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Cowboys and Who? November 18, 2010

Posted by Retired Geezer in Art, Ballistics, Technology, Women Ranting.

Oh Boy!

Watch This

Just go there and watch! It’s something Hollywood might get right.

It’s from my BlogMama, Sondra K.

Just In Time For The Holidays! November 17, 2010

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Ain’t No Mountain November 16, 2010

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Amish Paradise November 15, 2010

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Quantitative Easing Explained November 14, 2010

Posted by Retired Geezer in Economics, Gardening.

This is probably simple to guys like Geoff but this cartoon explains some pretty complicated stuff in a way that even a Geezer can understand.

I stole this from my Brotha from a Different Baby Momma.

Rest In Peace, Dino De Laurentiis November 13, 2010

Posted by Michael in Entertainment, News.

I was saddened to learn this morning of the passing of a Hollywood legend last Wednesday.

He was a heckuva nice guy

The Academy Award-winning legend of the Italian New Wave and producer of “Serpico” and “Barbarella” who helped revolutionize the way movies are bankrolled and helped personify the no-limits life of a cinematic king, died Wednesday night at the age of 91 in Beverly Hills.

De Laurentiis, Last Of The Movie Moguls, Dies

You may be wondering why I am so fond of Dino De Laurentiis.  Well, I can explain that.

1.  As indicated by the picture above, he was a heckuva nice guy.

2.  Seriously, his bio on Wikipedia is actually inspiring.  Born in Naples before WWII to a spaghetti maker, he sold spaghetti on the street as a boy.  He is a classic American success story.

3.  One of his granddaughters is Giada De Laurentiis, the super hot chef on The Food Network.

4.  We just happen to have a picture of Giada on this commenters’ site in a fetching pose, wallowing in tomato sauce.  To wit:

My condolences, ma'am. Your grandfather was a heckuva nice guy.

5.  On Wednesday, the date of Dino’s unfortunate demise, Innocent Bystanders blew past all prior daily traffic records with 23,665 hits.   (The prior record was 14,000+, owned by Geoff’s chart since June 5, 2009.)

6.  Thursday is now our second highest traffic day with 18,415 hits.

7.  Giada has finally surpassed our Shark pic in all-time popularity.

So, OK, maybe I have a selfish motive for liking Dino.  But still, the guy who produced Barbarella is OK in my book under any circumstances.

Below the break, if you are curious, is the updated roster of all IB posts that have garnered at least 10,000 hits.


Toilet-Training. November 12, 2010

Posted by Cathy in Humor, Man Laws, Stupid shit, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

We all learned the purposes for which we use toilets when we were toddlers. Well, most of us did…

Dave asks if there's paperwork or math needed for this job.

Some of us were creative in expanding the toilet’s function. It’s a great way to dispose of a ferret hairball, or to bury our pet goldfish at sea.

I confess my folks had to call a plumber when I tried to bury my sweet potato plant at sea. Yea, that didn’t go well.

So why is it necessary to educate the good citizens of a town in Arizona on how to use the toilet?


Nifty Animation -lauraw November 11, 2010

Posted by anycomments in News.

Some youngster did this in his spare time at college.

Slacker, if you ask me. It’s too short!

Thanks to spongeworthy.

IB wimmins want to know – Part Deux November 10, 2010

Posted by daveintexas in Economics, Food, Movies, Philosophy.

Recently kevlarchick posed the question “why don’t you guys smile more in family photos”?  We offered up all sorts of excuses theories wild-ass guesses explanations, honestly I’m not sure we really know.

It doesn’t seem to be a new thing though.  I found this old tin type of my Great great great great grand-Dave in Alabama, having been captured by a couple a Rebel troops.   It was taken in 1864 during the great War of Northern Aggression.


No smiles here, no sirree.  That’s him in the chair, lookin all worried like.  It turned out ok though – he was a new recruit to the Alabama 57th Infantry Regiment and didn’t get the memo about grey uniforms.  They finally let him go.  Gave him a big bowl o grits with some red eye gravy and said “go shoot yerself a buncha Yankees, Davey-boy”.

Rube Goldberg Machine November 9, 2010

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Gardening.

Most of you are not old enough to remember when the term, Rube Goldberg Machine was first coined.
If you think about the movie Back To The Future, you will see one used to feed the Professor’s dog.

Here’s a newer take on the machine from the Masters of Interesting Music Videos, OK Go.
I laughed out loud a couple of times.
I don’t care if it was done in one take or not, it’s still pretty entertaining.

Hurdy Gurdy Man November 8, 2010

Posted by Michael in Music.

Hairballs Come, Hairballs Go November 7, 2010

Posted by Lipstick in Handblogging, Terrorist Hemorrhoids, Women Ranting.

And sometimes they have to cut into you to get stuff out.

This is what the vet took out of Boris on Wednesday.  That pointy bit at 6:00 was about to pass into his intestine, where the real trouble would have begun.

It’s still in the plastic bag because we’ve been warned of stench issues.

You’re welcome.