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Moonrise Over Penobscot Bay July 26, 2010

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.


Just finished a smoke right here on the beach

Here is where we are staying  — The Spouter Inn, originally built in 1832 and lovingly restored and expanded by the current owners.  The beach and Penobscot Bay are right across the street.  Above the red doors on the left is our room — The Crows Nest.  In the back there is a little balcony.  Where I can smoke.

The Spouter Inn



1. MostlyRight - July 26, 2010

Not too shabby.

2. Michael's Insatiable Craving for Nicotine - July 26, 2010

Thanks to me, all of you get to enjoy some great photography.

So….you’re welcome.

3. Michael's Insatiable Craving for Anonymous Gay Sex in Public Restrooms - July 26, 2010

You should all be glad that I don’t let him take a camera along when WE go out for some fun.

4. Michael's Insatiable Craving for Marie Sharps' Hot Sauce - July 26, 2010

Wow. Compared to those other two guys, I’m feeling pretty harmless today.

5. Cathy - July 26, 2010

^Michael coulda used some Marie Sharp’s last night on his Macaroni & Cheese at the Whale’s Tooth restaurant, just sayin’

6. MCPO Airdale - July 26, 2010

I love the Maine coast. . . in September. . . after the tourists leave.

7. Yorlwing Plover - July 26, 2010


8. geoff - July 26, 2010

What we need to do is invent a cigarette that reduces CO2. Then we could watch all the smoke/environment Nazis’ heads explode.

9. Lipstick - July 26, 2010

Ha! Enas, I was thinking the same thing and it’s been cracking me up all day, but I couldn’t think of a funny way to bring it up.

10. sandy burger - July 27, 2010

What we need to do is invent a cigarette that reduces CO2.

It’s called a joint.

And don’t try confusing me with facts and science, Geoff. Some truths are revealed only to those who are ready to receive them.

11. TXMarko - July 27, 2010

^ cut.jib.newsletter

12. Russ from Winterset - July 28, 2010

“Remember…..what the doormouse said. Feed your head. Feed your head.”

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