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Would-be Cop Killer Achieves Room Temperature January 24, 2011

Posted by Sobek in News.

Bad Guy walked into a police precinct in Detroit yesterday, carrying a shotgun and a head full of poor decisions.  He opened fire and wounded four being before they brought him down.  Coupla things:

1.  This being Detroit, there’s no way this would have made the news but for the location and the intended victims.  How sad for that city.

2.  I can’t find the article I was reading last night, but all it disclosed was the shooter’s age and gender.  It also said he was carrying a pistol grip shotgun.  Someone in the comments section noted that we knew more about the gun than we did about the shooter.  Of course, a pistol grip does absolutely nothing to affect the lethality of the weapon.  Still, pistol grips sound spooky, right?  So that detail must be relevant to the story somehow.

3.  Also in the comments section, there were a bunch of people arguing that this incident totally demolishes gun rights advocates’ arguments about guns decreasing crime.  After all, they “reasoned,” if the well-trained police officers were all carrying guns, and they couldn’t prevent the shooting, what good does it do to give handguns to untrained citizens?

The ensuing argument reminded me of nothing so much as the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shooting.  Before the bodies were even cold, Americans were arguing that the shooting proved we need more gun control laws, and that we need less.  We have the same arguments popping up here, so maybe it’s a good idea to compare the two situations.

In Virginia, the shooter entered the campus with two pistols, among tens of thousands of students he knew to be unarmed.  He chained himself into a building and spent the next two hours and fifteen minutes on an unhindered killing spree.  The students in Norris Hall heard the sounds of gunfire and had two options: run or hide.  Neither option turned out to be viable, because Cho forced his way into the classrooms, shot his victims, and had enough time to re-visit several rooms and finish off the wounded.  He had more than enough time to fire at least 174 rounds, and no one had any means to stop him.

In Detroit, the full report won’t be finished for a while of course, but as far as I can tell, the attack lasted a couple of minutes at most.  The assailant had the element of surprise, but once that was gone, the officers returned fire and ended the conflict without losing a single officer.

4.  The Comment-Section-Solons are right about one thing: carrying a gun is no guarantee of protection against violence.  But that misses the point.  An armed (and trained!) individual has a much better chance of ending the conflict quickly than the one whose only option is to crawl under a desk.  The faster the shooting stops, the lower the body count.


1. Russ from Winterset - January 24, 2011

The pistol grip on his shotgun helps with concealment, but it hurts when it comes time to actually hit what you’re shooting at. Without a proper shoulder weld to a standard stock, you’re just “spraying & praying” with a 12 gauge. Plus, you can shoot a LOT faster with a standard buttstock than you can with a pistol grip. I can get at least 3 shots off, and probably four, in the time that I can take two shots with the pistol grip.

The lesson here: Much like holding your semi-auto pistol sideways, bringing a pistol grip pump to a real gunfight might be good from a cinematic perspective; but its a dumbass move in real life. Thank God this cretin wasn’t smarter. He could have killed a LOT more people if he’d known how to handle firearms properly.

2. Cathy - January 24, 2011

…bringing a pistol grip pump to a real gunfight might be good from a cinematic perspective; but its a dumbass move in real life.

I blame Hollywood.

3. skinbad - January 24, 2011

There was a mall shooting in Salt Lake a few years ago. I think five died and a couple of those were shot in the parking lot while the guy was headed to the mall. An armed off-duty cop at a restaurant engaged the guy while he was in a store and kept him there long enough for SWAT to come and kill him. I know that was a cop, but anyone who could at least slow the guy down so he’s not just walking around using the 100s of rounds of ammunition he brought would be a good thing. It could have been a whole lot worse (Virginia Tech worse). The mall was posted a no-firearms area (BTW).

4. Michael - January 24, 2011

The Comment-Section-Solons . . .

That’s gotta be the best, most precise description of a type that I’ve read in a long time.

Sometimes, I suspect that Sobek might be smarter than he looks. And he actually looks like a pretty smart guy.

5. OBF - January 25, 2011

What was it that someone recently said “…guns don’t kill people but abortions do”?

Anyone know why the dead dude decided to take on Detroit’s finest?

6. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

Boris got on my desk and knocked over a glass of water and a soda all over my keyboard. Keyboard is now in the dishwasher and I’m using a spare one.

Can I shoot him?

Every other day: “You’re my good boy!”

This morning: “Look what YOUR pet did!”

7. lauraw - January 26, 2011

Hah LD! We have similar naming sessions for my idiot dorkopotamus dog.

8. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

I imagine a dog has a lot more capacity for destruction…my sympathies.

Our 4 (HIS 4 today) all have their quirks:

-One loves to knock over glasses
-One pulls Odor Eaters and insoles out of shoes
-One poops just outside the litter box
-One is a Sherpa and climbs up to the kitchen counter and knocks things over

9. lauraw - January 26, 2011

We had one when I was a kid, he stole shoes and stashed them under the couch. It was very annoying until we figured out what was happening. Turned over the couch and found a pile of everybody’s missing shoes.

10. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

Ha! Oh yeah, they especially love flip-flops for their rubbery texture. All mine now have little bite marks on them.

11. kevlarchick - January 26, 2011

You can put a keyboard in the dishwasher?
Who knew?

My dog is at a great age. Still likes to play, but prefers sleep. Doesn’t chew up anything or nose around in the garbage anymore. But if she finds a carcass while we’re walking, she’ll roll in it. Good dog.

12. Dave in Texas - January 26, 2011

>> But if she finds a carcass while we’re walking, she’ll roll in it.

Oh hell, I still do that.

13. The Carcass - January 26, 2011

I’m glad we had this time together.

14. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

You can put a keyboard in the dishwasher?
Who knew?

Sounds crazy, right?

Two things, though:

1) Turn off the high heat drying cycle,
2) Air it out for at least two days afterward.

15. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

The Carcass = Carol Burnett?

16. Anonymous - January 26, 2011

What’s your dog doing rolling around in the capital of Venezuela?

17. Dave in Texas - January 26, 2011

3) Live in a very dry climate

18. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

Yep, that we do.

Wassup Dave?

19. daveintexas - January 26, 2011

>> Wassup Dave?

My cheery smile.

My outlook on life.

My infectious humor.

Wassup with you?

20. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

An old friend is coming to town this weekend, so that will be nice. Her daughter’s Bat Mitzvah is in April and I anticipate the party will be a blast like her son’s was two years ago.

Mr. L passed his CCIE written test last week.

And the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl!

21. daveintexas - January 26, 2011

Well, two outta three ain’t bad.

*fuckin steelers

22. Retired Geezer - January 26, 2011

You hear about the guy who got fired for wearing a Packers tie to work?

23. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

RG, I thought it was a kid at some (other) team appreciation day at school.

Really, they fired a person for that?

Dave, you don’t like the Steelers? Still carrying that Dallas-Pittsburgh rivalry?

24. Retired Geezer - January 26, 2011

Yeah, the boss admits he fired him for wearing the Packers tie.

The guy got another job at a competitors dealership.


25. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

Oh my. Lawyers will be calling that salesman. . .

26. daveintexas - January 26, 2011

>> Dave, you don’t like the Steelers? Still carrying that Dallas-Pittsburgh rivalry?

You know what I really hate?

Franco Harris was such a nice guy.

27. Lipstick - January 26, 2011

That’s what I hear. Dad used to have a Steeler up to our town every year for the Rotary Father-Son Banquet. Most of them were HUGE.

Our former kicker, Gary Anderson was a really nice guy too.

28. Michael - January 27, 2011

And the Steelers made it to the Super Bowl!

I was born in Pittsburgh, so I don’t really have a choice about who to cheer for. Pittsburgh was still actually a smoky steel mill town back then. My infancy was fueled by coal smoke in my blood from the steel mills. Mom said she had to constantly wash the curtains, because they would turn grey in a matter of weeks. I suspect that Lipstick’s dad mined the coal that fueled the blast furnaces that created the smoke that I inhaled. I seem to have survived the experience.

Sorry, Brewfan.

29. Cathy - January 27, 2011

You can put a keyboard in the dishwasher? Who knew?

Kevl, I knew this. Back when I managed a team of tech people, we regularly switched out client’s keyboards and gave them a good washing and dryout.

The most common crap that got stuck in our keyboards? Soda pop, coffee, and popcorn.

30. Retired Geezer - January 27, 2011

Soda pop, coffee, and popcorn.

Ahhh, the 3 basic food groups.

For Geeks.

31. Lipstick - January 27, 2011

I suspect that Lipstick’s dad mined the coal that fueled the blast furnaces that created the smoke that I inhaled.

There’s a good chance of that, yet you still invite me to your parties. Cool!

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