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New Jersey Shows the Path to Reducing Medical Costs January 27, 2010

Posted by geoff in News.

Among the unintended consequences of the hopefully-moribund health care bills, we have the threat of driving doctors away from practicing medicine as their professions become less and less attractive. We can look to New Jersey as our canary in that particular mine.

New Jersey will be short 2,800 family doctors and specialists by 2020 unless the state becomes a more appealing place to open a practice, according to a report a hospital trade group issued today.

The shortage stems from a “morale problem’’ among many of the state’s 23,800 licensed physicians, said J. Richard Goldstein, a physician and president and CEO for the New Jersey Council on Teaching Hospitals, which produced the report. He said the doctors are frustrated by the crushing costs of running a business, paltry reimbursements for treating elderly and poor patients and the threat of malpractice lawsuits.

“Physicians … do not recommend their children practice medicine. To the residents they train, they recommend they go someplace else.”

It’s one thing not to be able to afford care – it’s quite another when it’s not available at any price. I suppose, though, that reducing availability will satisfy the Dems’ desire to level out access to health care. When no one can get it, we’ll finally have absolute equality. And medical costs will be zeroed out!

Oh happy day.


1. Tushar - January 27, 2010

I was once talking to my family physician and he was grumbling along similar lines.

When all the costs and risks are accounted for, being a GP is no more remunerative than a lot of other professions that a doofus can do. Medicine requires intelligent people, and all the intelligent people are turned off by the situation.

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