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Trouble Brewing . . . July 21, 2010

Posted by Michael in News.

This is not going to end well

This reminds me of Rosetta trying to charm Sohos at the Connecticut Moron Meet-up.  I don’t know why.

Sohos looked like this after the experience of a Rosetta come-on:


Reason #357,294 Why Michael Should Never Drink Again July 20, 2010

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Be afraid.  Be very afraid.



Art Of The Ordinary July 19, 2010

Posted by Cathy in News.

Fancy rich folk do not have a corner on the market for art.

Fishmonger's Weathervane

A primitive art course exposed me to wonderful expressions of art by peoples like the Anasazi, Yoruba, and Maya. We learned that simple people without much formal training will always find ways to express themselves through art, and that many artists don’t get paid or need a bunch of cash to keep doing what they do.

Art is simple expression without words. Art communicates meaning that touches the heart.

Electra Havemeyer Webb, understood this.  She’s the passion behind the awesome collection at the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne VT.  In the early part of the 20th century at a very young age, Electra began to collect simple expressions art as no one else did.  She understood that art is for ordinary folk. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. It functions to help illiterates find the dentist or the tackle-shop in town, or  can motivate people to buy products or to maybe come to the Circus.


The View . . . July 18, 2010

Posted by Michael in Personal Experiences.

. . . from the deck where I smoke outside our room in the Green Mountains of Vermont.

There are comfy Adirondack chairs out here

Report on the Connecticut Moron Meet-Up July 17, 2010

Posted by Michael in History, Music.

The song below captures what I think about the moron meet-up in Connecticut.

The late-night party at the back of the parking lot at the Doubletree got pretty weird.  This was after all official events had ended.  Scott and Laura were there, looking a little bit scared.  They could not flee the scene because all the left-over beer from the afternoon picnic was in their truck.

But, to our credit, the Windsor Locks cop who kept stopping by really liked us. Nobody got arrested, even though Wiserbud obviously deserved it.

Best line of the night:  Wiserbud to Cop,  “Can I hold your gun?”

I got more hugs from more people than you can imagine during the last two days.

I even hugged Rosetta.  It made me feel dirty.  But I had to be nice to him in order to hug his awesome wife.

Cathy and I got to know Ace a little bit, because we were his ride to most events due to the proximity of our hotels, and we had a rental car.

Turns out, in person Ace is exactly what you would expect him to be  — a funny, smart, informed, and altogether pleasant and modest person.  He correctly assessed that my drunk driving skills are adequate for short range trips on empty roads, and did not waste any money on cab fare.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You Know You’re From a Small Town. . . July 16, 2010

Posted by Lipstick in News.

. . . when a history of your town has this to say about what a melting pot it is:

We have the wonderful blending of the different religions, Catholics and Protestants, their special foods, and customs.

Hang on now, we do have a touch of the exotic:  Greek Orthodox.  There aren’t many, mind you, that would be scary, what with their celebrating Christmas in January and all.

Try not to be all intimidated by my cultural sophistication, ‘kay?

Move Over, Michelangelo! July 15, 2010

Posted by Edward von Bear in Art, Ballistics, Economics, Heroes, Man Laws, Music, Nature Shit, News, Personal Experiences, Pop Culture, Religion, Sex.

A new artist is in town.

Another Boot to the Head for Politifact (by Jazz) July 14, 2010

Posted by geoff in News.

[Long-time readers know that since about April 2009, we have published a chart which shows actual unemployment numbers compared to what the Obama team predicted. The chart shows the falsity of  the Obama administration’s claims that the Stimulus would act immediately to stop further increases in unemployment. George Will mentioned this point in recent article, saying “This is the man who said…we would have unemployment at 8% and no higher.”

Politifact, an ‘objective’ fact-checking organization, contested this intepretation and use of the data, finally concluding that Will’s statement was ‘barely true.’ That riled Ace and Slublog, who spent much of yesterday posting rebuttals to Politifact’s article:

Original Politifact article
Ace Takes Politifact to the Mat
Slublog Piles On
Ace Tags Back In

I wanted to chime in, but I’ve been a little busy. A regular at The Hostages (Jazz), however, wrote a long and detailed letter directly to Politifact arguing against their assessment. That letter is reproduced below. Take it away Jazz!]


With respect to George Will’s comment, “This is the man who said if we pass the $767 billion stimulus bill — which it turns out cost $862 billion, a $95 billion oops — we would have unemployment at 8 percent and no higher,” you note, “[W]e could find no instance of anyone in the administration directly making such a public pledge. Rather, it comes via a Jan. 9, 2009, report.”

It appears that because Romer and Bernstein merely serve as advisers to the administration, you consider them as not speaking for the administration. Fine. But their report informed administration decisions and provided the basis for the President’s economic plan. As illustrated below, the President very obviously refers to the substance of that report to justify the stimulus program. [letter continues below the fold]


Small Businesses Aren’t Pleased July 13, 2010

Posted by geoff in News.

It’s not really news to business-friendly folk, but I’m sure it’ll come as an “unexpected” shock to the administration. Small businesses are none too happy about their future prospects:

The NFIB’s monthly survey of members showed the small business optimism index fell by 3.2 points in June, dipping to 89, after posting several months of gains.

“The performance of the economy is mediocre at best, given the extent of the decline over the past two years,” the NFIB survey concluded. “Pent-up demand should be immense, but it is not triggering a rapid pickup in economic activity.”

Which means no hiring:

Very few small businesses plan to create new jobs, according to respondents. The survey showed that only 10 percent of firms plan new hiring, that is down 4 points from May, the NFIB said. About 8 percent of firms plan to reduce their workforce, up one point from the previous month, the group said.

…and, of course, no spending money:

The number of business owners planning to make capital expenditures over the next few months fell a point to 19 percent, 3 points above the 35-year record low, the NFIB said.

The small business survey bounces around quite a bit, so the 3-point drop may be washed away in next month’s poll. It is discouraging, though, that after only two months in 90+ territory, optimism has once again dropped below 90.

How To Celebrate A Victory July 12, 2010

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Penguins Still Like Us July 11, 2010

Posted by Cathy in News.

Global warming guilt…  Oil spills…  Carbon boot-prints…

Ever think maybe the animals don’t like us? Maybe we should just euthanize ourselves and leave the planet to em.

But then there’s this Penguin.

Is that a Dutch accent?  Maybe a Scandi or two?  And White People?!!!  In petroleum-based outerwear and raft!!!

What was that Penguin thinking!?

Art July 10, 2010

Posted by Sobek in Art.

Hey all.  Slow Saturday, so I guess I’ll post a pic of my work in progress.