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Gaddafi’s Summer Home February 28, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Family, Terrorist Hemorrhoids.

Apparently he decided to ‘give up’ his tacky hideaway… Once the rebels came to call.

Lots of photos at the link. Here’s his pool.


I don’t see any Puking Lions ™, apparently even bloodthirsty tyrants have a modicum of taste.

The bomb shelter is pretty cool but didn’t Avocado green paint go out in the 70’s?


Check out the whole story at the Daily Mail.


1. Puking Lions - February 28, 2011

I think we look elegant.

2. Cathy - February 28, 2011

I don’t wanna quibble, but THAT’S not avocado green. It’s more like apple green. Avocado has a tad more yellow and warm tones in it.

3. daveintexas - February 28, 2011

Hah. Leave it to the Brits to put “tacky” up with “ostentatious”.

Such snobs.

4. Retired Geezer - February 28, 2011

I don’t wanna quibble, but THAT’S not avocado green.

*checks photo of bomb shelter doors against paint chip from Camp Geezer kitchen.

Dang, you’re right, Cathy.

*wonders if Gaddafi has a Persimmon bedroom.

5. Lipstick - February 28, 2011

Michael and Cathy’s pool is much nicer than Gaddafi’s.

Plus Michael can control the puking lions with his mind.

6. Michael - February 28, 2011

I’d pay 50 bucks right now for a picture of the look on your face when I did that.

7. Lipstick - February 28, 2011


8. Michael - February 28, 2011

OK, yes, I would pay $80.

9. Lipstick - February 28, 2011

No, I was trying to make a little figure that showed my face. Oh, wait, you’re messing with me again.

10. Michael - February 28, 2011

Peel was just as funny. You could see the gears spinning in her head while she did the math on how that happened. There was a little smoke coming out of her ears.

I started complaining about the noise at about 3:00 minutes to pump shutdown, and I actually was pretty careful to just follow the second hand on my watch with peripheral vision, so it took her a little bit to figure it out. But she’s a smart cookie.

11. Lipstick - February 28, 2011

See, you shouldn’t have told me that it was on a one hour timer — that was what my befuddled brain seized upon as the explanation. After the WTF moment.

12. Michael - February 28, 2011

What made it work is that I had this brand new watch that I was quite enamored with. It is accurate to the second. I keep it synched with NIST atomic clock time. It was pure happenstance that I had previously noticed the exact second when the puking lion pump shuts off.

13. Retired Geezer - February 28, 2011

You mean it was a timing thing?

Dave has a push button remote on his water feature.

Just sayin’.

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