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Those Darn Russkies March 26, 2010

Posted by geoff in News.

Back in January and early February, I was teasing the administration about the ever-slipping nuclear arms treaty with Russia. It was only to be expected: the Obama administration is negotiating for nuclear arms reduction, while the Russian administration is negotiating for political advantage. In the last post I said:

I don’t doubt that they’ll eventually sign it. I’m just waiting for the last-minute demands to emerge when Russia thinks it has the administration over a media barrel.

And whaddaya know, that’s kind of how it worked out:

Well aware that President Obama desperately wants to hold in his hand a piece of paper guaranteeing nuclear arms cuts in our time, Moscow has been stalling and brawling to force us to bend to its will.

With a few last sticking points in play (which the White House refuses to make public), the Russian government blindsided US negotiators by announcing that the deal was done and the signing was on the calendar.

Folks, this is diplomacy at a level we can’t begin to touch. With their unilateral announcement, the Russians ensured that Obama will cave on the final points — otherwise, it would look as though he scuttled the disarmament deal and undercut his own argument for anti-nuclear sanctions on Iran.

The Russians never disappoint. The Obama administration, on the other hand…


1. wiserbud - March 26, 2010

It’s always a great idea to telegraph your desires to the other side when negotiating. Makes it much easier for them to play you like a fool.

2. kevlarchick - March 26, 2010

Russians play hardball; nothing new there.

Except it apparently is new to Obammy.

3. MostlyRight - March 26, 2010

A small price to pay to be loved again.


4. daveintexas - March 26, 2010

We know what Reagan would have told them (FO), because he told em once at Reykjavik.

5. mare - March 26, 2010

Never forget it’s always about him (Obama). National security interests….pfffffffttt, common sense……pffffffttt, it’s about the legacy, what he can say he did.

We’ll hear about the tragic concessions later. They’re only minor points compared to the need to feed his ego anyway.

6. Admiral Joshua Painter - March 27, 2010

You see, Russians don’t take a DUMP without a plan, son.

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