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Mrs. Geezer’s Glass January 29, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Art, Heroes.

Here’s her latest creation, she finished it today.

There are four types of glass used: Glue Chip, Ice, Bevels and Jewels.

Here she is outside in the cold, wearing her Ruby Slippers.

Notice the Famous Power Lines in the background. They were used on an album cover, just sayin’.

Dave in Texas will turn his monitor on it’s side to view this one.

How are things in your town?


1. Retired Geezer - January 29, 2011

You may notice a slight similarity to this glass

2. harrison - January 29, 2011

She does beautiful work.

3. lauraw - January 29, 2011

God, she has the most pretty smile.

And of course she is also a wonderful artist and we love seeing her top-notch craftsmanship.


4. kevlarchick - January 29, 2011

That is lovely. Just beautiful.

5. Cathy - January 29, 2011

Beautiful woman. Beautiful smile. Beautiful heart. Beautiful art.

Miss you guys.

6. daveintexas - January 29, 2011

Wow, that is impressive. Very nice.

The glass thingy is nice too.

7. kevlarchick - January 29, 2011

Yes, Mrs Geezer is quite the artist. When we made jewelry at Cathy’s a few years ago, Mrs Geezer worked quietly, sipping her wine, and produced the most gorgeous thing.

8. The Lovely Janis - January 29, 2011

What a gorgeous piece of artwork!!! And love the ruby slippers too.

9. MCPO Airdale - January 29, 2011

That is a wonderful piece! I have a friend who does glass as well. He’s no where near as pretty as your bride!

10. lauraw - January 29, 2011

Geezer will not be spared the random OT non-threadjack doohicky.

Neil Sedaka!
I liked the editing in this one.

11. lauraw - January 29, 2011

Well, darn.

12. daveintexas - January 29, 2011


13. Pupster - January 30, 2011

*single gunshot*

14. Cathy - January 30, 2011

*single gunshot*


Had the opportunity to see/hear Neil Sedaka perform live when we lived in St. Louis. He’s a charming, self-deprecating hard worker, and has a ton of talent.

Like Dave I got sick of hearing that song. But the pictures of lovers all wet and enjoying sloppy kisses and squishy hugs and stuff in the rain was a nice diversion.

15. Cathy - January 30, 2011

If Mrs. Geezer could fabricate a bunch of stained glass panels for me to mount inside all my windows, maybe I wouldn’t need to worry so much about hiring a window cleaner.

*Cha-ching $$$*

16. Kelso Smith - January 30, 2011

Mrs. Geezer built 2 stained glass window for me in 1992. She did excellent work then. I can’t imagine how good she is now with an additional 18 years of experience?

17. MostlyRight - January 30, 2011

DinT, what channel is the Super Bowl on? I’ve been scrolling through my cable menu for an hour and nuthin…

18. Pupster - January 30, 2011


*falls into waterbowl*

19. MCPO Airdale - January 30, 2011

DinT, what channel is the Super Bowl on?



20. lauraw - January 30, 2011

Oh, sorry guys. I didn’t know they had overplayed that song.

21. daveintexas - January 30, 2011

It’s on the FO channel.

god I suck

22. Retired Geezer - January 30, 2011

Kelly (Kelso Smith) @16 was a member of the Flying Elvises, he appears in “Honeymoon in Vegas”.

He’s the Third Dot out of the airplane.

He’s almost famous too… just sayin’.

23. Lipstick - January 30, 2011

You know a Flying Elvis?! That is so cool.

24. Cathy - January 30, 2011

Welcome Kelso.


25. Cathy - January 30, 2011

Oh, sorry guys. I didn’t know they had overplayed that song.

That’s okay Laura. Dave endured listening to it and then he found $20.

26. Retired Geezer - January 30, 2011

Kelly is known as “The Skydiving Realtor” in Las Vegas.
He works for Prudential Americana, if you need his services.

27. BrewFan - January 30, 2011

Its not hard to see why Kelly would fall for Mrs. Geezer’s excellent work.

28. daveintexas - January 31, 2011

How did you know I was gonna flip my monitor on its side?

29. LC Aggie Sith - January 31, 2011

My word, that’s beautiful work. I need to get back into doing stained glass again…

*looks in garage at rows of glass sheets*

*gets the urge to drink*

30. Mitchell - January 31, 2011

Very nice work indeed! I’ve thought about trying my hand at stained glass stuff too. I wouldn’t know where to start though.

Of course, there’s always the internets…

31. Michael - January 31, 2011

I got three double-paned plate glass windows along the same wall in my dining room that are 6’4″ high X 7’7″ wide. Practically the whole dang wall is glass; there are three upper transom windows above them. The room is huge. Cathy has political rallies in there. We had some Tea Party plotters in there last week, eating tortilla soup.

Maybe Mrs. Geezer could do a series on the theme of “The Life and Theology of Martin Luther”?

32. sandy burger - January 31, 2011

Wow, that window is beautiful, Mrs. G!

I think I need something like that for my car.

33. Jose y Tilly - February 1, 2011

Dear Pamelda, Your work is beautifuller by the minute, but maybe no, it’s always been beautiful.
Love you.

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