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Don’t Forget To Vote! October 29, 2010

Posted by Michael in Art, Politics.

I voted today at the Dallas City Hall. There’s an escalator to the second floor just inside that entrance you see below, and the polling station was set up right at the top. No line. Easy as pie.

Just letting you know.

Yes, I voted right in there after swimming across the moat.

Those are not beach balls in the water, by the way. They are Art. They are not actually even floating. They stay in the same position all the time, even if it is very windy. I know this, because my office is on the 30th floor, and you can see them from some of the windows on that floor.

That’s also how I found out they are Art. I asked about the beach balls, and a long-time Dallas resident who is also on the 30th floor told me that I was viewing Art. Boy howdy, I sure felt stupid. In my defense, I was pretty high up and four blocks away, so I probably did not get the Nuances.


1. Bob - October 30, 2010

told me that I was viewing Art.

Did you see me in the water too? I would have waved at you, but I have no arms. And no legs.

2. wiserbud - October 30, 2010

If you look really closely in the lower right, I think you can see Dave.

3. harrison - October 30, 2010

Nah, Wiserbud, that’s just his iPhone.

4. Teresa in Fort Worth, TX - October 30, 2010

“….told me that I was viewing Art. Boy howdy, I sure felt stupid.”

The only person who deserves to feel “stupid” is the idiot who thought that the City of Dallas should waste taxpayers’ money on something that doesn’t remotely resemble “Art” in the first place….

5. d3ft punk - October 31, 2010

What were you guys doing on the 30th floor? Getting distances and target locations?

6. Retired Geezer - October 31, 2010

The City of Las Vegas paid a Zillion bucks to some ‘artiste’ to attach random pieces of plastic to the City Hall building.

I wonder if it’s still there…

7. kevl - October 31, 2010

Those balls must MEAN something.

8. Sobek - October 31, 2010

This video cracks me up.

The third guy is wiser. I’m the fourth guy.

9. Michael - October 31, 2010

Those balls must MEAN something.

I agree. I have been contemplating just this subject.

I think they mean that life is a beach, and then you die.

10. Michael - October 31, 2010


Man, I crack myself up.

11. Dave in Texas - October 31, 2010

The balls were part of the super-trendy architectural pap designed by I.M. Pei. The thing was completed in 1978 (overbudget and late) and is one ugly mofo building.

It appeared in the movie Robocop and also Logan’s Run (along with the Ft. Worth Water Gardens).

12. Michael - October 31, 2010

The building is actually somewhat more interesting and impressive when you are there. I kinda liked it better the closer I got as I walked towards it.

The beachballs look just a silly close up as they do from a distance. But it’s better than the Serra Sculpture in St. Louis, which is just rusting slabs of steel forming a triangle within which the bums can pee in relative privacy.

13. daveintexas - October 31, 2010

They spent millions more renovating it in the mid 90s. Structural flaws and facade wear.. there were lines of rust running down the sides from exposed steel tension cables that were used to anchor those angular joists.

It’s crap.

14. Michael - October 31, 2010

I meant, “relative privacy” at the street. Thousands of workers nearby can look down and watch the bums pee from their windows, giving this sculpture a unique dynamic from elevated vantage points.

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