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Yes It Will February 21, 2010

Posted by daveintexas in Art, Gardening, Handblogging, Man Laws, Science, Sex, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

ScottW gets all the credit for this one. He called it, a manganese stain.

Sodium bisulfate removed the worst of it, I powerwashed the rest of it away.

Thanks Scott!  You get a cold beer in the spa when you show up here.

Plastic cup.  Sorry about that. Safety first.

Tushar asks “before, before foo!”



1. Tushar - February 21, 2010


this photo alone does not do justice to the amazing difference. Add the previous all-purple photo too.

2. Cyn - February 21, 2010


3. scottw - February 21, 2010

This is the coolest blog ever!

4. Cyn - February 21, 2010

Is this a real blog for real?

5. Cyn - February 21, 2010

*pst scottw, good job*

6. Lipstick - February 21, 2010

Hey Cyn, this ain’t the only kind of wet work we have going on here.

Cyn can’t handle the truth!

7. Cyn - February 21, 2010

Ha Ha! There’s truth in the power sprayer.

8. mare - February 21, 2010

Scott is not as dumb as his avatar looks.

And will commenting at IB make me more boring than I already am? Hope not.

9. Cyn - February 21, 2010

*decides not to comment here further in case mare is right*

10. kevlarchick - February 21, 2010

I liked it the way it was.

11. Cyn - February 21, 2010

I’m just funning. This is a very nice blog with very nice people. I have been lurking for quite some time.

12. Vmaximus - February 21, 2010

Zeke catching a ball, with all of his hair rippling down his back
Caught it!

13. Eddie The Bear - February 22, 2010

well done to all

14. scottw - February 22, 2010
15. BrewFan - February 22, 2010

Dogs are awesome.

16. kevlarchick - February 22, 2010

Great dog story Scottw. Gotta love the herders.

17. Cathy - February 22, 2010

I love dogs. Thanks, Scott for the story.

18. Tushar - February 22, 2010


My 10 year old Toyota Corolla is getting a bit old. It will still run fine for 3-4 years, but getting the kids in the back seat is becoming a pain.

I have been thinking about a replacement. I want a sedan built by non-UAW American workers. Also, I don’t want cars with a liberal stink (e.g. Volvo, Subaru etc). I narrowed down on Toyota Camry and Honda Accord. But Obama, with his witch hunt, helped me choose.

Camry it is. I don’t know if today’s Camry will hold a candle to the decade old Corolla (quality and dependability wise), but it has to be better than the crap UAW spews out.

19. Pupster - February 22, 2010

I guess they don’t build the station wagon version anymore.


You should drive the Rav 4 before you get the Camry, it’s a lot of fun.

20. Tushar - February 22, 2010


I love the Rav 4, but I have a Minivan. I don’t need another gas guzzler. I just need a big car that will handle my 70 miles a day commute gracefully at maximum reliability and minimum cost.

And I would have loved a Camry station wagon.

21. BrewFan - February 22, 2010

Tushar, if you can get past the UAW thing I would recomment a Ford Focus. We’ve had a Camry (2006) and a Focus (2005) and the Focus was a much better vehicle; less expensive to purchase, more interior room, better mileage, better handling and acceleration. The only thing that would tilt me in favor of the Camry is if you’re going to lease. The Camry has a less expensive lease because they don’t depreciate as fast. However, with the number of miles you’re driving I don’t think you’ll be leasing anyway.

22. Tushar - February 22, 2010


Focus is a bit small. If I wanted a small car, I am happy with my Corolla. But I can take a look at Taurus. The new model looks good. And it may be UAW, but at least not a bailout-mobile.

Wait a minute! I am re-reading your comment. Focus has more interior room than a Camry? WTF? BRB.

23. Pupster - February 22, 2010


24. Retired Geezer - February 22, 2010

Wait, Subaru’s are Liberal?

I Heart my 14 yo Subaru Legacy for too many reasons to list here.

Soon as it dies, I’m buying another one.

25. Dave in Texas - February 22, 2010

An 05 Focus kept my baby girl safe.

26. Tushar - February 22, 2010

I can see how RG and especially Dave are sentimentally attached to certain car brands/models.

The first person in my extended family to ever purchase a car is my Uncle who had a Corolla when he was in Mauritius 32-35 years back. Now everyone in the family has a car. But the reason I purchased a Corolla as soon as I came to US was to tell my Uncle that I am all grown up and bought a car just like the one he had. The look of pride and joy on his face was worth more than a BMW and a Mercedes smashed together.

27. sandy burger - February 22, 2010

I used to really like Saturn, but GM ruined it.

I’m not sure what I’d want if I were in the market for a car now. They’re pricey, but I might consider a hybrid. I really dig the electromagnetic brakes, and I hear you can special order one with the Obama sticker removed.

28. Tushar - February 22, 2010

I don’t know the latest story, but there was talk of Saturn brand being sold to some Chinese company, which was planning to build them in China and sell them through Costco or something.

That is exactly what I wanted. A place where I could buy diapers and cars.

29. BillN - February 22, 2010

Sandy, you can but then they have to take you picture finger prints and DNA sample.

30. sandy burger - February 22, 2010

sell them through Costco or something

Makes sense to me. Buying cars in bulk is cheaper than buying them one at a time.

So buy a twelve-pack; you’ll save money and you won’t have to go to the auto dealership for the next couple of centuries.

31. sandy burger - February 22, 2010

they have to take you picture finger prints and DNA sample

Well, there are unscrupulous auto body shops which help you pass your smog test, so there may be underground custom chop shops where you can get the Obama sticker removed, no questions asked.

32. scottw - February 22, 2010

What about VW? The turbo diesels get 40 MPG and diesel engines last forever.

33. Tushar - February 22, 2010


Hmm… The Jetta TDI ? I won’t mind one.

34. scottw - February 22, 2010

There should be more diesel powered cars, why is it that the Germans are the only ones who offer them?

35. Tushar - February 22, 2010


Diesels are popular in Europe because Gas and Diesel are so damn expensive there, and Diesel is ultimately cheaper. In US, because of relatively low fuel prices, the market was insensitive to the extra economy of Diesel. Things are changing, though.

In India, the Govt, using all the superior intelligence they possess, imposes higher tax on Gas, because it is used by ‘the rich’. So, the rich, because they can afford it, use expensive diesel cars. and the middle class uses gas driven two-wheelers (diesel does not work well in small engines) and pays those heavy ‘for the rich’ taxes.

36. Russ from Winterset - February 22, 2010

Tushar, cars are tools – they don’t take sides in political spats. Our Subaru Forester is knocking on 200k miles, and other than a few minor glitches (the rear wiper motor gave out about 5 months ago, and a few interior panel fasteners are loose or broken) it still runs great. And this is a car that I’ve driven in PASTURES to go check on the cattle or fix fences. The Subaru “boxer” 4 cylinder motor gets lots of raves for being uber-reliable, and my experience causes me to agree.

If you live far enough North to have to worry about multiple snowstorms every year, you should seriously consider a car with a relatively high wheelbase AND all wheel drive.

37. Mrs. Peel - February 22, 2010

For a contrary opinion: I drove a Focus for two weeks when I was on travel once, and it SUCKED. You had to practically floor the accelerator just to get it to creep along at 70, and you had to stomp on the brakes as hard as possible to get it to slow down at all. Turn radius was ok, I guess, but overall manueverability (which is the most important feature of a car in terms of safety, in my opinion) was extremely poor. I’ve never driven a less responsive vehicle, except for that time I flew the shuttle simulator.

Also, while I am bashing Fords (my first car was a Chevy, btw), the Mustang totally sucks if you are 5’1″. Just FYI.

38. Tushar - February 22, 2010


I had no idea so many conservatives own Subarus. I take my words back. Volvos still stink.

**Curls up in a fetal position**

39. Tushar - February 22, 2010

Mrs. Peel,

my wife is about the same height as you. After buying the minivan, she refuses to drive the car. SUVs and Minivans are God’s gift to petite ladies, because of high seats. Pupster’s recommendation, RAV 4, is good.

40. sandy burger - February 22, 2010

cars are tools – they don’t take sides in political spats

Well, not normally. But during the 2008 Democratic primary, things got pretty tense between Subaru Outbacks and Toyota Priuses. Some two-car garages were awfully uncomfortable for a while there, but thankfully, everybody’s on speaking terms again.

41. Retired Geezer - February 22, 2010

*pats Tushar kindly on the head.

My little 2.2L Subaru gets up and goes.
Meaning quick and economical. It powers through mud and snow also.

Never could figure out why it’s got the terrible SUV connotation.

What I dislike about it is, it’s kinda noisy, being that it’s a station wagon and all the road noise comes in through the back.

42. TXMarko - February 22, 2010

Tushar sez: “It will still run fine for 3-4 years, but getting the kids in the back seat is becoming a pain. ”

Quick Solution: Ditch the kids, get back into a sports coupe!

If that doesn’t set well with the Missus, settle for a small-ish SUV or mini-van.

43. BrewFan - February 22, 2010

For a contrary opinion: I drove a Focus for two weeks when I was on travel once, and it SUCKED. Blah blah blah

Operator error.

44. Tushar - February 22, 2010

>>If that doesn’t set well with the Missus

TXMarko, you want me to start a fight with my wife?
I am a 200 pound hulk of muscle (and fat). But she has ‘the look’. It is not a fair fight. I will lose badly.


45. Russ from Winterset - February 22, 2010

Our Forester has a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder, and it has NO problem reaching merging speed, even on tight spiraling on-ramps. I drove a ’91 Subary Loyale wagon (called it the “Loyale with Cheese”) a few years ago that had a 1.9 liter 4 cylinder. That thing was a complete dog. It took me at least a mile to get from 30 mph to 70 mph, so I had to “white knuckle” it and take the on-ramps at well over the posted speed recommendation. Funny thing is that the LwC would only get about 19 mpg, while the Forester easily gets 22-23 mpg on a daily basis – and it will top out at approximately 26+ mpg on highway runs.

The “Loyale with Cheese” was my work car, and I abused the hell out of it. Bought it used for about $2000 when it had 95k on it, and sold it for about $400 worth of cash & comparable goods about 3 years later when I bought my current ’93 Explorer. The Loyale was a good runner with “real” 4wd instead of AWD, but it wasn’t nearly as reliable as the Forester. I don’t know if that’s because the Loyale was a lemon, or if it had a hard life before I got it. All I know is that it did a great job of driving around on jobsites, driving back into a pasture to fix fence, and going WAY off road to take me hunting & fishing repeatedly. Hell, I even stuffed a harvested deer into the hatchback one December.

46. TXMarko - February 22, 2010

“But she has ‘the look’….”

Ahh, I know it well! Around my place it is known as “The Look of Death”.

Never mind about the Ortspay Oupecay….

47. TXMarko - February 22, 2010

“Hell, I even stuffed a harvested deer into the hatchback one December…”

Great cover story for the Hobo blood on the carpet back there, Russ!

48. Russ from Winterset - February 22, 2010

Hobo blood in the back? Nope. Like all red-blooded American Sportsmen, I tie my harvested hobos onto the hood so’s I can show ’em off to my neighbors.

49. Michael - February 22, 2010

Don’t even discuss “the look” any more, please.

I’m about to wet my pants just thinking about it.

50. Mrs. Peel - February 23, 2010

I hate driving SUVs. Being that high off the ground makes me nervous, and I feel like I can’t see around me properly. I prefer a small, maneuverable car that hugs the ground. It is inconvenient in thunderstorms, granted, but I know which route to take (and when to wait it out).

The Cobalt wasn’t that bad when I drove it a while back (another rental), but I wouldn’t pick it over a Toyota or Honda.

banana bread smells goooooood

also, I just now got home from work

51. Michael - February 23, 2010

Like all red-blooded American Sportsmen, I tie my harvested hobos onto the hood so’s I can show ‘em off to my neighbors.

Good for you! I am proud of you.

Uh, we can’t do that in a metropolitan area like Dallas, where we have stuff like law enforcement that you folks in Winterset do not have to worry about with Andy and Barney on the job, but still, good for you.

52. Lipstick - February 23, 2010

How about a Hyundai? Seriously.

I’ve had a few as rentals and have been very impressed. Then my brother (who is a car guy) raved about one he had as a rental. Then my dad got one as a rental and loved it too.

When my ’07 Ford Escape expires that will be the first brand I look at.

All those years we were laughing at them, they were improving the carp out of it.

53. Tushar - February 23, 2010

I concur about Hyundai. They have a very good quality-price equation.

54. Tushar - February 23, 2010

About Jetta TDI: The car has a shitload of premium features that I don’t care about. It is roughly $2.5 K more than a Camry. That 2.5K will buy me enough gas to go about 25 to 30K miles. So, how will the superior mileage of diesel catch up with that?

55. Dave in Texas - February 23, 2010

>> they were improving the carp out of it.

Koreans make a lot of stuff with fish, yeah.

56. scottw - February 23, 2010

Mileage and longevity. I drive a Sprinter and when shopping used ones I noticed that 300,000 miles was fairly routine.

57. scottw - February 23, 2010

40 mpg vs 30 mpg = $2500 per 100,000 miles

58. Raul - February 23, 2010

Meester W, is know what time you bring el desayuno to the Meesus W?
You take time. I no be finish so early today.

59. Tushar - February 23, 2010


It is my general and unscientific observation that bigger engines last much longer than smaller engines, all other things being equal. It is not surprising to see Sprinters or pickup trucks with 300K on it. It is surprising to see any sedan pull that kind of miles (best I have seen is a friend’s Accord with 250K and that is extremely rare), and certainly no small cars (in the Focus/Corolla category). That is one of the reasons I want a bigger car. But Jetta TDI, with it’s diesel engine, will probably match or exceed the Camry in total miles.

I had a used Dodge Caravan that croaked before it crossed 100K. I will never buy Detroit crap (except maybe Ford).

The trouble is that most people average 12K per year, and generally cars are thrown out before they are 12-13 years old because of other reasons like peeling paint, minor rust, filthy seats etc. Even if the mechanical components are good for more than that, the cars gets trashed much before that.

60. Tushar - February 23, 2010

Toyota is being subjected to a congressional lynching right now. All for the benefit of Obama’s UAW and Detroit buddies. That makes me furious enough to buy nothing but Toyotas from now on.

61. skinbad - February 23, 2010

The Jetta’s diesel engine probably will last very well. It’s everything else around it that will fall apart. I owned a diesel rabbit and a not-diesel Golf. My dad got a kick out of rolling his eyes and saying, “there’s that famed German engineering” every time I had a problem–which was often.

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