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Hitler Sings “Movin’ On Up” May 13, 2010

Posted by Michael in Art.

To the East Side.

Which would be Russia. That did not work out so good for Hitler. Not in winter.

Napoleon Bonaparte could have told him about that. Don’t invade frickin’ Russia in the winter!!! It sucks there!!!!!!


Found at the blog of the all-time most awesome member of the Mustelidae family on the internet — S. Weasel.

FYI, she’s on our blogroll if you want an easy way to check her out on a regular basis, as I do. The perspective of an American weasel in darkest England is not to be missed.

Don’t be put off by the fact that the blog is B/W. It’s an artsy-fartsy thing because S. Weasel is, well, artsy-fartsy. She actually is a serious graphics professional who has done artsy shit for money. She thinks about stuff like how her blog is branded. That’s just the way she is. She’s not really a moron like us, but don’t hold that against her.


1. Dennis - May 14, 2010

I agree whoeheartedly. She is always whimsical,often funny, and nearly always amusing. She is also very smart. Not long ago she wrote something that, to me, epitomizes my own feelings, politically (sorry, I don’t have a link):

“It’s how you know conservative principles – things like free markets and nuclear families – are the right ideas: they’re the things people do naturally and spontaneously when you leave them alone”

There are a lot of people (like me) out there that are not “joiners, but who strongly support the Tea Party movement and all that it stands for. This statement of hers gives voice to that movement and it is why the liberals and the MSM have no clue about what’s soon to befall them.

2. Elliot Spitzer - May 14, 2010

“She actually is a serious graphics professional who has done artsy shit for money.”

…call me…

3. d3ft punk - May 15, 2010

but have you seen the worst dj ever?

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