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Long Slow Rainy Day June 30, 2010

Posted by Michael in Family.

I took a vacation day today.  I was whipped.

See, SkyliaEmber and Mr. Ember arrived yesterday and stayed overnight with us, on their way from Louisiana to Nevada.  I kinda figured they would go to bed early and hit the road early.

Boy, was I wrong.  Cathy hit the sack around midnight.  Mr. Ember quit around 1:00 a.m.  Sky and I were still yakking out by the pool at 1:45 a.m., listening to the Puking Lions, when we both realized the Meaning Of Life.

It was one of those epiphanic moments that don’t happen very often.

We finally crashed around 2:00 a.m.  This morning, neither of us could remember the Meaning Of Life, but we both recalled having solved this issue the night before.  Go figure.  Alcohol may have been involved.  Cathy made a nice breakfast and we yakked some more.

So, I’ve been whipped all day.  In order to get a post up, here are some random videos suggested by others.

ScottW sends an intriguing vid that combines a home made bassoforte, a computer, some hand-banging percussion, and a lot of ingenuity:

Doug was charmed, as was I, by a robot Michael Jackson tribute.  This little guy really starts rockin’ at around 1:54:

Happy Hump Day!


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