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Wednesday Night Dance Party: Stuff Sarah Palin (probably) Rocked Out to in High School/College August 31, 2010

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Since Mrs. Palin is a mere 4 years older than I am, I’m gonna assume that she was listening to a lot of the stuff that I was in the 80’s.  Well, at least she had ACCESS to the same music I did.  So I’m dedicating this edition of my musical indulgence to that moose-huntin’ momma from Wassila.

Here’s the first entry in the subcategory “Songs in Modern Commercials that I Remember from the 80’s”.  The The, with “This Is The Day”.  When I first saw that M&M’s commercial featuring this song, I was telling myself “Dude, You used to CRUISE around drinking beer with that song on the tape deck.”  Now they’re using it to sell candy.  In 30 years, I look forward to ad campaigns for adult diapers featuring this song again.

I’ve already declared my love for Richard Thompson in previous comments threads here, and this is the song that introduced me to one of the greatest guitarists and songwriters around.  I bought a copy of Rolling Stone sometime in late ’85, and read an article about this former English folkie and his tumultous career.  They abso-freakin-lutely gave his “Across A Crowded Room” album rave reviews, so I took a chance and bought it.  Good call.


Kung Fu Monks Demand Apology For Internet Insult August 30, 2010

Posted by Michael in News.
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Apparently an anonymous intertubes user claimed online that the Shaolin monks got whipped by a Japanese ninja.

BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s Shaolin Temple, the cradle of Chinese kung fu, is demanding an apology from an Internet user who said its monks had once been beaten in unarmed combat by a Japanese ninja, Chinese media reported on Friday.

Jeebers, these monks better stay out of the online flame wars. They’re kind of touchy.

“The so-called defeat is purely fabricated, and we demand the Internet user to apologise to the whole nation for the wrongs he or she did,” the Beijing News said, citing a notice announced by a lawyer for the Shaolin monks.

I’m thinking the animosity of the Chinese towards Japan is a part of the story here.

The Internet user, calling themselves “Five Minutes Every Day”, said on an online forum last week that a Japanese ninja came to Shaolin, asked for a fight and many monks failed to beat him, the newspaper said.

“The facts that the monks could not defeat a Japanese ninja showed that they were named as kung fu masters in vain,” the Internet user was quoted as saying in the post.

The Shaolin temple “strongly condemned the horrible deeds” of the user, the newspaper said.

The temple actually has a right to be upset. Five Minutes Every Day got the story completely wrong.

What actually happened is that I went to the Shaolin temple and requested a fight in order to practice my Batman unarmed crimefighting skilz. Naturally, I whupped their asses, and whupped them hard.

They were pretty embarrassed by the time I was done kicking their sorry butts around, so I promised not to mention it. But apparently a distorted version of the incident has leaked, so I now feel obliged to set the record straight and defend my Chinese friends. The monks absolutely were not defeated by a ninja. It was me, wearing my Batman suit, which no doubt caused the confusion about a ninja.

Here’s a picture I took of some of the monks warming up, shortly before I beat the crap out of them:


They really are a nice bunch of guys, and I don’t mind the fact that they are all gay. I hope I’ll have another chance to visit the Shaolin temple and work out with them, even though the food at the temple sucks.

Sparks on a Plane August 29, 2010

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From Gizmodo:


This shot shows a lightning bolt striking a plane taking off (from) Osaka’s airport, then hitting the ground.

I’m pretty sure lightning comes up from the ground. Maybe you can tell from the video loop? (more…)

Mormons Give Obama Lowest Ratings August 28, 2010

Posted by skinbad in Politics, Religion.
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This should be worth an extra cup of pudding during the Lutheran Millenium™.

Please make it so.. August 27, 2010

Posted by wiserbud in Art, Entertainment, Music, Pop Culture.
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A few weeks ago, on another thread here, I mentioned a theory that I have regarding how to tell when the end of a popular music artist’s career is at hand.

Basically, my theory is (ignoring the numerous amount of covers that all artists did in the 50s and 60s.  Hell, without covers, Joe Cocker wouldn’t have had a career.):

If you are doing a cover version of a previously popular song, you have reached the end of your ride and will most likely never have another hit again.

I base this theory, in part, on artists like these, who were, at one time, huge, but today, not so much.

Counting Crows – Big Yellow Taxi
Sheryl Crow – First Cut is the Deepest
Guns & Roses – Knocking on Heaven’s Door
Metallica – Turn the Page
Smashmouth (doubly cursed) –  I’m a Believer and Why Can’t We Be Friends

So, with that theory in mind, I am extremely hopeful that we will never have to hear from this annoying idiot ever again.

Tomato Porn August 26, 2010

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Heirloom Tomatoes

The merits of tomatoes were recently debated in a comment thread at HayZeus, Inc.

For an authoritative opinion on tomatoes, you are encouraged to consult The Commissar at Politburo Diktat.

Jon-A-Than August 25, 2010

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In a comment thread below, Dick says:

If you had a hair on your ass, you’d post a clip from the greatness known as Rollerball.

Normally, I would ignore such a childish and unseemly taunt.  I am far too mature to be affected by churlish barbs of that ilk.

However, I did get a mirror to check, and it turns out I still do have a hair on my ass.  So there, Dickwad.

Movie Review: Director’s Cut of Blade Runner August 24, 2010

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Just watched the “director’s cut” version of Blade Runner on a Blu-Ray DVD with our new surround sound system.

My review:  Holy shit, that was good.

Blade Runner is one of those movies you don’t forget, so when you watch the longer director’s cut, it’s fun because you are always thinking, hey, this right here is shit they cut which I haven’t seen before.

I’m going to stick my neck out and say that this movie is almost as good as the original Rollerball.

There’s not much more I can say than that.

It doesn’t get better than this:



And Now, For Your Reading Pleasure, A Brief Poem by Sobek August 23, 2010

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My Suitcase is Empty

by Sobek

It’s good to be home
After traveling for a while
And get all unpacked
And back to normal life.
My suitcase is empty
And it feels good.

Honey, your suitcase could be empty, too.
You could feel good
Like I do
If you hadn’t wasted so much time
Unloading the van
And feeding the kids
And getting them in their jammies
And unloading their suitcases
And washing two loads of post-vacation laundry
And cleaning the dishes.

It sure does feel good
To know my suitcase is empty.

‘Boots On The Ground’ in Dallas Society August 22, 2010

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Only 70-some-odd days before November elections. Despite sweltering heat, some focused, genteel, and generous people met in a lovely home in a ritzy neighborhood to welcome two Champions of Liberty (in town for the Hannity Freedom Concert).

Michele Bachmann & Jon Voight with the Ryans, our host & hostess

While waiting for the honored guests, our conversations resembled soldiers struggling with PTSD resulting from the seemingly endless ruthless assaults on liberty, property, truth, and dashed hopes for the future for children, grandchildren and beyond.  How can this be happening in the United States of America?  Will they ever stop attacking us, and taking from us what belongs to us? How bad is it going to get? What are we going to do about it? This did not feel like a typical high society event.  It was about networking, connecting,  exchanging contact information and business cards for future communication and strategies. Even websites and iPhone aps were being suggested to stay informed.   It was a day of giving and receiving in many forms…


Old Hats August 21, 2010

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I have a bunch of hats, and I wear em from time to time.  But I also have a full head of hair, and (as far as I know), no bald spot.  So I wear Dave hair more than I wear hats.

Still, I love these hats…

Can’t believe this one is 11 years old now.  Been wearin it forever.

I had another one from Taipei but I left it on a plane in 2001 on the way back, in Vancouver I think.  Dammit.

Also, wow, those Chinese chicks sure did love that Ricky Martin fella.  Just sayin.  Whoa.

Here’s another one, the Texas Standard..


Nerds Practice Throwing Skilz August 20, 2010

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