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25 Year High School Reunion Update February 28, 2010

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I know you’ve been waiting for this.

Chicks: Smiles, hugs, dancing, and no drama.  We looked damn good.

Dudes: gray hair, balder heads,  more relaxed and mellow.  Good men all.   The one who broke my heart when I was 16?  Complete dork.

Clowns: as loud, drunk, and loveable as ever.

Suprise I: one reclusive stoner had been transformed into a very good looking, darling man who could KILL A MOTHAFUCKA AT 200 YARDS.   Thank you, US Marines.  Unfortunately the fellow was denied when he tried to re-enlist.

Suprise II: a really impressive boob job on a previously flat chick.   Those girls were perched up high right under the chin, but reportedly “hard and gluey” by eager classmates.

Epilogue: A great time.  Will take a few days to recover.  We all agreed once every 10 years is more than enough.   Also confirmed my decision to NOT get on Facebook.  EVER.

Black History Month in Mitchieville February 27, 2010

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Here is a little known, and fascinating, history lesson about the Republicans and their commitment to civil rights, the Democrats and their dependency on the KKK, and the hundreds of white Republicans who were lynched (1,300!) for their belief in the equal rights of blacks.

Thanks to The Mayor of Mitchieville (Geezer’s brother by another mother).  There is more at his site.

Isn’t it odd that the Democrats are now assumed to represent blacks, while they promote policies that continue to emasculate and impoverish black families and culture?

If you are black, do you really think that Walter Mondale liberals are your friends?  If so, you need a reality check.  Those liberals are your oppressors; they are the instruments of your servitude and marginalization.  They are why you don’t really matter.  They are why so many of your young men are in prison, on parole, or on probation.

It’s worse in the inner cities, like Baltimore.

Who are the Uncle Toms today?  In my opinion — Charles Rangel, Maxine Waters, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and their ilk.  They are the ones who are collaborating with white Democrats to create a culture of dependency, inadequacy and despair in their own communities, especially among the men.  Just take a quick look at what the liberals have done to the schools in minority communities.  No wonder your young men end up in jail.

Black women are actually doing OK.  Under the liberal Democrat system, they are non-threatening,  they can move on up, and they are in fact doing so.  They are two-fers in any affirmative action program, because they count against both female and racial quotas.  Problem is, when they move up, they can’t find black males worth mating with.  So they are pretty much forced to go white, or not have children.   Meaning, we white males take the best of black women, and dilute their racially-specific genes.

Meanwhile, the most desperate of black women get paid to have babies out of wedlock  The outcomes of a policy that subsidizes fatherless children are a permanent black underclass of cheap labor, who are now challenged by illegal Hispanics, and a thriving prison industry which leads all nations in the rate of incarceration.

During Black History Month in Mitchieville, the fearless Mayor did not forget the source of President Obama’s inspiration, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

Race relationships in America is an awkward topic, one we tend to avoid because it is burdened by guilt and denial.  My hat is off to the Mayor of Mitchieville for having the balls to propose an honest conversation.

Wii Curling Demonstrated February 26, 2010

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. . . by the hosts of the Australia Today show, who no doubt wish this segment had been thought through a little better.

Thanks to Doug for the link.

The Grand Pageantry of Sports February 26, 2010

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In honor of the Canadian women winning hockey gold, some pictures from their classy and understated celebration combined with a mixture of Strange Brew quotations.

I gotta take a leak so bad, I can taste it.

There wasn't much to do. All the bowling alleys had been wrecked. So's I spent most of my time looking for beer.


Know What’s Embarrassing? Laughing Out Loud at Work February 25, 2010

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And yet that’s precisely what I did today, when a co-worker showed me a wonderful web site.

Jon Stewart Riffs on Glenn Beck’s CPAC Speech February 24, 2010

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Hate to say it, because I loved Beck’s CPAC keynote speech, but this is pretty dang funny.

The funny stops at 3:38.

Vodpod videos no longer available.
Perhaps I should note that Stewart overlooks the incredible generosity of Andrew Carnegie, otherwise reviled by lefties as a capitalist robber baron, in starting the public library movement by helping to fund thousands of public libraries in communities across America, based upon his personal dedication to the view that every individual deserves an opportunity to better himself through education.

The Cutest 911 Call Ever February 24, 2010

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As described by Miss Cellania at Neatorama:

Jason Bonham answered a 911 call at the Hancock County, Indiana dispatch. On the line was a five-year-old named Savannah Hensley who reported that her father had trouble breathing. An ambulance was dispatched, and Frank Hensley’s life was saved by her calm but adorable call.

Listen here at Neatorama.  You will thank me.  The sound you hear at the beginning is Daddy trying to talk when he can’t breathe, before Savannah takes over.  Daddy is OK.

Ballistic Blogging: I Need Some Direction February 24, 2010

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  I’ve wanted to get a regular feature going where I take a firearm out & run it through its paces, and I thought I might poll the audience to see where everyone wants me to start.  Here are the options:

1.  An old (1928) Russian Mosin Nagant 91/30 rifle.  I recently acquired one that I’m in the process of fitting a long eye relief scope AND a trigger kit onto.  This is the same rifle mi amigo eddiebear has, but with a few extra “flourishes”.

2.  An Austrian Steyr Model 95 straight pull carbine from the late teens/1920’s era.  It’s a punisher for recoil, but with scaled-back cast bullet reloads it should be a good woods gun.  I recently read an article in Shotgun News where a gunsmith mounted a pivoting scope on one of these old beasts, and I think I’ve got the itch to try it myself.

3.  My fave – the Rossi copy of an 1892 Winchester lever action in .357 magnum.  This gun just FEELS right, and even though it’s nowhere near as powerful as the others mentioned, it’s fun to shoot.

4.  One of my pistols.  I’ve never really done any intensive target shooting with a pistol, and it might be fun to do so and report back with the results.

5.  Shotgun.  Not much marksmanship required, but sometimes its fun to make things go SPLAT.  Especially large fruits.

6.  Any one of my .22 rifles.  Twenty-two rifles are the gateway drug for firearms collectors, and they never get old.  I’ve got more than a few of them sitting in the closet, and taking one out for a playdate is a cheap proposition.  One box of .22 ammo costs about the same as TWO rounds from my Austrian 95, so what these guns lack in BOOM factor, you can somewhat make up for in volume.

7.  “Other”.  No, I don’t have a plasma rifle in the 40mW range, but I do possess other weapons (ALL of which are legal in the Soverign State of Iowa), and I’m open to suggestions.  I’m probably NOT going to go out and buy something just to have it for a post, but if you INSIST, I would be willing to accept a gratuity and then keep the resulting purchase for a “long term” (40+ years?) evaluation.

  Back in the mid-oughts, I used to be a big fan of Gullyborg (a buddy of SondraK from the Pacific NW) and his “carnival of cordite”.  Maybe a semi-regular hoplophilic feature here at IB would be a fun thing to do.  Plus, it would help if we could become better marksmen as a group.  That way, next time the Hostages come riding into town trying to steal our chickens & terrorize the wimmenfolks, we can meet them with an appropriate reception.

Wednesday Morning February 24, 2010

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Sunny, still about 4-5 inches of this stuff on the ground.

I wonder why this dog wandered out but changed his mind and came back?

Ruh Roh — People Are Worried About U.S. Bankruptcy, and Insuring the Risk February 23, 2010

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The price of credit default swaps on U.S. Treasury securities is rising.

Meaning, people are actually starting to seriously contemplate that the U.S. could default on its debts like some banana republic, and are protecting themselves from the risk.

[T]he rise in the cost of insuring against a US default is worrisome. It’s a highly negative signal from the market. People are willing to bet that the USA can’t get its financial house in order. Peggy Noonan is hardly a great economist, but I think her WSJ column today captures at least some of what’s happening in the sovereign CDS market:

Wait.  Wait just a minute.  Peggy Noonan is talking  sense again?

“People are freshly aware and concerned about the real-world implications of a $1.6 trillion dollar deficit, of a $14 trillion debt. It will rob America of its economic power, and eventually even of its ability to defend itself. Militaries cost money. And if other countries own our debt, don’t they in some new way own us? If China holds enough of your paper, does it also own some of your foreign policy? Do we want to find out? And there are the moral implications of the debt, which have so roused the tea party movement: The old vote themselves benefits that their children will have to pay for. What kind of a people do that?

The CDS market is sending us a signal. Do we have the will to listen?”

via What, Me Worry? Credit Default Swaps on US Treasuries – ProfessorBainbridge.com.

Bottom line — when smart money starts betting against the solvency of the United States of America, you know we are in deep shit.

Hey, the smart money is worried about the same thing as those racist redneck teabaggers.  Imagine that.

Thanks to Doug.

UPDATE below the break.


Why The Dallas Tea Party Is Full Of WIN! February 22, 2010

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The fact that Cathy is in attendance at Dallas Tea Party dealies makes it top drawer on its own. But when they layeth the smackdown on MSNBC like this, they reach the BlackBelt of Awesome in a hurry.

Yes It Will February 21, 2010

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ScottW gets all the credit for this one. He called it, a manganese stain.

Sodium bisulfate removed the worst of it, I powerwashed the rest of it away.

Thanks Scott!  You get a cold beer in the spa when you show up here.

Plastic cup.  Sorry about that. Safety first.

Tushar asks “before, before foo!”