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“Call Me Senator” October 25, 2010

Posted by Michael in Politics.

Negative campaigning at its best.

See, sometimes your opponent really needs to have his or her fundamental character called out. Barbara Boxer is one of those people. She is an entrenched D.C. insider, who is fundamentally full of herself, and totally does not comprehend military courtesy. Voters need to know this.

It’s appalling to watch this Washington twit chastise a military officer, like she is actually too sexy for her shirt. Good Lord. She got elected in California.

Is that actually something to be proud of? I think not. We’re talking about a state that is totally dysfunctional due to special interest groups and public sector unions, has massive out-migration of working people, jobs and capital, massive in-migration of illegal aliens, the most advanced welfare state in America, and they are begging the rest of us to bail them out.

Just ignore the fact that their endowment of natural resources and revenue generating industries (software, entertainment, energy, agriculture, fisheries) offers them the opportunity to be the richest state in America. From my perch here in the bleak, resource-poor plains of North Texas, I don’t have much sympathy. Californians are moving here to find jobs. We have net in-migration from all other states.


Go figure. Barbara Boxer could not get elected to anything in Texas, except maybe the Houston City Council if she had previously been a competent dog-catcher or some similar patronage job.

Hey Babs. Your success at getting elected in California is an insult, not a credential. You have disgraced yourself by participating in the ruination of your state. Did you really “work so hard” to be a Senator? Kiss my ass. I worked hard at a real job that created wealth.

(FYI, when my wife Cathy worked as a chaplain at Brooke Army Medical Center, enlisted personnel called her “ma’am,” never mind that she was a civilian with no rank whatsoever. They treated her like an officer. It was just the Army way of showing respect for someone helping the wounded and their families.)


1. xbradtc - October 26, 2010

“Call me Senator”

I’d really rather call her the former Senator.

2. Lipstick - October 26, 2010

That would be a sweet, sweet win.

3. MCPO Airdale - October 26, 2010

This woman makes me want to smack her in the face until I could no longer raise my arm.

BTW – great commercial.

4. Cathy - October 26, 2010

Heard audio on talk radio several times, but it’s so much better with video. LOVE it!

I’m with you, Lips. Would be a very sweet win.

I’d really rather call her the former Senator.

Got a dozen things I’d call her, but former senator would not even make the list.

5. sandy burger - October 27, 2010

Yeah, I’d love to get rid of Boxer. You know what would have been an awesome idea, this year more than ever? If the GOP had put forward a good candidate.

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