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I can haz towel? April 11, 2011

Posted by skinbad in Art, Ducks, Food, Handblogging, History, Movies, Pop Culture, Sex, Women Ranting.

See “North Face” thread for explanation.

Meow? Um. MEOW??


1. Michael - April 11, 2011

Finished my tax return today. I’ll e-file it later this week.

Have I mentioned how very much I hate the Alternative Minimum Fuck-Me-In-The-Ass Tax?

2. daveintexas - April 11, 2011

HA. I was confused cause I forgot that Peppard wasn’t always grey.

3. Michael - April 11, 2011

It’s like, they start telling you, hey bozo, your deductions don’t matter any more. Bend over, suckah.

4. Mitchell - April 11, 2011

I get the vague sensation that Michael isn’t happy with taxes lately.

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