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Spirited Debate In Wisconsin About Illegal Immigration June 23, 2010

Posted by Michael in News.

By “spirited” I mean, of course, “retarded.”

According to the YouTube notes, the first speaker is Democrat County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee — an ardent advocate for the City of Milwaukee to boycott Arizona over SB1070.

She does not know that Arizona borders Mexico.

Brewfan, my heart bleeds for you.

Thanks to a tip from Cathy.


1. Cathy - June 24, 2010

Hat tip to Mark Levin.

*precious… just precious*

2. Joe - June 24, 2010

So, now that she knows that it is a state that borders Mexico, she is in fact looking twice at it, right?

Although, are we supposed to believe that she ever looked once?

3. lauraw - June 24, 2010

It has become Idiocracy.

4. BrewFan - June 24, 2010

Milwaukee is a lost cause politically, economically, and ethically. Want an example? Check this out: http://www.jsonline.com/watchdog/noquarter/96770434.html

5. Barb the Evil Genius - June 24, 2010

Probably also can’t find her ass with both hands.

6. Cathy - June 24, 2010

Probably also can’t find her ass with both hands.

…like it’d be too far a reach

7. Vercingetorix - June 24, 2010

“Supervisor West grew up in Milwaukee and graduated with a degree in Human Services from the Milwaukee Area Technical College.”


8. mrbill - June 24, 2010

From the looks of her…it would take a whole bunch of hands to find an ass that size and cover it up to protect us from it.

Her clothes only come in two sizes…. Large and “look out its moving toward us”

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10. mrbill - June 24, 2010

Degree in Human Services….well, I am in need of being serviced…but Ill pass on that one.

11. slug - June 24, 2010

“Probably also can’t find her ass with both hands.”

Or reach it.

12. Dr, Dinglehoffer - June 24, 2010

C’mon, y’all, the proper saying is “She couldn’t find her ass with both hands and a flashlight”. Get with the program, people!

13. TXMarko - June 24, 2010

I loved the murmur that ran through the crowd when she stated that Arizona was ‘removed from the border’.

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15. Dr, Dinglehoffer - June 24, 2010

She couldn’t pour piss out of a boot with the directions printed on the bottom.

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18. TGSG - June 24, 2010

Someone tell me, please, that a constituent walked up to the desk/table she’s perched behind and bitchslapped her.

19. Dave in Texas - June 24, 2010


20. Dem Milwaukee County Supervisor Doesn’t Know AZ is a Border State « Jake Speaks - June 24, 2010

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21. AnonymousDrivel - June 24, 2010

You wingnuts are confusing Arizona with North Arizona. It’s pretty common to leave off the geographical descriptor of our 57th state.

22. Dem county supervisor: Arizona’s law might have been justifiable if it was a border state » Conservative Watch News - June 24, 2010

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23. Who Knows - June 24, 2010

That’s a county supervisor, eh?

Hate to see what the uninformed citizens of Milwaukee think then.

24. MostlyRight in AZ - June 24, 2010

I’m just fine with the likes of this woman boycotting us. More Cold Stone Ice Cream for me!

25. MostlyRight in AZ - June 24, 2010

That was a fat joke.

26. MostlyRight in AZ - June 24, 2010

And it’s funny.

27. MostlyRight in AZ - June 24, 2010

Cuz she’s fat.

28. Mjdzfun - June 24, 2010

The more correct saying is:

Couldn’t find her ass with both hands and a flashlight in a room full of mirrors.

29. Nemo from Erewhon - June 24, 2010

The weight of the illegal immigrants caused it to tip over.

30. Purple Avenger - June 24, 2010

Everyone knows Arizona sank when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor.

31. Eddie Baby - June 24, 2010

When I was a kid. I had a puzzle map of the United States. I knew states before I got to kindergarten. It takes retards to raise retards.

32. David Gillies - June 24, 2010

You know what’s really scary? There’re four states that share a border with Mexico (CA, AZ, NM, TX) but thirteen that share a border with Canada. I’m just worried that while your focus is all on the Southern border, a whole bunch of those creepy frostbacks is going to sneak over and take over the government.

You think I’m kidding? Us English have had our eye on those awful Welsh (or ‘British Mexicans’, as we call them) for years, ever since Neil Kinnock, and while we weren’t looking, a gang of Scottish reivers descended on Westminster and wrecked the joint. We’ve only just now kicked ’em out. It’s going to take months just to have the carpets shampooed. Be warned.

33. Lincoln Adams - June 24, 2010

I don’t want to live anymore. She just vacu-sucked any morsel of will I might have had left to continue existing on this miserable planet.

I’m just gonna walk around now like a zombie. If you see some pale faced dude just kind of wandering the streets wearing an old Reagan/Bush shirt, that’ll be me.

34. pajama momma - June 24, 2010

dang, you guys got linked on Hot Air? Maybe this really is the cool place to hang out.

Michael - June 24, 2010

David, you are preaching to the choir. I have been advocating the conquest of Canada on this blog for years.

In a nutshell, I reason as follows:

1. I’m still pissed off about the War of 1812.

2. Canada has fossil fuels in abundance. Why go all the way to Iraq?

3. About 90% on Canadians live within about 50 miles of the U.S. border. This means we could conquer Canada on one tank of gas, before lunch. Logistics would not be an issue, except for mopping-up operations to subdue places like Edmonton. This would be a fast, cheap and easy war.

4. We don’t have to feel guilty about this, because almost all Canadians would end up with lower taxes and a higher standard of living once they become a U.S. territory and shed the overhead of the bureaucracy in Ottawa.

5. Somebody needs to cock-slap those snooty French Canadians and tell them to speak English if they want a job.

35. Michael - June 24, 2010

dang, you guys got linked on Hot Air? Maybe this really is the cool place to hang out.

I guess you missed our Instalanche earlier this month.

36. Colette - June 25, 2010

Yep. Another person who was not paying attention during geography class. ARKANSAS is north of TX. Four states border Mexico: Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California.

Like another person noted, more than four states share the border with Canada. Terrorists have already tried to come in through the State of Washington (and were stopped.) How many people of non-Hispanic background come in through Canada? I think Arizona is targeting the Hispanic community.

37. wankette - June 25, 2010

Arizona is targeting illegals.
Not many Scandinavians are hopping our southern border. But thanks for playing, moron.

38. Jane Levinson - June 25, 2010

Another brilliant find by the StandWithArizona.com folks…the same ones who brought us the Live Oak Five story and Ron Gochez shock videos. Doing an amazing job. I joined their Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/StandwithArizona) back in late April, and they have been on top of EVERYTHING 1070/Arizona from the moment Gov. Brewer put pen to paper. I Stand With Arizona!

39. Tim - June 25, 2010


Come on people! The woman is a ‘proffessional’!!! She knows what she is talking about.

40. Deathknyte - June 25, 2010

I swear the closer you get to Chicago the dumber and more retarded the people in this state get.

41. Mr. Joe - June 25, 2010

I wish I could have seen her face when she got punked.

My kids have passport club in their school. Some of those kids can name 175 countries and point them out on an glob (without names on it, just boundaries). and they know Arizona is on the border.

42. The Plague Fairy - June 25, 2010

Arizona might capsize, right? That would be a concern in Milwaukee….um…with their border with China….


43. The Plague Fairy - June 25, 2010

Wisconsin is next to China, right?

Keep up the good work.

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45. Totally disgusted - June 25, 2010

Hey, she has a degree in “Human Service,” which means she’s more qualified than the millions who have degrees in “Inhuman Service.”

She’s czar, cabinet or SCOTUS material, for sure.

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47. Snafu - June 25, 2010

OMG Do I have to say this?

Duh it’s one of the 57 States

48. d3ft punk - June 25, 2010

I can see China from my house!

49. In her world, Arizona doesn’t border Mexico « Blog de KingShamus - June 25, 2010

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50. Dave in Texas - June 25, 2010


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52. polynikes - June 25, 2010

That’s nothing. Our President thought Arkansas was closer to Kentucky than his home state of Illinois. I might have even given him a pass if the state of Illinois didn’t border Kentucky.

(This from his comment on why Hillary had a better chance to win the Kentucky primary – Her home state of Arkansas was closer so this was to her advantage.

53. Lostinminnesota - June 25, 2010

” The weight of the illegal immigrants caused it to tip over.”
Nemo you are hilarious

54. Jay - June 25, 2010

Just shut up the pie hole. It’ll serve two purposes. First, you might seem less stupid, and second, you might begin losing some of that butt-ugly fat.

55. TH - June 25, 2010

A wise latina woman

56. dan-O - June 25, 2010

Epic fail.

Is she running for Miss South Carolina?

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60. Smokey Behr - June 25, 2010

As we’d say when I lived in the South: “Bless her heart…”, or as Foghorn Leghorn would say, “She’s about as sharp as a sack of wet mice.”

61. Does Illegal Immigration Affect Wisconsin? - Page 3 - theBubbler - June 25, 2010

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62. Anonymous - June 25, 2010

What a fat, stupid, Democrat.

From the looks of her she got one of those “Sit on the couch and pound hostess cakes and pepsi all day” Online degrees.

Holy SHIT woman!

63. MelodicMetal - June 25, 2010

What a fat, stupid, Democrat.

From the looks of her, she got one of those “Sit on the couch and pound hostess cakes and pepsi all day” Online degrees.

Holy SHIT woman!

64. Just me, Daddy Cool - June 25, 2010

Ms Peggy has an ass sooooooooooooooooo big, if you told her to “HAUL ASS”, she’d have to make 10 trips. What a dolt. Can’t we somehow get rid of this taco, burrito eating ignoramus ?

65. R Stryker - June 25, 2010

Smokey Behr – Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Leghorn quote is “as a sack of wet MUSH.”

66. Just me, Daddy Cool - June 25, 2010

NAAAAAAAAAAA she went to MIT, before it was MATC, back when we called it “MOTHER I TRIED!!!!. Obviously fatass didn’t study much, cept in the cafeteria, munch, much, gulp, gulp, BURP!!!!!!!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW GROSS!!!!

67. Two--Four - June 25, 2010

[…] Trailer-park hairdo: check. Strutting ignorance: check. She's qualified. Ladies and gentlemen, do go enjoy the blazing intellect of County Supervisor Peggy West of Milwaukee, holding forth on the matter of […]

68. Rick - June 25, 2010

Why do I keep watching this video? Her amazing kindergarten speaking skills and geographical knowledge mesmerizes me.
I hear murmurs in the background – is that the crowd asking each other which country Arizona belongs too? I think I would have burst out laughing if I had been in the audience!

69. Sandra - June 25, 2010

this women is an idiot and is a perfect example of the supidity that has fueled those against 1070-it’s about legality..not race…

what about all the folks who’s identities are stolen by these illegal’s…not a peep about that…because the illegals DO NOT CARE…

They do not want amnesty..because then they would be required to pay taxes, register their vehilces etc. PAY THEIR OWN WAY

This women is currently Chairwoman of the Health and Human Needs Committee and is a member of the Economic & Community Development and Finance & Audit Committees –AUDIT COMMITTEE…are you frigging kidding me !

AND she was reelected in her district..says a lot about thoses folks….

70. Just me, Daddy Cool - June 25, 2010

I believe it is time for US, the LEGAL CITIZENS of this State to enact a law such as Arizona has. The amount of money wasted on illegals, schools, medical care, subsidies and housing that we expend, could be used to help OUR people. Please write or call your senators and congressmen and ask them to write a law that mimics Arizona’s, that will deal with the ILLEGAL ALIENS!!!!! Thanks

71. dan - June 25, 2010

She’s a Hispanic American! When I was in 8th grade we had to fill in all the states in on a blank map of the USA. If you got 1 wrong you had to start all over with a blank map until you got it right. Thank you Mr Palermo! This is what happens when you have to many cheese curds and fudge! You get stupid. Look out Dells! Your rubber tomahawks are going to get banned!

72. George in Florida - June 25, 2010

Since we in Florida share a border with Haiti, I wonder if Brilliant West thinks “it might be appropriate” for Florida to enact such legislation.

And she really got elected… unbedamnlievable, you Wisconsin voters.

Look at us in Florida. We keep electing Charlie Crist to various offices, but at least he knows where the state borders lie.

Speaking of liars, we keep electing Charlie Crist.

73. Collin - June 25, 2010

Hey everyone, it isn’t her fault. She suffered from an ID-10-T error when her brain rebooted…

74. Collin - June 25, 2010

I just realized the Journal Broadcast Group had the vid removed from You Tube. I guess the liberal media can’t have the truth about their idiotic, er, I mean democratic friends getting out now, can they…

I don’t think that woman has the brains God gave an Egg McMuffin…

75. d3ft punk - June 25, 2010
76. Michael - June 25, 2010

Thanks, d3ft, but I can’t download or embed those.

There’s already another copy on YouTube, which I have inserted into the post. Probably won’t last long.

77. BrewFan - June 25, 2010

Is it just me or is the name calling (e.g. “fat”) in this thread a wee bit disturbing? I have no problem bashing her for her stupidity but what’s the point of attacking her apparent weight problem? Are there no fat conservatives?

78. BrewFan - June 25, 2010

I also find it suprising that the AoSHQ link generated 10 times the traffic the Hot Air link did. WTF?

79. Anonymous - June 25, 2010

stupid fuckers she is referring to WI

80. Michael - June 25, 2010

Hot Air posted the video and just hat tipped us. Laura did not post the video and linked us. People had to come here from AOSHQ to see it.

81. BrewFan - June 25, 2010

I don’t think so, Anonymous. Nice try though.

Makes sense now Michael. Thanks for putting me some knowledge. I’ll buy you a beer in a few weeks as a way of expressing my gratitude. Oh, and hút tôi.

82. Michael - June 25, 2010

Tôi cũng hút thuốc lá.

83. BrewFan - June 25, 2010

You should quit, though.

84. TXMarko - June 25, 2010

Commenters #60 & #65 – Foghorn Leghorn had a bunch of awesome quotes about being ‘sharp’.

My favorite is “That young man is about as sharp as a bowling ball…”

Looney Tunes were decades ahead of their time.

85. Cathy - June 25, 2010

People had to come here from AOSHQ to see it.

Sweet of Laura, huh…

86. Cathy - June 25, 2010

Looney Tunes were decades ahead of their time.

… knowing how to amuse and entertain parents and adults on their own level. Kids didn’t understand half of the humor. Brilliant of ’em.

87. Spirited Debate? « Oh, My! - June 25, 2010

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88. cindy - June 25, 2010

I sent her a copy of the blank map that my grandkids use to learn the names and locations of all the states. They’re 6 and 8 but she can call them if she needs help.

89. Nature Or Nurture Is A Factor Of Mental Health - June 25, 2010

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90. Cathy - June 25, 2010

Hahahah. Cindy!

I’d pay a hundred bucks to watch Miss Peggy open what you sent.

91. Giggle T - June 27, 2010

As a resident of Arizona, I’m just disgusted with the number of people who want to tell us how to live. And women like her can’t even place Arizona properly on a map. Try living here, maybe these boycotters will become enlightened.

92. Mike - June 28, 2010

Its one thing to be dumb in private, but to be dump in public AND think you have a valid point about anything is complete stupidity

93. reason - June 28, 2010

…after extensive research on the matter, using both Google (but not Google Maps) *AND* the placemat at the nearest Waffle House…

94. vicki Countz - June 29, 2010

The Hispanics want to reconquer their land in the US. I hope they
learn education 101 first. If they take over AZ etc. without any basic
knowledge, how will it be better than Mexico which they flee from?
Won’t it disintegrate as well? They want to start fresh, I guess, then
take it down; Jamaica comes to mind.

95. big dan - June 29, 2010

I say let’s boycott Milwaukee County. Maybe Miss Peggy should take a US geography class. Also a US history class as well.

96. Hostess InGlamour - July 20, 2010

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