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Imaginary Lovers March 20, 2011

Posted by Michael in Stupid shit.

Yup, the header refers to an Atlanta Rhythm Section classic.  Hippies actually did some good stuff.

Here’s how it sounds on a vinyl album at 33 rpm.

So, lets just say you were a radio station disc jockey previously playing a 45 rpm single, and forgot to change speeds before playing the LP version of Imaginary Lover. What contemporary artist did it sound like?!?

Thanks to Retired Geezer for the tip, and see a hint below the break if you don’t recognize the voice.


Trees March 19, 2011

Posted by daveintexas in Art, Ballistics, Gardening, Honor, Man Laws, Nature Shit, News, Personal Experiences, Religion, Science, Sex, Sidebar Flag Bullshit.

Shit, I need to do like seven more piles of this.


cảm ơn lắm ông Geezer March 18, 2011

Posted by BrewFan in Art, Ballistics, Entertainment, History, Literature, Technology, Travel.

When we got back from vacation the mailman said they had a package at the post office. This is what we received. It has the following inscription, “To BrewFan, From your Idaho spud buddy Geezer. Not even Michael has a book of Vietnamese poetry, with added music!”

I will cherish this forever!!

Golden Sands, Poetry by Vi Khue, 100 selected articles

Jeff Sessions Humiliates Obama Nominee for Deputy Director of OMB March 17, 2011

Posted by Michael in Economics, Politics.

You have to admit, she’s kinda sweet, attempting to explain away the ridiculous in order to get the job.

And Sessions is ruthless at exposing the lies, while maintaining a courtly demeanor.  Gotta love that guy.

Thanks to Dallas Tea Party for the link.  (This stuff fills up my inbox all the time, thanks to Cathy.)

The World’s Guiltiest Dog March 16, 2011

Posted by Lipstick in Nature Shit.

Moses has some competition.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Stupidity: There’s an App for That March 15, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Stupid shit, Technology.

Police: 21-year-old Boise man arrested after using cell phone app to mimic patrol car lights.

Alexander A. Welch is being held in the Ada County Jail on a felony charge of unlawful exercise of the function of peace officers after Boise police say he used a cell phone app that flashes blue and red to try to pull over another car Saturday night.

Boise police arrested Welch shortly after they were called by another driver around 9:30 p.m. Saturday who told officers that someone who they did not think was an officer tried to pull them over in the 4000 block of Fairview Avenue.

The Next Big Reality Show? March 14, 2011

Posted by wintersetruss in Entertainment, Nature Shit, Science.

Remember the old “Shibu Inu Puppy Cam” that used to be featured over at The Hostages?  I’ve got one better:


Live from the vicinity of the State Fish Hatchery near Decorah, Iowa.  Supposedly the first egg will be hatching just before April 1, so you’ve got plenty of time to watch and get the full backstory before the little iglets arrive.  Pretty cool.  I was canoeing on the Upper Iowa River just upstream from Decorah back in the early 90’s when the raptor population was starting to rebound hard, and I still remember how cool it was to see an osprey do a full-speed dive into the water and come up with a smallmouth bass.

Still A Sniper March 13, 2011

Posted by Michael in Heroes.

At 86, a WWII veteran is honored by the Army, and gets a chance to show his skills with both vintage and modern rifles.  Try to keep a dry eye while you watch this.

Thanks to ScottW for sending the link.

O’Keefe Owns NPR — Again March 12, 2011

Posted by Michael in News.

This just keeps getting better.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Haven’t heard of James O’Keefe?  He’s a protege of Andrew Breitbart (who Cathy has met, by the way).  More below the break.


Easy Does It With Espresso March 11, 2011

Posted by Cathy in Art, Stupid shit, Travel.

Perfect Cup With the Proper Crema

Will never forget my first cups of this dark rich liquid in Brazil and Peru. I was hooked, but it was a few years before we invested in our own Espresso maker. We’ve owned several, and currently have a Miele built into cabinetry in the kitchen and our Jura Capresso – Impressa E8 in our master bedroom.


Original Water Color by Claude Dufau of Collioure, France.

While making espresso or frothing milk for cappuccinos in the bedroom, I look up. The wall in front of me offers this  ‘view’ of Collioure in the South of France. The painting brings back memories of strolling along the coast, sitting at outdoor cafes, and just enjoying life.


America is a country blessed with much, but folks in Europe, South America, Central America, and around the globe have taught me something:  Want to enjoy life?  Slow the f*ck down.  It’s not a race.  It’s not about stuff.

1911 Stops Sniper Bullet March 10, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Ballistics, Man Laws, Religion.

For those of you who don’t know, the 1911 is a semi-automatic pistol in .45 caliber. It was invented around 1911 by John Moses Browning specifically to stop the enemy from rushing the American soldiers. The .38 caliber revolver just didn’t have the stopping power. The pistol is a marvel of engineering simplicity. It can be disassembled and reassembled in less than a minute. The tolerances between metal parts were loose enough that the pistol would be less likely to jam if you dropped it in the sand, say for instance on Iwo Jima. The 1911 is probably still the most popular .45 caliber pistol and is the forerunner of the Kimber, which quite a few IB’ers own.

Here’s an email and some amazing pictures I got from a friend.

One of the older technicians at work was telling me a story today about a pistol that was in his in-laws family. He tells me that his wife’s late father, who was a Marine in the battle of Iwo Jima, had brought back his pistol from the war. I’m thinking, ok must be a nice old 1911 model, one that has probably seen more than a few soldier’s hands. Then comes the rest of the story.

Turns out that the guy’s father-in-law, had a camera with him and had taken some pictures  when they raised the flag on Mt. Suribachi. He submitted his photo but it was not chosen as the one that is now famous. The family still has the picture hanging in their living room.
A few days after the flag raising, the Japanese attacked the marines, and another fight broke out. As they were in the middle of the fight, a Japanese sniper took a shot at him. The bullet went through his right wrist and hit his gun in his holster, hanging from his belt. The round, after completely disabling his right hand, penetrated his leather holster, and embedded itself into the slide of his 1911. Fragments from the round penetrated through the other side of the holster and into his leg, injuring him further. The Marine was able to get to the medic, where he was then evacuated to care for his injuries.
The technician asked me if I would like to see the pistol. After telling him the obvious, he called his wife’s brother and asked him to bring it up to the shop.
Here are the pictures I took after listening to the same story again from the Marine’s son. (it was a good story, I had no problem listening twice.)

You can click the pictures to enlarge them.

(I edited the story a bit for brevity.)

Glocks are fine guns but I don’t think they would have stopped that sniper bullet.

The Skin Gun March 9, 2011

Posted by Retired Geezer in Heroes, News, Science.

Amazing burn-healing invention.