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IBTSFP Rule #2: ALWAYS use a Coaster in the Persimmon Room. June 26, 2010

Posted by wintersetruss in Crime, Gardening, Movies, Women Ranting.

  And don’t even THINK about tossing those towels on the floor.  That’s why the hamper is there, bub.

  Cathy is a gracious host, but getting on her Crap List is Not.  A.  Good.  Idea.  I’m just saying.


1. Barb the Evil Genius - June 26, 2010

So which one of you broke Ace’s blog?

2. Michael - June 26, 2010

Dave did it.

3. Michael - June 26, 2010

Regarding the post —

Cathy is not actually that mild mannered when she is pissed off.

4. Cathy - June 26, 2010

Hey. Great video.

Reminds me that I wanted to tell you folks Michael got me a VitaMix!

…the Culinary Institute Professional.

5. Enas Yorl - June 26, 2010

Please don’t go around
spitting on the floor!
Use the cuspidor.
That’s what it’s for.

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