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Mrs. Geezer’s Disk November 30, 2010

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ducks, Gardening.

Here’s a picture to Tug at Your Heartstrings ™, this holiday season.

Wait, that’s the wrong photo, here’s the right one.

Dang it! …That’s the one from the TSA pinup calendar.

OK, Here’s the right one:

Russ and The Lovely Janis probably have one of these hanging around the back yard, Moses drags it behind his trike.

Mrs. Geezer pulls the Disk

Click to enlarge.
Mrs. Geezer drags her Disk behind her ATV to make the ground soft for the Hay Eating Machines wonderful horses.

Sorry about the mix up.

Update: Due to popular demand, here’s Mrs. Geezer riding Bree about a mile from our house.


1. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

Full disclosure; this picture was taken a month ago. She couldn’t drag the disk through the frozen ground now.

2. kevl - November 30, 2010

Where are the horses? Pics!

3. skinbad - November 30, 2010

The cinder block gives the whole thing a certain je ne sais quoi.

4. skinbad - November 30, 2010

Oh, I see. I thought it was attached to drag behind. It’s just keeping the hitch out of the dirt. That’s perfectly reasonable.

Never mind.

5. Dave in Texas - November 30, 2010

I got stuck my hitch in the dirt once back in 03.

You don’t wanna do that.

6. BrewFan - November 30, 2010

Is one’s spine supposed to curve that much? Is one’s naughty bits supposed to be so clearly revealed in an xray?

7. greenebro - November 30, 2010

BrewFan: That is a severe scoliosis, or as I say in the office, a wicked big curve. The naughty bits can be seen on some x-rays as an outline. I always feel bad for the kids as we (patient, parents, siblings, doctor) stand around looking at the x-ray with their junk outlined on the screen. If at all possible I move the image just so to spare them the embarrassment.

8. lauraw - November 30, 2010

Yeah…maybe that pic could be cropped a bit to exclude what is probably a young girl’s intimate outline?

9. Michael - November 30, 2010

I can’t edit that pic. It does not reside at IB.

10. Michael - November 30, 2010

On the plus side, somebody from Timor added a new flag to our Flag Counter.

I keep thinking we’ve got them all, and then somebody like that shows up.

11. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

That ain’t a Macanudo either.

12. Michael - November 30, 2010

Well, that’s not quite true. We don’t have Chad, Western Sahara, the Central African Republic, Guinea, or Guinea-Bissau.

But I’m not sure those places are even connected to the internet.

13. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

Well I can edit it.


14. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

I got that picture by googling Spine.
I think it’s Rosetta (pre-op).

I’ll email it to Batman and he can fix it.
My PS skilz are teh bad.

15. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

Wow, good job, DinT!

Ask and you shall receive.

16. d3ft punk - November 30, 2010


(This post is useless without horse pics)

(just brushing up on my internet terms)

17. Michael - November 30, 2010

How did you do that Dave? I could not find that pic in our Media Library.

18. Michael - November 30, 2010

OK, I know. You just copied it, edited it on your hard drive, and replaced it.

19. Michael - November 30, 2010

John is right. Now that we have gotten rid of the camel toe, this post is seriously lacking some horsie pics.

20. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

Michael, I found the original pic, rolled in a tiny ball with some tinfoil and black pepper, and shoved it up your ass.

21. Michael - November 30, 2010

I don’t think so, Dave. I can see your edited pic in our Media Library now.

22. Michael - November 30, 2010

Speaking of our library, I just had to shell out $19.95 to maintain our 5Meg of storage space.

That’s right, almost twenty bucks. Anybody who feels sorry for me can respond via PayPal.

*bats eyes at Lipstick*

23. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

Didn’t she give you an $80 lighter?

Just sayin.

24. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

Scoot around a little Michael.

I can understand if you don’t feel it right away, you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone my friend.

We’re your friends, no matter what.

25. Michael - November 30, 2010

Shut up Geezer.

Lipstick is a softhearted sucker. Years ago, when I was doing a mock complaint about the cost of IB and how I could not afford to pay this and feed my kids, before she had met me, she actually took it seriously and sent me an email offering me money.

I had to write back and say I was kidding. But, that girl has a heart of gold.

26. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

But, that girl has a heart of gold.

Preach it, Brotha.

As do all the IB Wimmins.

27. Retired Geezer - November 30, 2010

She wants a Bareback Pad for Christmas.

This one:


I bet you didn’t know how expensive those suckers were, did you?

28. Michael - November 30, 2010

As do all the IB Wimmins.

That’s why they all like Dave so much. I like to think it is basically pity.

That’s my theory, and I’m going to stick with it.

29. Michael - November 30, 2010

I bet you didn’t know how expensive those suckers were, did you?

No, I did not.

But I’m pretty sure you know that Mrs. Geezer is way hotter than you.

30. Lipstick - November 30, 2010

Lipstick is a softhearted sucker.

Hey now, I’m merely “gullible”. That’s better than being a sucker, right? Right?

But I’m really tough, that’s right. Nobody better mess with me!

–Does anybody need anything? It’s no problem.

31. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

>> –Does anybody need anything? It’s no problem.

Yeah, I do.

But it might be a problem.

32. Lipstick - November 30, 2010

*looks at Dave*

Ah, oh, yeah, I think you’re going to have to take care of that yourself…

33. Lipstick - November 30, 2010


34. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

oh, well that’s not a problem.


35. Michael - November 30, 2010

Yay for the update!!

36. daveintexas - November 30, 2010

Good update.

37. kevl - December 1, 2010

Bareback pads! Geezer, buy her two. They are on sale and come in several colors. You can’t go wrong with a burgundy bareback pad.

38. Mrs. Geezer's Horse - December 1, 2010


black pad more slimming

39. Retired Geezer - December 1, 2010

Gosh, I wish Pony(tm) was here. He would have a good opinion.

40. Dave in Texas - December 1, 2010


I think they kinda like the idea Hoov.

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