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At The Beach In Puerto Rico January 31, 2011

Posted by Michael in Art.

Except, it just doesn’t look right.

The 175 photos that follow look like they might have been taken during the day. But it’s not day. It’s night. The photos are lying, thanks to long exposures that soak in the colorful nightlife.

See the rest at Gizmodo – 175 Photos of Day Taken at Night.


1. BrewFan - February 1, 2011


2. Michael - February 1, 2011

Because it’s Art, you knucklehead. Do I gotta esplain everything to you?

3. Retired Geezer - February 1, 2011

Harrison and I both knew it was a long exposure cause of the blurry waves, and the Star Tracks.

I once took a picture of the Space Station cutting the handle of the Big Dipper.
I sent it to the guys at Astronomy Picture of the Day. They liked it but not enough to feature it.

4. harrison - February 1, 2011

Right you are ,RG!
Also, if you’re shooting film, for really long exposures, you have to watch for reciprocity failure; a color shift in the dyes.

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