30, 2009

In a normal camera, the lens and the photographic medium (film or CCD) are parallel to each other. For Tilt-shift photography, you need a camera where you can change that to a slight angle, and that creates stunning visual effects.

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