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Bottlenose Dolphins Demonstrate Democrat Political Strategy January 25, 2010

Posted by Michael in Nature Shit, Politics.

I look at this as a political parable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The solution for the fish is to not panic, and swim through the mud to clear water. Then, organize against the dolphins. Maybe recruit some sharks.

This is my attempt to comment on the Tea Party movement.


1. sandy burger - January 26, 2010

Then, organize against the dolphins. Maybe recruit some sharks.

You know, dolphins are as evil as chimps. I hope the fish-shark alliance wins. Maybe they can recruit some whales, too; whales are without a doubt one of the most amazing life forms ever, and they’re not wicked little punks the way dolphins are.

By the way, it’s probably not quite as impressive as the dolphin video, but here is a video of a technique humpback whales use for hunting. I see this as a political parable, too. I’m pretty sure it’s about the Federalist Papers.

2. lauraw - January 26, 2010

How can they be as evil as chimps? I thought they tend to be nice to human beings in the water, or at least harmless.

Plus they kill sharks.

Are you with us, or are you with the sharks, Sandy?

3. Sobek - January 26, 2010

I’ve known about the dolphin menace ever since I saw that episode of the Simpsons. The Japanese have the right idea.

This morning I thought of a hilarious idea for an Official SobekPundit Interview with Charles Johnson. I hate it when my brain is too slow to be useful.

4. lauraw - January 26, 2010

It’s never too late to mock CJ, Sobek.

5. Tushar - January 26, 2010

IB commenters are slower than usual lately. Hardly 5-6 comments per day.

6. geoff - January 26, 2010

So Tushar – it’s great to see you frequenting IB so frequently. Did your commute get better or something?

7. geoff - January 26, 2010

Also, if people aren’t commenting here, you can often find them over at The Hostages (H2 in the sidebar).

8. Vmaximus - January 26, 2010

The dolphins were just bored, I bet that one of them said to another “I bet you a bottle of gray goose I can get those stupid fish to jump in my mouth”

Said Ted Kennedy to dingy Harry .

9. Tushar - January 26, 2010

I went through a very busy path at work, and now I am back into a relaxed mode (for now). And I have a better commute. Now I drive for an hour, instead of a gruelling 1.15 hr train journey (with one change of trains) followed by a half hour walk.

I don’t dare to hang out much at H2, because it is like an avalanche of comments. IB is more suited to my pace.

10. Tushar - January 26, 2010

path = patch

11. wiserbud - January 26, 2010

How can they be as evil as chimps? I thought they tend to be nice to human beings in the water, or at least harmless.

Have you ever been with a chimp in the water? The malevolant little bastards will rip your fins right off your feet and laugh at you while you try to swim away.

12. skinbad - January 26, 2010

I thought I had read something about rapist/perv dolphins.

Solution? Send it to France.

13. kevl - January 26, 2010

I am afraid of monkeys.

14. geoff - January 26, 2010

I’m afraid of monkey airports.

15. Tushar - January 26, 2010

>>I’m afraid of monkey airports.

Good times, good times.

16. mesa in Texas - January 26, 2010

I don’t dare to hang out much at H2

bawk bawk

17. mesa in Texas - January 26, 2010

I got spambucketed for that?

18. mesa in Texas - January 26, 2010


19. Dave in Texas - January 26, 2010

I’m afraid of The Dynamite Monkey

20. wiserbud - January 26, 2010

I’ve always had a problem with The Monkees. Especially Mike Nesmith and his stupid cap.

21. geoff - January 26, 2010

Wasn’t little Davy Jones arrested recently?

22. geoff - January 26, 2010

Oops. Had it wrong. He was challenging the entire audience to a fight.

23. Michael - January 26, 2010

Good thing he got arrested before he got his ass kicked.

24. wiserbud - January 26, 2010

I like cookies.

25. Sobek - January 27, 2010
26. Charlaura Wohnson - January 27, 2010

*points trembling finger at Sobek*


27. Dave in Texas - January 27, 2010

Whoaaa.. it’s like I stepped into the wayback machine.

28. Russ from Winterset - January 27, 2010

Sobek, did you mean that episode of “South Park” instead of “The Simpsons”?

And as far as those filthy dolphins go, all I needed to know about them is that they are extremely friendly with seahorses.

29. composmentis - January 27, 2010

Whoa! Did you see that first dolphin make a 6?? I’m sure he made two more just like it. Another dead give away that dolphins are pure evil!

30. composmentis - January 27, 2010

That, or they’re diehard Iron Maiden fans.

31. Sobek - January 27, 2010

Russ, there’s a Simpsons Halloween Special where the dolphins attack humanity.

The South Park episode is funny, but doesn’t show dolphins for their true evil.

32. Russ from Winterset - January 28, 2010

That’s one of the later ones, right? I like to think that I’m pretty well acquainted with their early work, but I’ve really slacked off following them for the last 4 or 5 years.

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