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Some Gentlemanly Advice To The Ladies September 21, 2010

Posted by Edward von Bear in Ballistics, Crime, Ducks.

Never mess with what Mother Gaia gave you, especially at cut rate deals.

HAVING taken out a three-year loan to pay for a boob job, Lindsey Easeman was thrilled with her new DD chest.

The 27-year-old beautician was desperate to boost her size 36B chest and the results were everything she had dreamed of.

But for Lindsey the happiness was shortlived – four years later the implants ruptured, leaving her in severe pain.

Lindsey was one of thousands of British women lured by the promise of bargain boob jobs using implants made by French company PIP.

Up to 50,000 British women have had the implants, paying about £3,500 – around half the price of a top boob job. At least 70 of those women are now enduring the same agony as Lindsey due to ruptures.

Oh, and don’t wait for the government to help you out.

Lindsey had to have her implants removed as soon as possible. Due to waiting lists the NHS could only offer an operation to take them out followed by, at a later unknown date, breast reconstruction surgery.

Lindsey says: “I kept thinking, ‘I’m a young girl. The NHS will remove them but not replace them at the same time, so I would be left with droopy, stretched skin until I could get new ones’.

“I couldn’t face that. I was so depressed, I was getting sick and run-down. The doctor even offered me anti-depressants but I didn’t want to take tablets.

“In the end I had no choice but to pay for them to be replaced myself.”

Lindsey had to return to work full-time and take out a loan so she could have the £3,500 operation to remove and replace the implants.

And last week Lindsey went under the knife to have the procedure.

Along with dozens of other victims, she is now fighting for compensation, but their battle is far from straightforward.

They claim they have been left high and dry by the UK Government’s implants licensing authority.

That body, the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), ordered a recall in March this year of stocks of the implants after manufacturers Poly Implant Prosthese (PIP) were closed down by the French authorities.

The company was accused of fraudulently using a non-approved silicone gel for almost ten years and has now gone out of business.

But the licensing of the PIP implants were dealt with on a European level, which allowed PIPs into the UK without the MHRA undertaking its own checks or ensuring manufacturers and distributors had liability insurance to cover their products.

Wait! The Nanny State will regulate what kind of slide a playground can have, yet cut rate bazoomba boosters can slide through?



1. geoff - September 22, 2010

But the licensing of the PIP implants were dealt with on a European level

Yet another advantage of joining the EU!

2. kevl - September 23, 2010

And the poor whiny skank had to pay for her own tits.

Haven’t these women ever heard of cotton balls or socks? They are washable/disposable, malleable, and you don’t have to get on a waiting list to buy them.

3. Dave in Texas - September 23, 2010

England needs some ta-ta tort reform.

4. Dave in Texas - September 23, 2010

tart reform?

5. OBF - September 23, 2010

Now I have this image in my mind of Brits not only with bad teeth but saggy boobers as well. The ocean that separates our countries may not be wide enough. *must stab self in leg with letter opener to remove mental image*

6. Cathy - September 23, 2010

The nanny state
Will regulate
The holding gate
Where botched boobs wait.

7. Dave in Texas - September 23, 2010

>> Now I have this image in my mind of Brits not only with bad teeth but saggy boobers as well.

Oh, so you’ve been there?

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