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Talk To The Help July 22, 2010

Posted by Michael in News.

Here’s the little cottage that Cathy and I rented for a few days in New Hampshire.


OK, that is actually the Mount Washington Resort, over 100 years old, and we are not even staying there.  We had dinner there tonight.

We are staying at a little B&B type place further down the hill, which is also over 100 years old.  It is part of the same property, and is even cooler than the big house.  The Bretton Woods Inn:


There are people here from all over the world.  Despite the recession, this entire resort is actually filled to capacity right now.  You can’t get a room unless you booked months in advance.  Go figure.

I was talking to a French-speaking couple earlier today.  I assumed they were Canadians, but they actually turned out to be from Marseilles.  So I commented that they had flown a long way to see some pretty small mountains.  (Seriously, it struck me that they had wasted a lot of money to see some punk mountains, when the Alps or the Pyrenees were a lot closer.)

They said, “This place is famous.

I did not know that anyplace in New Hampshire was famous.

Here is what is seriously fun about a big resort like this — talk to the help.

New Hampshire does not have a labor pool sufficient to provide seasonal workers for a place like this, so the resort turns to international agencies that provide imported, legal help.

We have chatted with maids and waitresses from Thailand, Turkey, Phillipines, and Romania. We always talk to the help.

You know what you will learn if you talk to them?

They love America. They are working for slave wages, 10-12 hours per day, living in dorms, just for the opportunity to improve their English skills and experience America.  These are mostly university students.

They all just gush about how much they like America, and how friendly we are.

Just sayin’, if you’re in an international resort like this, talk to the help.

They will enlighten you.  They will shine a light on America that you take for granted.

Our global primacy is not primarily military, political, or economic.

It is mostly cultural.  You get that when you talk to the help.  All over the world I have heard this.  People think Americans are friendly.

Maybe we can afford to be that way, because we are free.

So far.

Completely unrelated — last night I saw a mommy black bear and her cub behind the tavern where Cathy and I were dining.  I had just stepped outside for a smoke, and she walked out of the woods.


1. geoff - July 22, 2010

Just sayin’, if you’re in an international resort like this, talk to hit on the help.

Edited for accuracy.

2. lauraw - July 22, 2010

Are you two doing any hiking?

3. xbradtc - July 22, 2010

Are you two doing any hiking?

They walked all the way from the cottage to the dining room. That should be enough.

4. Michael - July 22, 2010

Actually, we rode the shuttle.

5. Barb the Evil Genius - July 22, 2010

Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio is usually the same way. Lots of students working there from other countries. I’ve never had a chance to talk to any of them. Haven’t been there this year so I don’t know how many international students there are.

6. lauraw - July 22, 2010

Is the cog train still running up Mt. Washington?
I never rode that but sorta wanted to.

7. kevlarchick - July 22, 2010

I went to a resort on Lake Erie and it was full of foreign students. Pretty popular seasonal work I reckon.

8. agiledog - July 22, 2010

lauraw, I believe the train is still running, but the auto road is the way to go (unless you’re a crappy NY driver). It is a private, toll road, filled with switchbacks and extreme drop-offs. My wife nearly pee’d her pants riding in the passenger seat on the way up. She laid down in the back on the way back down – didn’t want to see it again.

Just get your brakes checked before you go…..

It can snow atop Mt Washington even this time of year, although not right now due to the “heat wave” New England is having. Hence the name “White Mountains” – the snow covered peaks where the first things approaching sailors saw…

9. Lipstick - July 22, 2010

Actually, we rode the shuttle.

HAHAHA! That is so “me”.

10. lauraw - July 22, 2010

Yeah, when I did a ridge hike from Mt. Washington to Mt Madison a looong time ago, it was about 70 degrees and sunny. Turned out it was one of only a handful of days like that the whole Summer.

Cold windy fog can and does blow in suddenly at any time and kills hikers who didn’t pack their weather gear.

11. Tushar - July 22, 2010

You rode a shuttle from the cottage to the dining room? Hey MCPO, someone needs that Rascal badly. Give it to him.

12. MCPO Airdale - July 22, 2010

Tushar – Rascals are ghetto. Miss Cathy can use my HoveRound and Michael can use the shoe leather express!

13. Dave in Texas - July 22, 2010

You gots death fog?

Fuck that shit.

14. Tushar - July 22, 2010

>>shoe leather express!

We used to call that the number 11 bus.

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