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Scenes From Acadia National Park July 25, 2010

Posted by Michael in Nature Shit, Personal Experiences, Religion.

This park is truly a national treasure.  If you are ever in Maine, you should not miss the awesome splendor of this landscape.

Let me give you just a couple of samples to whet your appetite for the scenic grandeur that is the Acadia experience.

Here is a view of Eagle Rock from an overlook on Mount Desert Island.  Eagle Rock is the island out there which features the charming and historic Eagle Rock Light house.


I smoked a cigarette here


The picture just does not do justice to this panoramic vista.

Later, we drove the switchback road up to the summit of Cadillac Mountain.

It was a spiritual experience.  Somehow, you just feel closer to Almighty God when you witness the wondrous glory of His creation.

Here is a spectacular view from the summit of Cadillac Mountain looking out over Frenchman Bay and its many picturesque islands:

Had a smoke here also

I’m never going to be the same person again after experiencing this.



We just watched an outdoor wedding take place below our balcony in Bar Harbor.  It was the second wedding today — there was one this afternoon too while we were at the park.

The bride was gorgeous in a traditional white dress, and the groom was wearing a tux and looked pretty sharp as well.  But . . .



1. Michael - July 25, 2010

Cathy actually invited the wedding photographer up to our balcony to get some cool shots of the newlyweds from an overhead angle, which he gratefully accepted.

This afforded me a great opportunity to check out the cleavage of all the bridesmaids standing directly below me, but of course I resisted the temptation.

2. Retired Geezer - July 25, 2010

Did he have a sweater tied around his neck by the sleeves, also?

3. harrison - July 25, 2010

There’s something wrong with the poll.
I’m trying to vote that you’re an old fart but it won’t tally.
What’s up with that?

4. TXMarko - July 25, 2010

“There’s something in the Fog!!!”

5. TXMarko - July 25, 2010

Number of popped collars on the Groom = ?

6. wiserbud - July 25, 2010

The picture just does not do justice to this panoramic vista.


7. Dave in Texas - July 25, 2010

nice sky.

8. geoff - July 25, 2010

I like the dragons and unicorns gamboling in the surf.

9. lauraw - July 25, 2010

Nawp, look again. Pretty sure that was a Narwhal riding a centaur, geoff.

And that’s not a finger.


10. wiserbud - July 25, 2010

I’m looking at all that smoke and wondering just how many cigarettes Michael smoked there.

11. Michael - July 25, 2010

And that’s not a finger.

I hates you very much.

12. daveintexas - July 25, 2010


It ain’t no Macanudo either.

13. Blazer - July 25, 2010

No double rainbow in that photo. It’s not nearly as awesome as it could have been.

14. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

Blazer, you shamefully libeled Laura the other night.

I ain’t forgettin that.

You understand?

15. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Yea, but keep in mind ace was the one who alluded to that stuff to begin with not me. At any rate I thought we all had a touching moment at the end of that post. You even said my apology was noteworthy.

Evidently not.

16. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

Ace alluded to no such thing, nothing like “taking our money and trash talking us at H2”. Not even.

He said some people he visited with last weekend were tired of rancor.

17. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Dave, he threatened to whip out the banhammer to please a certain few people from a certain state after about 90% of the folks on one of the Sherrod threads commenced to flogging him. We also got called retarded, stupid, blah,blah,blah,blah all up and down those threads.

Obviously the fuzzy one thinks his readership are all a bunch ingrates and holds us in low regard. He’s the one who stirred that shit pot up not me and a whole lot of morons are pissed about it.

I apologized to you and lauraw at the end of the ONT because you guys didn’t deserve the crap I directed at you guys and you said it was “noteworthy” and even said “thanks”.

If thats not good enough give me your address and I’ll send zombie Merlin Olsen over with some FTD flowers and a box of chocolates.

18. lauraw - July 25, 2010


We’re cool.
I have emails to send.

Just chill now.

19. daveintexas - July 25, 2010


Take it somewhere else. Please.

Just do that.

20. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Dave, put down the pocket knife and I’ll put down the broken beer bottle.

21. lauraw - July 25, 2010

I’m going to straight-up fillet the both of yuz with a chainsaw if you don’t STFU.

22. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

because you asked me to.

and that’s the only reason.

23. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Dave, twenty paces, choose your water gun.

24. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

Ok. Let’s do this thing.

Let’s have sex.

25. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Dave, I’m just not that into you.

e-mail me, we’ll talk privately.

26. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

well crap.

I was kinda thinkin this could be the night.

I’ll email you. I would like to put this recent unpleasantness away. I think you would too.

27. Blazer - July 25, 2010

Yep. Just get it from the mothership or use my Yahoo Group addy. I love the hell out of you dude and that ain’t no lie.

28. geoff - July 25, 2010

I’m glad y’all are good, because having read the ONT thread and this thread, it’s clear that Blazer hasn’t abandoned his faulty, bigoted premise. He’s only apologized for the loudness of his voice, not for what he was saying.

That’s all I’ll say – I’ll follow lw’s and DinTX’s leads. But I think they’re being generous.

29. Blazer - July 25, 2010

How did you gauge the loudness of my voice and my intent from mere type?

Dude, you have a real talent there you should join the county fair..

30. geoff - July 25, 2010

As I said. Generous.

31. Blazer - July 25, 2010

So when you apologize profusely and ask for forgiveness a few times that’s not giving up your bigoted premise? Sorry, I’m not following you here.

32. geoff - July 25, 2010

So entertain me for a moment and tell me which highly influential people from CT had lobbied for banning of ONT folk? As you restated in #17, well after your ‘apology’?

33. Blazer - July 25, 2010

ummm, ace did in a Sherrod thread. He’s the one who threatened to whip out the ban-hammer to please the CT morons not me.

34. geoff - July 25, 2010

Riiight. So what exactly did he say? And to whom did he say it?

You could have spared me bothering with this comment if you’d simply answered #32.

35. Blazer - July 25, 2010

He said it and exactly just like that. Go and do the research yourself, I would pull the quote for you , but I’m banned. Go do the heavy lifting yourself.

36. geoff - July 25, 2010

Oh I see. Like I’d lift a finger to pursue the fevered claims of a pariah. Do a real apology or sell it somewhere else.

37. daveintexas - July 25, 2010

you’re making this really hard blazer.

howza bout you just go find some other place to play?

38. Blazer - July 25, 2010

I wanna play in your pool….naked.

39. geoff - July 26, 2010

So I got bored and looked up the Ace quote. It’s in a thread where Ace was actually participating actively, He was trying to say that the “no compromise, take no prisoners” attitude toward politics was unproductive and something he wanted no part of. He got hammered by many commenters, and you can sense an increasingly frustrated tone from his comments as he realizes that yes, he’s got a lot of commenters who are pretty unsavory. So then, after some 20-odd comments by him in a 500+ comment thread, he says this:

Let me tell you something else:

This used to be a collegial, friendly place. People became genuine friends. Out in Connecticut, people flew in from all around the country to see their friends.

it has become increasingly an angry, nasty place, and i”m just about done putting up with that.

If you are someone who is habitually angry and running down other commenters (and me), then I have bad news for you: There is an LGF like purge coming. And it’s not ideological — it is PERSONAL. It is about people who are good commenters and play well for others and INCREASE the value of this site, versus asshole rage-machines who do nothing but scream and talk darkly of revolution.

People, in short, who drive other people away, and make the site less attractive due to its unrelentingly unfriendly tone.

So, you know, if you want to stick around, start watching for general tone.

I was struck by how many people in connecticut just don’t post at my site anymore because of the relentless hostility and anger.

And seriously? Everyone’s pissed off about Obama; there is no reason to be a pill about it, or worse yet, an asshole.

This used to be a friendly place. It’s going to be that way again, so start adjusting the tone.

THAT got your your panties in a twist? I’d say you owe Ace and lauraw (and The Hostages, of course) an enormous apology that goes far beyond anything you’ve offered up thus far.

40. Dave in Texas - July 26, 2010

That trash-talkin son of a bitch.

41. Russ from Winterset - July 26, 2010

Wait a minute, there’s gonna be a purge of angry trash-talking assholes at the AoSHQ?

We’re talking about a purge of COMMENTERS, right? I mean, C’MON MAN……I’m a CO-BLOGGER. I’ve got TENURE!

42. daveintexas - July 26, 2010

When someone threatens you with “friendliness” it might be a good moment for self-reflection.

43. Michael - July 26, 2010

Don’t listen to these people, Blazer. You have been set up. I was at the Connecticut meet-up, and personally heard Ace and his evil cabal of sycophants conspiring against you. They were talking about you constantly. It was “Blazer did this” and “Blazer did that” the whole time. The shit they said about you was unbelievable. I finally had to drink myself into a stupor just to escape all the vicious gossip about Blazer.

44. Michael - July 26, 2010

(The part about drinking myself into a stupor is true.)

45. pajama momma - July 26, 2010

Are you and Cathy back from vacation yet? This is taking forever.

46. Michael - July 26, 2010

Nope, not yet. We fly home tomorrow.

47. pajama momma - July 26, 2010

oh for pity sakes.

48. pajama momma - July 26, 2010

btw, new photos at the meatup page. They’re from my cousin Jennefer (pro-biotic)

49. Tushar - July 26, 2010


Jennifer and her friend are a riot!

BTW, that photo of Jen’s friend and Rosetta holding a fork, I know that is a re-enactment of a famous painting (or photo?). What is the name of that painting?

50. Tushar - July 26, 2010

Google is amazing. I search for ‘Pitchfork painting’ and Google knows I am looking for ‘American Gothic’.

I fear that Google will soon become self-aware and enslave us.

51. Tushar - July 26, 2010
52. Cathy - July 26, 2010

Tush — just fyi — there are 57 Varieties of Lutheranism.

Here’s one growing rapidly since ELCA made it’s major theological decision last August.

53. Cathy - July 26, 2010

Tush, is this the art/artist you are looking for?

54. Andy - July 26, 2010

Google is amazing. I search for ‘Pitchfork painting’ and Google knows I am looking for ‘American Gothic’.

I won’t be satisfied until that search shows an artist’s depiction of Barney Frank being frog marched hauled away in chains sent to the pokey.

* scratches head *

Damned if I’m not having trouble coming up with a punishment he hasn’t already paid by the hour for.

55. daveintexas - July 26, 2010

Lutherns are like the steak sauce of the Evangelical universe.

56. TXMarko - July 26, 2010

Cathy, I went to your ELCA link, and found… this:


I had no idea how far they had fallen…. Apologizing to the Mennonites?


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