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Remember This Come November June 25, 2010

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ballistics, Commenting Tips, Politics.


1. Larry - June 25, 2010

Wasn’t that the “capsize the island” guy?

2. geoff - June 25, 2010

O/T: Here Hugo Chavez goes again. The only surprise is that anyone is surprised – I wrote a post 3 1/2 years ago where the current scenario was a foregone conclusion. And I’m sure DinTX had it figured out way before I did.

3. Cathy - June 25, 2010

This is disturbing. It would be a mild irritant if this fella were simply trying to fan fires of class-envy connecting it with Republicans/conservatives.

The problem is that he is factually wrong about where Wall Street has, until recently, been throwing it’s political donation dollars.

4. Cathy - June 25, 2010

Methinks dems like this guy are showing their true colors:


5. Dave in Texas - June 25, 2010

>> And I’m sure DinTX had it figured out way before I did.

Only if you were distracted. I couldn’t beat you to a conclusion with a jackhammer and a bag of grenades.

6. Giggle T - June 27, 2010


Of course he is factually wrong. What is more disturbing is that the 200 richest counties in the country voted for Kerry in the 2004 Presidental election. I don’t have the data for 2008, but my guess is that it’s similar. I’m tired of hearing about how big business and the rich are so Republican. They are not.

7. Cathy - June 27, 2010

This crap is Saul Alinsky through and through…

Class envy, race baiting, ridicule, gimme-gimme-gimme-shit.

They won’t win. They WON’T! Cause WE won’t let ’em.

8. Cathy - June 27, 2010

… and my heart goes out to you, Giggle T. Lots of us folks here in Texas are doing what we can to help Arizona out and be supportive.

Gov. Perry is sorta having to come around too… changing his language about where he stands on the issue. He is in a gubernatorial race right now… looks good in the polls but doesn’t want to rock the boat.

9. reason - June 28, 2010

I was very underwhelmed with Perry when he quickly ensured the National Media that he doesn’t think TX needs a similar law to AZ’s.

His focus-group wonks read the state wrong on this one by pushing him to stay neutral and inactive. Now it’s too late. He’s gotta try and refine his position instead of going full-throttle, or risk giving his opponent “flip-flop” fodder.

Question for the fellow Texans – last I heard, Perry’s tied in the polls. Had he joined the anti-illegal bandwagon early, and in earnest, do you think he’d be doing any worse in the polls than he is now?

10. Michael - June 28, 2010

No, Reason, I think he would be doing better. Catering to the six Hispanic Republicans in this state is foolish.

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