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Answered Prayers April 30, 2010

Posted by BrewFan in News, Religion, Science, Sports.

Brewers Hall of Fame radio voice Bob Uecker today underwent successful heart surgery at Froedtert Hospital. The 6-hour surgery was performed by Froedtert & The Medical College of Wisconsin cardiothoracic surgeon Alfred C. Nicolosi.

“As of 2:30 pm, Bob is out of surgery and in the ICU. We are pleased that Mr. Uecker’s surgery went smoothly today,” said Nicolosi. “We replaced his aortic valve, aortic root and part of his ascending aorta. We also did a coronary bypass on one vessel.”

It is expected that Uecker will remain hospitalized at Froedtert for approximately five to seven days, with a full recovery expected to run 10-12 weeks.


1. TXMarko - April 30, 2010

Happy to hear all went well for him!

Sounds like they did some serious patchwork in there….

2. Dave in Texas - April 30, 2010


3. Michael - April 30, 2010

Dave is like all interested in baseball, now that his second-seeded Mavs just got cock-slapped out of the playoffs by the seventh-seeded Spurs.

4. Dave in Texas - April 30, 2010

How come you’re not a Cavs fan? Or the Knicks? Pistons?

Is it because you are just a “where I live” whore?

That does not speak well of you, Mr. Spartan.

5. Cathy - April 30, 2010

DAVE!!! We lived in San Antonio for many years!!!

We’ve been Spurs fans since before Timmy Duncan was drafted.

Tony Parker moved into our neighborhood. And he and his dad spent lots of time at our friends’ restaurant.

I frequented a little luncheon cafe where AJ, Timmy Duncan and all showed up.

A church somne of them attended was just down the street from our church.

While still in high-school, our son bussed tables in a restaurant where many of them would come in just to hang out and be cool.

When we were stuck in Ohio, my awesome husband bought me the NBA League Pass costing us about $200/year so I/we could watch the Spurs.

We earned this. So STFU, Darling Dave.

6. Dave in Texas - April 30, 2010

Hey, I’m cool. You’ll be Mavs fans in 6 years.

7. Lipstick - April 30, 2010

No pie for Dave.

8. Dave in Texas - May 1, 2010

If Dirk moved in next door they’d give him pie.

9. xbradtc - May 1, 2010

Cathy slapped Dave so hard, his grandkids are gonna be crosseyed.

10. kevlarchick - May 1, 2010

Why would Dave be interested in baseball? My Reds just swept the pathetic Astros.

11. TXMarko - May 1, 2010


The NBA is just one more scandal away from becoming as relevant as Cage-Match Wrestling.

Just sayin’.

12. TXMarko - May 1, 2010

If Dirk moved in next door they’d give him pie.

Just watch out for his crazy baby-momma extorting groupie girlfriend.

13. MCPO Airdale - May 1, 2010

Best wishes for Bob’s full and swift recovery!

14. skinbad - May 1, 2010

I hope they didn’t use transvaginal mesh on Bob. Where did that come from?

15. skinbad - May 1, 2010

Am I the only one who saw that ad above the comments? Michael? Are you bored?

16. Cathy - May 1, 2010

I love Dave. Dave gets pie… and hugs.

Dave likes to push my buttons. He knows it works.

If Dirk moves into our neighborhood and wants pie, Dirk gets pie.

Tony gets pie too, especially cause he dumped Jessica.

Dirk’s not gonna fall for the extorting groupie b*tch again.

Spurs Fan? Awesome players, but it’s Popovich. He’s the gold.

17. Dave in Texas - May 1, 2010


18. sandy burger - May 2, 2010

Glad to hear the heart surgery went well. Scary stuff.

And, apropos of nothing, here’s some relaxing music for a lazy Sunday:

19. MCPO Airdale - May 3, 2010

Is this site still functional?

20. wiserbud - May 3, 2010

Is this site still functional?

As opposed to dysfunctional?

21. MCPO Airdale - May 3, 2010

As opposed to dysfunctional?

No, as opposed to moribund.

22. kevl - May 3, 2010

I function.

23. sandy burger - May 3, 2010

Is this site still functional?

There was a time when Michael made it a priority to have a new post up every single day, even if that meant cheating and editing timestamps time-travel.

Now, he’s pretty much just given up. I like to think that his disappointment in the rest of us has finally broken his spirit.

24. sandy burger - May 3, 2010

Hmmm. My <s>strike-through</s> tag didn’t work. Maybe I should have used <strike>strike</strike> instead?

25. TXMarko - May 3, 2010

I function.

… there I Yam?

26. TXMarko - May 3, 2010

Hey! I cannot spell!

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